01/29/2014 6:37PM

Harness Racing: Ohio ready for a resurgence


As someone who started following racing in the early 1990’s and was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Ohio racing has never played a major role for me—personally or professionally—outside of the Little Brown Jug or the rare stakes race at Northfield Park. But with Ohio now joining the slot-infused harness world, my attention (along with many others) seems bound to expand into the Buckeye state.

Much of my 17 years at Sports Eye, and now DRF, have been spent watching drivers and trainers head east for greener pastures (by green, I mean the color of money). With the biggest name perhaps being Hall of Famer David Miller, the exodus from the Midwest have stripped states like Ohio and Illinois of many of their most talented horsemen. But that is starting to change.

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Recently on Facebook, trainer Christy Pantaleano announced she was heading back to Ohio with her husband and driver (Jim) to take advantage of the revitalized purse structure at tracks like Scioto Downs, Northfield Park, and the new Miami Valley Gaming.

Pat Berry, an Illinois native, is also planning on testing the waters out in Ohio.

“Right now I’m just going for the month of February to feel it out,” said Berry, who owns pieces of about six horses. “It is too hard to get horses raced in New Jersey. I like it here, but it is hard to make money.”

Racing at Miami Valley is set to commence on February 7 and the condition sheet shows purses will start off between $3,000 and $12,500. That range exceeds the $2,750 to $7,200 currently offered to Berry and Pantaleano at Freehold. Plus the cost of living is much higher in New Jersey than Ohio.

Miami Valley Racing Secretary Greg Keidel is expecting a strong contingent of drivers for the upcoming meet.

“I've also had an inquiry from Eric Goodell, but no confirmation that he is coming yet,” said Keidel. “Other former Ohioans who have been at least splitting duty out of state who may race here consistently now are Dan Noble, Greg Grismore, Randy Tharps, Tony Hall and Tyler Smith. Ronnie Wrenn Jr. plans to race here on weekends. Add all those to old Lebanon leaders like Kayne Kauffman, Jeremy Smith and others and I expect we will have a very formidable colony.” 

Perhaps the best place to race in Ohio during 2014 from a monetary standpoint could be Scioto Downs (opening May 9). When the track concluded its 2013 meet in September, purses ranged from $5,000 to $20,000 and track records fell as some of the top pacers in the sport visited the track for the first time in decades.

Of course, the crown jewel of Ohio racing is the Little Brown Jug at the Delaware County Fairgrounds. This year’s edition is slated for September 18 and for the first time in my memory, Scioto will still be open for live racing during Jug week, with a card scheduled for Saturday (9/20). One week later they will host the $200,000 Jim Ewart Memorial Invitational Pace for older horses.

In addition, Dayton Raceway will have its grand opening in October and has announced a pair of Grand Circuit events. Northfield Park, the only year-round option in Ohio for racing, has raised purses twice so far in 2014 and will host the $400,000 Carl Milstein Memorial for 3-year-old pacers on August 15.

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The rebirth of Ohio racing can also be seen from the breeding side. Only two horses—Art Official and Dejarmbro—were standing stud in Ohio for over $4,000 in 2013. The price of breeding has gone up this year, with Pet Rock ($6,000), Manofmanymissions ($5,500), Dragon Again ($5,000), Dejarmbro ($5,000), Yankee Cruiser ($4,500) and We Will See ($4,500) eclipsing the $4k plateau.

The increase in stallions and price is undoubtedly connected to the rise in Sire Stakes purses. Ohio Super Night at Scioto Downs on September 27 will offer eight $200,000 races for 2- and 3-year-olds, an amount that compares very favorably to slot-rich states like New York and Pennsylvania. Final purses are up $50,000 per race over 2013. Even the legs leading up to the final will go for an additional $10,000 each.

After years of taking a back seat, it appears obvious that Ohio racing is ready to reenter the national scene.

