05/19/2011 5:11PM

Friday & Saturday Pimlico Lineups


Here are the lineups for Friday's Black-Eyed Susan card and Saturday's Preakness card at Pimlico, 26 races that include 13 stakes, 7 of them graded:

 Pimlico no longer offers a Pick-6 but there are new 50-cent pick-5 bets both days, each ending with the main event. There are also two picks-4's each day (races 5-8 and 10-13 Friday, 5-8 and 9-12 Saturday.) The Preakness Day pick-4's are guaranteed, at $250k and $1 million -- somewhat timid guarantees given that those bets handled $384k and $1.9 million respectively last year.

There are dime superfectas on all 26 races including the Preakness; a Black-Eyed Susan/Preakness double; Super High Five wagers on the 12th and 13th races both days; and a Female Jockey Challenge bet (click here for details)  involving six women riders competing in Friday's 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th races.

I'll be blogging and betting both cards and posting pick-5 analyses and tickets here. As for the Preakness, I had to make my official 1-2-3-4 picks by 7 p.m. Wednesday and went with Dialed In, Animal Kingdom, Sway Away, King Congie in that order.

Finally, here's the annual chart of how Derby winners have done in the Preakness over the last 30 years. During that span, of the 27 Derby winners who ran in the Preakness (Gato del Sol, Spend a Buck and Grindstone did not), 10 of them won. A $2 win bet on each would have cost $54 and returned a total of $70.40, a 30.3 percent profit:



