07/10/2009 12:18PM

Grade 1 Pick-4's


The three Grade 1 races at Belmont, Calder and Hollywood Saturday are all part of interesting multistakes pick-4 wagers. There's an all-dirt, all-sprint sequence of four graded stakes at Calder including the G1 Princess Rooney; an all-turf sequence at Belmont that kicks off with the G1 Man o'War; and a little bit of everything at Hollywood with a quartet of races that starts with the G1 Hollywood Gold Cup and also includes the G2 Royal Heroine Mile on turf.

There's no Grade 1 on the Million Day Preview card at Arlington, but there's an all-turf, all-stakes pick-4. The richest race on the card, the $300k G2 American Derby, isn't part of the sequence but the G3 Arlington Handicap is the anchor leg.

 Here are the lineups:

Note that I've listed Game Face as the morning-line favorite for the Princess Rooney because she was the second choice on the line behind Indian Blessing, who did not make the trip from California and will be scratched.

Tim Maz More than 1 year ago
Well, I'm hitting my singles and keys in pick-4's and tri's and stuff... but who cares. Its all about Rachel! I make my own numbers w/ the Formulator. She garned the biggest number of all time in the Mother Goose. Normally I bet against such a big effort, but her appreciation has become a trend... I know the wise guy is on Munnings, but please, around the far turn its over. She may be the greatest of all time, so enjoy her while we have a centerpiece to show off to the world.
Qev More than 1 year ago
The Breeders Cup should go all turf racing and be done with it. Leave dirt racing to the American tracks and regulate "laffy taffy" racing to the realm of third tier UK tracks...where it belongs.
yuwipi More than 1 year ago
robert ginnerty: Unfortunately for me your wish is the mortal lock of all time!
Stephen L Taylor More than 1 year ago
Steve-Read your article on BC economics, and here's a copy of something I posted on Dan and Alex Waldrop's blog, as well as emailing to the BC customer service address. I'm just a small partner in several horses in Illinois who'd like at least a chance to make money with "rank and file" horses Now, I've read on and on about the Breeders Cup's financial problems and I have a proposal that might just help not only the Breeder's Cup but horsemen and racetracks thruout the country: First, we're going to spread the BC around to more different locations-Let's face it, the majority of people involved each year are from out of town anyway so there's no need for a "major" city to be the host. Here are the track qualifications: Some obvious, some not, and one that will raise some eyebrows: Obviously they must have dirt and grass courses, and somewhat adequate seating (I'd say 25,000 is plenty) and be within a reasonable distance of a sufficent airport to handle both equine and human visitors. Here's the new qualification: Tracks must have alternative gaming available and a SMALL percentage (divided between horsemen's and track's take) would be given to the Breeder's Cup. What this provision would do, more importantly than putting some dollars back into the BC, would get legislators in major horseracing states (Kentucky of course, and Illinois) to possibly "get off their duffs" and pass "slot" legislation. CDI wouldn't be offended if you tossed 'em a BC at either Calder or the Fairgrounds (what a help that would be for their economy) and you have to believe that States know that the BC means revenue-hotel rooms, etc. The tracks/horsemen's giving up a portion of their slot revenue would be more than offset by the added handle those machines would have during BC week. I would almost GUARANTEE that if this were done, Kentucky would have a slot bill passed in the VERY near future, and with our beloved (LOL) governor whining about a budget crisis here in Illinois, I gotta believe that he'd be hard pressed to say no, especially if BC promised either Arlington or Hawthorne (With some work it could be a good host-just outside Chicago)a specific year CONTINGENT ON THE STATE PASSING SLOT LEGISLATION! If this only helped one or two state's horsemen it would be well worth the effort-Helping horsemen helps breeders, and the bigger the purses the higher the sales prices-this is a unique plan where EVERYONE would win!
C More than 1 year ago
Al Hattab, The reason is because Monmouth is on the Jersey shore. If you go to Del Mar, you'll see an even younger crowd. I do not agree with the idea of getting just anyone off the street and into the track and transforming them into a horseplayer. In other words, I hate the Belmont picnic area and can't stand Saratoga's backyard. The biggest mistake this sport makes is that it promotes everything other than racing (live bands, art shows, flea markets, slots, face painting, pony rides) for the sake of getting people to the track. By no surprise, none of them turn into come-back fans of the sport. They are the wrong crowd and should not be targeted anymore. The ones that should be targeted are the ones going to the casino, playing HoldEm tournaments online, and attending other sporting events. In other words, gamblers and sports fans. We have (or had) the best and most exciting game around. Unfortunately, the killer takeout and lack of leadership give it virtually no chance to be the preferred game among serious gamblers.
ml/nj More than 1 year ago
yuwipi, gk_wisc ,walt: Thanks to all for your comments. I also have the Ainsle book, which is what I was using to obtain the conditions I presented. I would note that the Mr. Washington race (the 5th) WAS listed as being for $12,000 in the PPs, but the chart for the race gives the purse as $15,000 and the purse distribution shown in the chart adds to $15,000. I probably still have the program burried in a trunk, but I'm not going to try to find it now. And BTW, I was in attendance for three of the four Damascus - Dr. Fager races.
Mike D. More than 1 year ago
Hey, Rich, Sure would have been nice to see if Rachel Alexandra could have staved off Rail Trip's stalk-and-pounce performance in the Gold Cup on Saturday as well.
Virgin Queen More than 1 year ago
alhattab, thats the worse proposal i heard..well in at least a week.
robert ginnerty More than 1 year ago
Three cheers for the nyra racing secretary who is carding turf sprints,especially for new york breds.Big fields and big prices are great for the average bettor. Keep them coming at Saratoga.
gk_wisc More than 1 year ago
Steve Sorry but I used to really enjoy reading this blog.... I still read it but it is no longer AS enjoyable. TOO negative. Come on people lets look at the positive- which there is much in horse racing. More of the comments like Mike La rosa and minj !! all of you go back and read those comments again. Or steve's --is the glass half empty or half full. This is America and 2009. I feel like a teacher going in the teacher lounge and hearing the CRAP about all the "bad" kids! when really 98% of them are great kids!! Racing is like anything else - look for the positive. 2 days of comments- that what I would like- 2 days of positive comments here. Life is rough enough now. I was at the track yesterday and 15,000 were there- beautiful weather nice fields and LOTS of people and families. It was Ladies day and the crowd looked GREAT! Beautiful weather, horses and Ladies. Nice action and good payoffs. Have a great week - 17 days til Saratoga! Thanks Steve... keep up the good -(positive) work!