02/20/2012 12:03AM

Harness PPs: No Limits


After hearing some initial feedback on our past performance pricing options, we jumped into action with new plans designed for those who enjoy playing harness racing on a daily basis.

No one likes limits, so we have eliminated them. As of Friday we began offering extended unlimited plans for our Harness Eye and Daily Harness Program past performances.

Both flavors of the PPs can now be purchased on a monthly, quarterly, half-year, or annual basis.

Harness Eye past performances offer the following prices:

Monthly Unlimited: $55.95

Quarterly Unlimited: $149.95

Six-Month Unlimited: $299.95

Annual Unlimited: $569.95

If you are playing just one track a day, the savings will be substantial. Download two tracks per day and you will save between 66% and 71%; depending on the plan you choose. The more tracks you download, the more you save.

Similar savings are available for the Daily Harness Program:

Monthly Unlimited: $39.95

Quarterly Unlimited: $109.95

Six-Month Unlimited: $209.95

Annual Unlimited: $399.95

You can purchase any of these packages on our PP products page.

These changes are just another step in our continually evolving harness content. You can expect to see more adjustments and additions in all of our harness coverage going forward.

Tim Bullock More than 1 year ago
Could a complete cosmetic overhaul of Harness Eye be in the works to allow more content (which in turn would mean more pages per race)? I like the look and feel of DRF for Thoroughbred. A similar format for harness, plus a feature like Formulator for Harness would be great as well!
Derick More than 1 year ago
I'm not so sure more pages per race is a good selling point for most people. More pages means more ink, which means more a higher cost of printing pages. That said, you never know.