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Happy New Year


Start the new year off right with a calendar that features not only major races from coast to coast, but photos of your favorite female bloggers wearing only their blue thongs. 
And the cost for this amazing date minder? Free! Yes, you read it right, FREE!  Although a donation (tax-deductible) to any of the excellent equine rescue organizations e.g.
Old Friends or Thoroughbred Charities of America would be much appreciated.
Dan Our Fearless Leader will shortly (or maybe on Jan. 1st) post the PDF file on the blog.  You can print it at your convenience.

Here it is, the Blue Thong Calendar for 2009.  Thanks for all of your hard work.

Download BlueCal.pdf

Also, I just wanted to let you know that I gave myself the best holiday present this year.  Although the blue feety pajamas (which might be the new blog picture of myself, by the way), and stylish socks were nice, I decided to sponsor four retired thoroughbreds.  One is at the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, and the other three are at Re-Run.  Here are some websites if you wish to donate:






Which races in the US are designated Classic races for fillies?  For instance, we know for colts, the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes are considered Classics. I know the Coaching Club American Oaks is considered a Classic for the fillies, but are the Kentucky Oaks, Alabama,
Acorn, and the Black Eyed Susan regarded as Classic races too?  Thanks!

Unfortunately, unlike the Triple Crown, the fillies really don't have "Classic" designations applied to their races.  The filly counterparts to the Triple Crown are the Kentucky Oaks, the Black Eyed Susan, and the Acorn.  The original Triple Tiara was the Acorn, the Mother Goose, and the Coaching Club American Oaks.  In 2003, the series was reconfigured with the Mother Goose, Coaching Club, and Alabama Stakes forming the trio. 
Currently, the most prestigious races for three-year-old fillies in North America are the Kentucky Oaks and the  Alabama.  Perhaps those should be considered "Classic" races in the eyes of racing fans.


Is there any news on these three SoCal runners?
Cry and Catch Me - I saw she started working but they stopped on her in early November. That was a real nasty cold she caught before the 2007 (!) Breeders Cup...
Behindatthebar - no works.
Sierra Sunset - no works.
On a good note, Curiously Sweet had works on 12/11 and 12/18. She is a filly that is too fast for her own good, fragile as all get out. A fragile Mud Route,
who would have thought...
Steve T.

According to our Disabled List on the right hand side of the blog, Cry and Catch Me also suffered a shin injury following her illness.  She raced at Del Mar on July 31 in a 'n2x' optional claimer, and finished fifth at 2-1 odds.  Cry and Catch me last worked on November 2.

Sierra Sunset is listed on the Disabled List with a reported fractured left front ankle.  He went back to the farm in Northern California, but hasn't worked out since the injury in the Rebel Stakes.  He was reportedly beginning light training in October.

Behindatthebar suffered from foot and leg problems after winning the Lexington at Keeneland.  His last published work was in July, but thankfully g or g is familiar with the horse, and gave us this information:

I can give you a small update on Behindatthebar.  He's now tack walking at the training center in FL  with eyes towards a Q2-Q3 campaign in SoCal with John Shirreffs.  Cross your fingers for him, but so far so good.  The bum hoof has been holding up thus far with the return to training.


Dan...I think I saw that you were updating the DL List yesterday.  Nice use of your Xmas break. ;) 
Two questions for you: If possible can you provide us an update on the Los Al jockey who was in the hospital with the neck injury?  I'd like to know his condition and if he's improving (hopefully he is).
Also, do you know the status of Screen Your Friend?  He looked like he broke down/was being eased at the end of the Sugar Bowl but I haven't heard anything in regards to his condition.
g or g

Sam Thompson, the Quarter Horse rider involved in a devastating spill in late December, passed away.  From Steve Andersen's column posted on 12/26/08:


In more bad news, Screen Your Friend was euthanized after suffering a fractured knee.  He'll be added to the Deceased List on the Disabled List spreadsheet.


To the California bloggers, Elysuim Fields had a 3 furlong workout at Hollywood Park today. He used to be trained by Mr. Happy Barclay Tagg. I was wondering if any of you have heard who may have taken over. This was Eibar Coas horse for the Kentcuky Derby this year. He made a strong move in the Fla. Derby but hit the far turn and packed it in. Mr. People Person said he
almost died from being overheated and also had a hind issue. This was his first workout since the Fla. Derby. Any info would be much appreciated! Merry Christmas everyone.
Tom D.

From Jay Privman's article posted on 12/5/08:

"Elysium Fields, who finished second in the Fountain of Youth Stakes earlier this year for trainer Barclay Tagg, has been sent west by owner Robert Evans and is now with trainer Neil Drysdale. Idle since the spring, Elysium Fields, 3, had been training most recently at the Fair Hill training center in Maryland with Bruce Jackson.

