03/26/2010 11:39AM

GULFSTREAM: Track Sloppy, No Turf on Friday


Heavy overnight rains turned the racetrack to slop and forced management to reluctantly take all the scheduled grass races off the turf on Friday. Reluctant because of the $116,000 Pick-6 carryover sitting on the table. The change in venue resulted in enough scratches to almost assure the big prize will be taken down today.

For those looking to get an early jump on things, here are those early scratches:


1- Platinum Silver, All West, Waterford Bay

2-I'm With the Band   Palzee Walzee

3-Wat  Genration Speed  Glory of Power  Southern Glitter  Winner Jak  Bengal Ridge

4th  Just a Coincidence   Sea Mecke  Temo's Dream

5th  Fastback  Five Star PRince

6th History Ahead  Grand Piano Man  Syo Defenceman  Formulaforsuccess   Saint Jude

7th  Devilish Mecke  Mymamacanmambo

8th  Tavata  Ready Formycloseup  Regal Jo  Midnight Crush

9th  Classic Ramona  S S Seraphim  Doctor Carina  Platinumplus  Daimond Dina  Absolute Heaven  Red Hot Bullet

10th Jazzaholic  Cross the Atlantic  The Spanish Life