01/22/2011 11:54AM

Gulfstream: Sweetest Chant still on turf


Barring any further rain, it looks like today's Sweetest Chant Stakes will go as scheduled on the turf although all the other grass races have been moved to the main track. 

The scratches as of 10:30 are.....


1st  Moon Nistle

3rd  Rivrav

4th   Nice Cookie

5th  Prado Dash   Mister Pippit  Pervis   Stolen Glance   Skating 

6th  My Mama Gator

7th  Forest Legend,  Parting Words  Sweetprincesscharm   and all the AE"s

8th  Gaucho

9th   None

10th  Don't Lock Me Out   Smokey Prado