"He came in in good condition," Drysdale said. "He's almost ready to breeze. He's a very nice horse. We're excited to have him. He was sent west by Mr. Evans to take advantage of the synthetic tracks."

You can follow Elysium Fields' progress on the Disabled List.  We list all workouts and upcoming entries for disabled horses.


Posted $100 win on Harmony Found on 12/15/08 at 12:26pm. Thought all the contenders were fairly even, and that the price would be much better on Harmony.  Lucky guess, really . 1st time correct in the "Handi" exercise.

Just want to remind everyone that Blackstone gets to select our next HandiGambling race (January 7, 2009)


tencentcielo asked about the win prices of all the triple-digit juvenile debut winners listed in a previous blog entry.  Here they are:

Hook and Ladder - $8.80
Chilukki - $4.20
Discreet Cat - $12.00
Forest Music - $3.80
Notional - $25.40
In High Gear - $9.10
Kelly Kip - $9.30
Plagiarist - $20.80
Elusive Heat - $3.80
In C C's Honor - $18.60
Lost in the Fog - $4.40
Rodeo - $4.10
Warners - $3.70
Frisco Star - $3.80
Lieutenant Ron - $6.80
Bro Lo  - $8.40
In Excessive Bull - $3.60
Meetmeinthewoods - $11.00
Quality Road - $9.10
Rahy Dolly - $7.40
Secret Gypsy - $29.20
Star of Broadway - $4.40


Just want to send out a thanks to Annie for providing a thoughtful Kentucky Derby contest with excellent information.

Back tomorrow with more good stuff (I hope).



