01/25/2012 3:14PM

Harness Eye PPs: What you need to know


Harness Eye past performances are now in the DRF store and available for download. I have been waiting for this moment for a long, long time and have been dying to talk about it for months now. Well, the gag order has been lifted and I can finally speak (type) out loud.

For those who are not familiar with the Harness Eye and Daily Harness Program products, you can find out more information and view samples right here. We will also be offering FREE Harness Eye or Daily Harness Program past performances from the Meadowlands each Friday night through the end of February for you to sample the product.

Let’s talk about what Harness Eye has to offer that you won’t find anywhere else.

Race commentary – We take you between the calls and describe how each horse performed at many tracks across the country. A typical comment will describe when a horse made his move(s) and how well he finished the mile (driving; in-hand; light urge; all out). Tracks we currently cover include: Yonkers, Meadowlands, Chester, Freehold, Monticello, and Woodbine/Mohawk. Hopefully we will add to that list in the near future and I certainly invite any comments on which tracks you would like to see added. Balmoral? Dover? Northfield? Please let me know.

EYE Rating – Other programs offer speed or pace ratings but Harness Eye past performances provide one number to cover all the bases. We take a base speed figure and adjust it for the individual track, track conditions, and horse trip to furnish one number that will help you uncover hidden longshots and obvious contenders.

Variant and Bias – Many of our past performance lines include a variant (numbers indicating how fast or slow the track played) and bias (how many horses won wire to wire). A positive variant indicates a track that was faster than average. For example: a +4 would mean the track was four-fifths of a second faster. Obviously a negative variant would mean the track was slower than normal.

Individual Fractional Times – Harness Eye past performances are one of the few places to find individual fractional times for horses. Most PPs supply the actual race times and a final quarter for each horse. Harness Eye PPs include the fractional times for each horse at all four quarter calls.

Mile Times – If you are looking at a horse that raced at Yonkers Raceway in 2011, the only place to find mile times for the race are in Harness Eye. We print mile times for all races; whether it is a 1 1/16 race at Yonkers or a 1 ½ mile race at the Meadowlands.

Individual Track Record – If you want to know a horse’s history at the track he is racing at that night, Harness Eye past performances will be your handicapping tool of choice. Our readers are able to view each horse’s record at today’s track for the previous three years.

Driver Changes – Harness Eye PPs inform readers whether a driver was originally listed to drive a horse. If the driver on your horse is displayed in bold-italics, then he was not originally listed to drive that horse.

In addition to the items above, Harness Eye PPs have layoff lines (indicates a horse missed at least 15 days of action), a listed trainer for every past performance line, detailed claiming information, and all the basic information (horse, driver, odds) you would find in any program.

I have attached a How To Read Guide at the bottom of this post for those with more questions about our Harness Eye past performances.

The past performances are just the first step in what I hope will become your one-stop location for all things harness. Check our NEWS SECTION often for Free Analysis, Horses to Watch, Bob Pandolfo’s Sharp Horses and Track Trends, Industry News, Videos, Feature Stories on Upcoming Events, and more as we continue to develop and evolve.

Plus, don’t forget about our Meadowlands Events page highlighting every racing day with Live Video, Analysis, Features (video and written), and of course completing the one-stop experience, a Bet Now button to get you into the action through DRF Bets.

I invite anyone with an idea or a change they would like to see to click on the comment button below and post their thoughts.

These are just the first steps for DRF Harness. Come join us on the journey.

Harness Eye How to Read PPs Guide.pdf522.7 KB
Harness Eye Meadowlands PPs - Friday 1-27-12.PDF887.64 KB
Harness Eye 2012 Track Speed Ratings.pdf414.1 KB
Percy Voorhies 8 months ago
I love the Harness Eye FERAURES they would be easier to see if the background was white. Also would you please include the number of entrants in past races
Percy Voorhies 8 months ago

Percy V.

I like the harness eye FEATURES  I am getting older now, of course if the background was white it would be easier for me to see. Also there is another feature I would like to see that is the number of entrants in past races

Rick More than 1 year ago
Love the programs. When will the free PP,s for this Fridays BIg M card be up? [They have been available in my latest blog post and are now up on the Meadowlands events page. - DG]
kram More than 1 year ago
I've been using the Harness Eye forever (prior as Sport Eye) and it's the best. However, if one is betting the Meadowlands why waste the money? Why even bother to buy a program never mind Harness Eye? Just find out what horse is trained by Ron Burke and lay your money down. Look at last Saturday night's results. 5 wins and 5 seconds. The only races he wasn't first or second were the races where he didn't have a horse entered. Maybe he goes to the Lou Pena training school. Or did Lou learn from him? Yeah, I know he put a puppy dog in the horse's stalls and it made them happy. What a joke!
Roy Seider More than 1 year ago
Can I print a larger abd darker HEPP? [It all depends on your printer and Adobe. If you have a printer that allows for larger paper, 11x17 for instance, you could print it much larger. If you have Adobe Professional, you can actually crop the PPs much tighter and get a larger image to print. - DG]
peter kreutzer More than 1 year ago
it might be a good idea to post the track record where the conditions are Also trainer/driver stats ie how a trainer does with the driver would be very good
Rusty More than 1 year ago
Thank you for the free pp's. I wish the pricing was a bit cheaper considering the trainer and driver stats aren't detailed and pp's go back 7 races and not 10 or 12. I hadn't played the Big M in a long time and used them and had a good night. I already had purchased Trackmaster for the night so I compared the two. I had a better night with the Harness Eye pp's. The only other time I used Harness Eye was in Vegas so this is going to be fun. I think you have many of the tracks players like. I would add Balmoral, Maywood, and Northfield. Northfield is a sleeper track. I'm not sure if they release their handle figures? But I think their handle is better than players realize? [Northfield is probably a top-5 handle track in harness. - DG]
Joseph DeBarbieri More than 1 year ago
I'm trying to purchase Harness Eye PP's but I don't see where I can pick the day and track that I want. [Once you select that you want to purchase a HE card it will give you a list of available tracks to select from. - DG]
Mitchell More than 1 year ago
I printed the program on standard paper. The font was so small I could not read it. Love the Sports Eye but is the program designed to be printed on 8 1/2 by 11 paper? And ideas? [I would suggest opening the file in Adobe and cropping the pages (you can select ALL and apply the crop to every page) with a tighter border. That will increase the print area. - DG]
John Capazzo More than 1 year ago
I have a question - which Adobe program are you referring to? I cannot edit the PDF file in Adobe Reader. I need to crop the pages so I can actually print them in a larger font so that I can read them. [You would need a professional version of Adobe. I want to add that we are working on making the image a bit larger. Hopefully that will happen in the near future. -DG]
charlie More than 1 year ago
if i order a 10 card pack do i pick which 10 nights i get or do i just get the next 10 available cards? [You will be able to get any 10 cards you want. You do not have to pre-select which nights or tracks. - DG]
Todd Liebman More than 1 year ago
offer monthly,6 month and yearly subscriptions and at a deeper discount.I would purchase a yearly subscription for online harness eye if the price was right.A ten and 20 day subscription is fine for a novice but anyone serious would like a longer subscription if it was done at the right price.A 6 month or yearly price at a little less than a dollar a day(say 180 for 6 months or 300 for a year would do the trick for me.I still need paper and plenty of ink to make my own program everyday.Its not as convenient as getting the regular paper but it will do the trick when I am out of state and I need my harness eye. [The suggestion of longer subscription rates is certainly worthwhile and noted. - DG]