01/19/2011 11:31AM

Gulfstream: Multitude of scratches


With the races off the grass, there are a multitide of scratches on Wednesday's card.  As of now, they are...

1st  Game On

3rd  Seeyouinthecity  Quiet On the Tee   Monashee Gold  Empty Handed  Sailors Song Gesu   Varitek

4th  Cockadoodle   Face the Cat

5th  Make My Move

6th  Cumana   Paper Shredder  Miss Olivia Rae  Platinumplus  Entertaining

7th  Won Great Damsel  Sola Gratia  Nicola's Charm   Holiday Flare  Becausel'mworthit  Faithful Prayer

8th  Saint Jude  James Street  Capital Market   Last Empire   Zhivago  Smokey Prado

9th  Musca  Codewood   Mint Maker  Beckham Bend  Intercoastal   Gaelic Storm  Maddy's Crowd