Laura More than 1 year ago
Dan, Thanks for answering my question. I hope you had a great vacation (congrats btw on having the winners of the stakes races you profiled). Also, I enjoyed reading the retrospective on Count Fleet. BTW All - Elusive Heat is entered in the G3 Old Hat Stakes at Gulfstredam on Sunday- no, not an Unusual Heat (Calm DOWN, Steve T!!). She is by Elusive Quality out of Xtra Heat. She won at first asking and will be making her second start. I'll post an Iron Maidens analysis on the race tomorrow or Sat. Happy New Year everyone!
Phil More than 1 year ago
Add another to the triple digit debut club, Rail Trip received a 102 for his first run on 11-7 (nice date for a debut!) and paid $6.00. Oh and by the way, his 6F work before his debut? a 1:10/3. Posted by: Steve T. on January 01, 2009 at 03:56 PM ----------------------------- Steve- Dan's triple digit Beyer list is just juvenile debuters, Rail Trip was 3 when he debuted 11/7/08. A freaky fast horse nonetheless.
SR Vegas More than 1 year ago
Dan Happy New Year! and Welcome back. I really enjoyed the past Champions on Count Fleet. I had no idea that he ran so often and for so many different distances during his career. It's just one of the things I love about your site. Those in the "Know" back then will remember, but some of us new to the sport & game do not.Thanks for the retrospective. I enjoy all of these that you have done before. I wish you the Best for 2009! By the way, (opps...BTW) Will you be comming to the NHC this year in LV....PLEASE say YES!!!! & that Steven will give you the opportunity to meet so many of your fans. SR Vegas
robertSD More than 1 year ago
slewofdamascus - Congrats on your very nice score on the first day of 2009! BTW your winning filly Jaylo's Mark cost me a winning day as I needed Ultra Cat (my top selection) in R10 for the late DD -- though my $163.80 payoff would have paled in comparison to your $6,039.00! So I suppose if I had to lose to anyone else I am glad it was you who nailed a six thousand dollar Pick-4! - robertSD
Alan More than 1 year ago
Annie, BTW... Temple City is a now a 4yo (ME = STUPID), so unless I can borrow a flux capacitor or they change the rules for entry into the Triple Crown, I'll need a Derby crush!! How about Girolamo?? Is he taken yet??
Stephen Taylor More than 1 year ago
Annie- I LIKE horses with an attitude! We were in the paddock with Trippit and there was a new partner with him who asked "Do horses know when it's race day?" Just as Mike said yes, Trippit yawned! (And didn't run all that well either) We've actually got horses running all 3 days this weekend. Cooler by the Lake runs in the 7th today at Hawthorne. Sound horse who just isn't very fast, but I'm kind of curious how he'll do at Oaklawn (The track at hawthorne is deeeeep!) Tomorrow our "private purchase" That I Am runs in the first at Hawthorne. (We bought him from Duchosiois, and outside of the horse Maggie Moss flew in from New York who scares me quite a bit, he looks good in the race. Joel is riding Mike's other horse, Deputy Sreeva (for a different owner) since he's been riding him all along but we picked up a more than suitable replacement in Inez Karlson! Sunday, Winchester Bay is the Morning Line favorite in the second at Hawthorne (but to be honest, he may want to go a little bit longer) Unfortunatly I can only "sneak out" for one day so it will be tomorrow to see That I Am, since he's got the best chance of the 3 to win imho, and between Hawthorne and the Twin Spires contest with 25 Vegas berths on the line, it should be a big day of trying to scope out winners!
Michael B More than 1 year ago
I've been a lurker here for quite awhile. First thanks for all the insight. I'm going to chime in on the workout experiment Steve T is doing as i've used workouts as part of my handicapping for years to point to 1st timers and horses coming back from layoffs. A general observation, the longer the workout the better indication it is to a positive effort. I personally like 5f or higher works, never use a 3f work and rarely use a 4f workout as part of my selection process. Also, some trainers work their horses fast all the time and these would give out "false positives" for horses. On my circuit, CD/FG/Kee I know who these are so i don't include them. One other note, something i've found highly profitable is finding a first time starter who worked the same day as a known quantity/stakes horse. If they work same time or if a firster works same time but from gate that stakes/known horse works non-gate, that is a powerful indicator of ability. I think Steve T. is on to something very powerful here so any other help I can be to hone it down to a workable system please let me know. Michael
slewofdamascus More than 1 year ago
Hey Guys, thanks for the congrats. RobertSD, great to hear from you, I hope you can post more often. Given how difficult it has been to go w2w at SA (I have taken some harsh seconds from speed that looked unbeatable at the top of the lane), I have to think Mullin's 3yo filly, Jaylo's Mark, has some quality. One of the other reasons I liked her is because she came back to the same level (as opposed to dropping), a factor I consider when the conditioner is a win-type who spots to win. Sometimes that can be the first clue that a non-favored entrant with a solid trainer has a chance to upset the field. So the question, why are they bringing her back to the same level after being well beaten? begins to have real merit. When a good trainer does this you have to ask why. The answer can go either way, but it's a worthwhile avenue to navigate when the signs point there. Not that I'm telling you anything you don't already know, RobertSD, I have a lot of respect for your handicapping, but for the possible edification of the 'quiet majority' and all that...Smile. *** Annie, I've had a lot of little signs the past nine months, omens and the like, that seem to push me deeper and deeper into this endeavor. I am going to follow it and see where it leads. Thanks. *** SR Vegas, thanks, even though Vegas is beyond my grasp (because of my responsibilities), which is why I have not participated in the NHC trials for the most part (I couldn't go), I am nevertheless VERY jealous of your Zip Code. I could definitely see living in Vegas. Like at The Palms. [if it still exists] Smile. Which hotel are you living in, SR Vegas? Smile. *** SteveT, if I didn't mention how much I liked Point Encounter, let me just say, well, he's going places (and then some). He's the Tower of Pizza, in my eyes. [whew] *** Vic, thanks for the great story on the dream team, that was some collection of talent. McCoy sounds very familiar. In Oakland, at the Coliseum, we used to have something called the TOC (Tournament of Champions) , which was where the best HS basketball teams in northern cal settled their annual, end-of-the-season differences. I got to see Bill Cartwright play as a senior for a little hick school out in the boonies (which he lifted on his back and raised to great heights). The bloody name escapes me, sadly. I used to recall it quite frequently, and now...nothing. Unrelated to that....Because I flunked the 9th grade (twice) and ultimately dropped out and had all sorts of problems as a teenager, my athletic career never got going in high school or any point thereafter (a true waste), but I can relate to your point of view to the degree that I was a very good athlete, who loved sports. I always wonder what would have happened to my life if I had remained in Baltimore (I was born at Johns Hopkins, my parents had a home in a place called dickeyville, a little suburb of Baltimore I guess). My father decided to take a job in California (Berkeley) and both my parents transferred their federal careers from there to here in the few years after my birth. I still consider Baltimore a "hometown" and I have a special place in my heart for it. I will be back (to visit). *** Onward and upward, baby, onward and upward.
Steve T. More than 1 year ago
Vicstu, Rail Trip was a late starter, he is officially 4 yesterday, so no Derby for him... Don't think a Carson City would stand much of a chance at 10 panels anyway. But boy is he fun to watch - two runs, two triple digits, and he's not exactly on his belly coming across the line.
g or g More than 1 year ago
The picture of the horse in cross-ties with the Flip Flops on is too much! Very funny ladies :) I laughed out loud when I saw that. Happy New Year everyone!