Rob from the Az More than 1 year ago
Steve, You might want to check the NBC feed from the Derby. I timed the Dailed last 1/2 mile and he did not come home in less then 47. I got him in 48. he came home the last quater in 24. Im not saying he cant win the Preakeness, but the last 1/8 in the derby he was not making up ground and Master of Hounds was closing a lot faster then him. You cant always go off the charts, they could be wrong.
ScottyG More than 1 year ago
What are the takeouts on the pick 5 & pick 4 at Pimlico? I find it shameful that wagering information like this isn't readily available on the website of many tracks. Any chance DRF has (or could make) a link to a table showing the takeout rates for all tracks across the country? [Rate is 25.75 percent according to this handy page from HANA: http://www.horseplayersassociation.org/hanatrackratingsbypick4takeout.html -SC]
Sean More than 1 year ago
I saw Astrology run in April and I'm all over him. Thoughts? I'm pretty sure Animal Kingdom is going to win anyway. I'm not really impressed with Dialed In running like a turtle and then ending up 8th. Shackleford & Mucho Macho Man had no excuse during the Derby and got drilled. It's either a new shooter or the Derby winner.
Nick More than 1 year ago
...There was a nationwide cry in the horse racing world that Albarado was unduly harmed and screwed because he lost a Derby mount (by the way, if Albarado was riding the horse, who says he wins the Derby) and absolutely no mention of what a creep and bum this guy is. Go back and look up what was included in his wife's formal complaint that landed this dirtbag in jail. He first destroyed her phone and then proceeded to bang her head against the wall and choked her repeatedly, attempting to strangle her. Marks were so bad on her throat that EMT techs were called to the scene by the police. His wife said this was at least the third time he has attacked her in recent years but the first time she called the police, a sad characteristic of abused spouses. He was jailed and charged with 3 felonies but subsequently in a plea arrangement a few weeks ago, he pled guilty to a Class D felony charge of intimidating a witness ( Hmmm, I wonder who the witness was?). The other charges were dropped since the wife changed her mind and refused to testify against him, unfortunately another sad characteristic of long term spousal abuse. However, all you are reading is people feeling sorry for Albarado for losing the Derby mount and how great and noble it is that the owner will compensate him financially for his misfortune. I mean, you can't make this stuff up. Misfortune? Are you kidding me? How about the wife's misfortune? Did you know that 25% of murders in this country result from domestic violence cases, primarily spousal abuse. The wife is lucky she is alive, for the present. I guarantee you on the broadcast Saturday for the Preakness, NBC will chronicle Albarado, talk of his bad luck and misfortune for falling and losing the mount and create a theme that he is out to avenge his Derby loss with his Preakness mount. There will be no or little mention of him beating up his wife. You are correct Steve, karma will come to Albarado in the Preakness. Fortunately for him, it will be all bad. Nick G
Christine R More than 1 year ago
Nick Obviously you are feeling strongly about the matter and rightly so...for ANYONE involved when ANY human is mistreated - heck we with HEARTS are moved when animals face cruelty of any kind....but perhaps the situation will resolve in the persons justly due are indeed rewarded in a matter we obviously dont know all the facts behind. With good counsel good amount of those funds will go to the parties harmed (there are plenty of lawyers who would LOVE to assist) but I would really HATE to see such events ruin a BEAUTIFUL card and day of racing - with an opportunity for you to gain in many ways YOURSELF. Racing is the sport many of us love and indeed this five week period shares the joy of the breeders cup as a real opportunity to gain wonderful memories AND make some of the money you are concerned of to add to our pocketbooks or just plain RELAX and root for our favorites and admire such BEAUTY in the game. BE SURE not to let your day be robbed = if its a personal matter (as it appears) than any benefit he recieves will be adjusted accordingly and ENJOY one of the BEST days in racing. One bad apple wont ruin a bushel if indeed thats the case....and WHAT A DAY AWAITS US !! Peace....
ML/NJ More than 1 year ago
May 20 ! Anniversary of the reopening of Belmont Park.
Jim Majors More than 1 year ago
A hair off the topic, but I just read Steve's piece on why he's putting Dialed In on all his Preakness tickets. Well, I lost a ton on him in the derby, and it was sickening to see Leparoux sitting there until the top of the stretch before closing like a freight train ! Did Julian think the derby was a mile and a half ? Why didn't he engage the horse sooner ? Listening and reading the "pace excuse" for Dialed in, reminds me of how Mike Smith cost Zenyatta The Classic by waiting too long. (Smith said, it was a mistake not to have her closer...sooner) Likewise, in the derby, blame the jock, not the horse. Yes, we ALL know horses have different running styles, but how a race unfolds dictates riding changes that need to be made if there's any chance to hit the board. Maybe sour grapes on my part, but I am hanging up on Dialed In, for this one.
Walt P. More than 1 year ago
Ryan (from the last blog): They changed the order of the races I believe because of Versus' telecast of the BES being from 4:00-5:00 PM ET (BES is the 10th rather than the 12th for this reason). Versus may have wanted the Miss Preakness and BES back-to-back, forcing them to move one of the turf stakes to earlier in the card. Also, with the weather the way it was forecast, I think Pimlico officials were wary of scheduling three straight grass races to close the card, forcing them to use the Starter Handicap as the 12th rather than earlier in the card where I think they would have preferred to.
Walt P. More than 1 year ago
BES Pick-5 actually ends with The Hilltop, the last race of that card. Personally, I would have added a 50-Cent Pick Six (in addition to the Pick 5) for these two days only (carryover to Saturday if no one hits it Friday), maybe with a provision that if it's not hit Preakness day AND if there is racing the following week (not the case this year), it carries over to the following Saturday when it would be a mandatory payout. I also would have for this year replaced the Maryland Sprint with the deFrancis Dash since that was not run last year, doing so to assure the race retains its Graded status for 2012 and beyond (and run the Maryland Sprint in the fall at Laurel if funds permitted such). On another front, what do you think of Monmouth adding a 50-Cent Place Pick Six to their wagering menu? I think this is a GREAT bet since on a part-wheel you can hit the wager multiple times on a single ticket.
Christine Race More than 1 year ago
Dialed In was 19th and last after that slow fraction, 18 1/2 lengths behind the leader. Half a mile later, he had passed 11 of his 18 rivals to be beaten 7 1/2 lengths, running a sizzling final half-mile in slightly less than 47 seconds. The only faster final Derby half-mile anyone can find was Secretariat’s 46 3/5 in 1973............THIS SAYS IT ALL....THANK YOU STEVEN FOR A MASTERFUL ANALYSIS AND FOR COMING UP WITH THESE EVER SO ACCURATE "SHEETS" FOR US TRULY SERIOUS ABOUT THE SPORT OF KINGS (AND QUEENS and PRINCESSES TOO) THE MOST INFORMATION IN THE SMARTEST YET SHORTEST COLUMN IN THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY....BRAVO!
Mooch More than 1 year ago
Looks like a Good card on Sat. Have only looked at the Preakness so far. In the Preakness- No need to give positive comments on half the field. I will say Animal Kingdom's win doesn't seem like a fluke in the Derby. That being said I like Shackleford in the Preakness. He is the only horse that went against the grain in the Derby. Just print/pull up the Derby Charts and you will see what I mean. The only one in the top 8 finishers that were even near the lead was Shackleford. A slow pace or a holding track that day? If the pace was so slow thus helping the front runners how come everything near the pace folded up shop and ran down the track? Except for Shackleford that is. When you see fast fractions you know the track is tight but when you see slower than normal fractions for the type field it's usually dug up a bit, Faster than normal fractions then it might be sealed. and by the looks of the Derby fractions it must of been like a plow field, in which is the worst for speed. In the Florida Derby, Shackleford ran every step of the way with fractions of 23.1, 46.1, 1:10.3, and you can't say he quit because he was almost 7 clear of the third horse. I don't like the fact that Flashpoint and Dance City are in there. Dance City will stalk but I don't think Shackleford can stalk and I don't think he should. His best weapon is his speed, so he might be out throwing down with Flashpoint (who couldn't go this distance in a pick-up truck) in the early stages. I will not feel sorry for Flashpoint he he breaks down as a result of trying to go with Shackleford early because Flash shouldn't even be entered here. Well you can't always have things your own way (like a few late scratches and 3 inches of rain) so I will just have to run Flash into the ground and keep going. No one has said anything good about Shackleford. I haven't read anything positive about him. So I expect to get way over the 12-1 morning line. I pick'em like this; 5-11-10-9-3.... Because of the weather I will be keep an eye on how it plays on the track, and to try figure out just what the track superintendent did and does to the track due to the weather. Good luck to all