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jennifer More than 1 year ago
My thought was the racing commission was to protect the wagering public from any wrong or mistakes of a race track but I may be wrong
jennifer More than 1 year ago
Last night Dec.18th the first race at Northfield Park the chalk horse was the 1 at odds of 1/9. The race started and the gate opened and immediately went to the right cutting off the number 5 horse the race continued at the 3/4 pole the chalk broke. I had a $1 Tri wheel 3 with all with all a $56.00 bet. The 3 won at odds of 21 to 1 the 6 finished second at 60/1 and the 9 finished third at 10/1. I knew I had a huge tax ticket and waited for 8 minutes for the judges to call the race a no contest. That would have been fine and refund the money on the 5 but the also squashed the entire mutual bets and refunding every ticket. If anyone can watch the 1st. Race at Northfield Park in Ohio and give some feed back I would greatly appreciate it. I spoke with the Mgr.of para mutual at Northfield and he agreed it was something I should follow up on. I contacted the Ohio racing commissioner at 6:53 pm last night and he personally called me back at 7:15th last night and stated he received a call from the GM.at Northfield and a investigation would take place. The Mgr.of para mutual said it was possible I could have the only ticket for the Trifecta. Meaning I could possibly receive the entire pool. Can anyone give me some advise.Thank you Tony C.
Tim More than 1 year ago
I'll be heading out to the new 'track' (they don't even call it a track or a raceway, it's lamely called Miami Valley Gaming) this weekend, but my expectations are rock-bottom, They couldn't even bother tho build any permanent grandstand seating- they only have collapsible bleachers, like a crummy school gymnasium, that seat "approximately 1000". There were no actual tellers in their simulcast center, only self-bet machines, so I'm curious to see if they have any for live racing, but at this point it looks like another sign post on the road to extinction more than revival for the sport.
Vince Lentini More than 1 year ago
I would love to see an article on Walter Case Jr.......the race fixers , too many to list get hand slaps and come back .....Rich Wojcio who did time for race fixing comes back......Walter Case Jr , did time for assaulting his wife , NEVER was accused of stiffing horses.......he got every drop out of them....cannot get licensed anywhere..........
Derick More than 1 year ago
There is not much to write. No state will license him. I think his only chance would be California, but I doubt he wants to move that far.
Jordan More than 1 year ago
Lived in southeast Michigan for a decade and started following harness racing then. I've been in SoCal the last 4 years, so have lost track of the sport. What happened to Raceway Park in Toledo? It was no great shakes, but I would go there for some OSS races and the Wolverine-Buckeye pace before the football game. Already gone from my time there are the Windsor(Canada), Jackson, and Saginaw tracks.
Richard Gere More than 1 year ago
lets hope the racing is on the up and up. Nfld asked many guys to leave the track back in the day.
The Big B More than 1 year ago
Long past time for Scioto Downs to invest in its Grandstand areas, top and bottom, if they really want to bring the fans back and not just rely on the slots for their temporary fix. Been neglected for far too long and one of the reasons the common fan started leaving in masses some time ago.
Vince More than 1 year ago
Derrick I really really enjoy your blog but saying jim p is looking to return to ohio while omitting the reason he left imho is poor reporting......
Derick More than 1 year ago
Thanks, Vince. If I was simply writing a story about Jim and his career, that would have been included. This was a piece about Ohio, not Jim.
Vince Lentini More than 1 year ago
fair enough...........keep up the interesting writing
Vince More than 1 year ago
Someone explain how a driver like greg grismore after being in th 10 percent range driving for the 20 to 30 k races at yonkers , returned to northfield to drive for 1500 to 4000......
Joel Weiner More than 1 year ago
If Pat Berry & Jim Pantaleano are heading to Ohio, I'd say good riddance! Can anyone in their right mind bet a horse with Pat Berry driving it and Pantaleano is a 5 percent driver at Yonkers. He does better at Freehold but the competition there is pretty lame. By the way, after watching Dan Dube drive in the first 8 at Yonkers tonight, they can take him too. The only excuse is perhaps Rene forgot to give his horses their vitamins. Just saying. .I mean how many times is a front running driver like him going to try to come from off the pace after a :59 half???
Vince More than 1 year ago
Joel.....russell rash in the 70's drove at 2% and owned a very expensive home.....nuff said
Joel Weiner More than 1 year ago
Vince... was a fan of Russell Rash but the roi on a 2% driver, (1 win out of 50 races) is not very good. As a bettor, he was a tough guy to put $$$ on. He was fearless and aggressive though not like some of the rail riders of today. Perhaps Russ had an alternative source of income?
Vince Lentini More than 1 year ago
He was a hack for Gilmour , sider etc.....alternate form of income...gambling ??