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A horse that doesn't get his due on this side of the pond is FAME AND GLORY.  Trained by Aidan O'Brien, the 5-year-old son of Montjeu continued a long run of excellence with a victory earlier this morning at Ascot in the Group 3 British Champions Long Distance Cup at 16 furlongs. 

Fame and Glory, a winner in 13 of 21 races, won the first four starts of his career, including the Group 1 Criterium de Saint-Cloud going 1 1/4 miles at two. 

At three, he won the Group 1 Irish Derby going 12 furlongs at the Curragh, but was overshadowed that season by the superb Sea the Stars. 

Last year, Fame and Glory reeled off four victories in a row, including the Group 1 Tattersalls Gold Cup at 1 1/4 miles and the Group 1 Coronation Cup going 12 furlongs at Epsom. 

He's shown no signs of slowing down this season at five, now with four wins from six outings.  On June 16, he took the Group 1 Gold Cup at 20 furlongs.  Still, he won't land the front page once again, considering FRANKEL's performance later on the card.

*An up-and-coming European sprinter is DEACON BLUES, who made it five in a row in the Group 2 British Champions Sprint Stakes.  Trained by James Fanshawe, Deacon Blues was always traveling smartly and he collared pacesetting Hooray with two furlongs to run.  Deacon Blues finished things off nicely to post the popular score under Johnny Murtagh. 

*Murtagh struck again, this time with DANCING RAIN in the Group 2 British Champions' Fillies' and Mares' Stakes. Fifth behind Blue Bunting in the Irish Oaks on July 17 after winning the English Oaks at Epsom, Dancing Rain received a confidence-booster in her start on August 7, taking the Group 1 German Oaks with ease.  Dancing Rain handled her elders earlier this morning in her seventh lifetime start and seems a progressive sort for a potential international journey later this season, perhaps to Japan. 

*The fantastic FRANKEL was never losing the Group 1 Queen Elizabeth II over a flat mile.  Now 9 for 9, Frankel walked into the machine as smooth as butter as the deserving odds-on favorite.  As is his habit, he raced a bit keenly in the opening furlong, but soon settled in midpack as his pacesetter, BULLET TRAIN, cut out some honest fractions.  Frankel took command with a minimum of fuss at the two-furlong mark and held the solid Prix du Moulin (Group 1) winner EXCELEBRATION safe.  IMMORTAL VERSE, the sophomore filly that conquered the mighty Goldikova in the Prix Jacques le Marois (Group 1), failed to make an impact. 
Frankel is likely done for the season, but he is a heroic miler, indeed.

*It was going to be hard to follow Frankel's performance, no matter what, but CIRRUS DES AIGLES gave a fine effort in winning the Group 1 Champions Stakes.  A multiple Group 2 winner in France that had previously been a bridesmaid at the uppermost echelon, Cirrus des Aigles ran down the classy multiple Group 1 winner So You Think in the final yards.  There was no excuse for So You Think, who had a candy trip tracking the pacesetters.  His rider, Ryan Moore, was sitting chilly until the two, but So You Think could never quicken clear.  He was game, but second-best on this day.


I don't have strong opinions for this weekend's races although I do like SILVER HEART in the seventh race at Charles Town on their big night for statebreds. 

The Europeans dominate the entries at Woodbine on Sunday so I'll take tepid selections of BATED BREATH in the Nearctic, I'M A DREAMER in the E.P. Taylor and QUEST FOR PEACE in the Canadian International.

The Queen Elizabeth II at Keeneland looks like a fabulous race with the likes of WINTER MEMORIES, SUMMER SOIREE, STAR BILLING and TOGETHER.  I'll take a chance with NEREID, Star Billing's uncoupled stablemate for trainer John Shirreffs.

For a detailed video analysis of some of the weekend's big events, check out the videos that Mike Beer and I filmed earlier in the week.  Just click on the link below and scroll down to the second video player.



Ron Zuercher asked about the trainer statistics for Aidan O'Brien concerning Together in today's QE II at Keeneland.  Those numbers are for North America only.


More importantly, who do you like this weekend?  I want to know.

okiesharp More than 1 year ago
Annie, I have read your posts and am of the opinion that you do not give yourself enough credit for your handicapping skills. None of us are immune to the losing streaks, buttZ... when I have one it's been my experience that many times I have bet on races I should have just watched. I think a lot of us handicap the whole race card looking for an acorn and it takes a lot of self control & discipline to sit out some races. It's human nature and all of us are guilty of it. Whenever you get beat by a head or a nose in a photo finish you should be looking at what you did right....not what you did wrong. So many times we can beat ourselfs up for losing such a race when in reality, we lost by inches or even less. When 8 or 10 horses run a mile or so and you had the first 5 finishers and you lost because of that photo, just take a deep breath and move on. You can't handicap them any better than that. Win some, lose some...next... One other point. The times I've won the big bucks....it's always been on a cheap ticket. Go ahead, ask me why...it's because I didn't get lazy with my handicapping and punch the all button. If I'm going to wager the big bucks, you can bet that girdle that I'm going to try and crush a (one) race, not the whole card... As Steve T. said; "don't bet on all of them just because they can stand up". Good luck to you and all Dan's formbloggers in the future on this tough game.
Bernard Downes More than 1 year ago
VQ, Thanks. I am more than happy to do my bit representing the UK. I can do no worse than some of the idiots supposedly leading this country. Did your hear about the Government's Defence Minister who invited a totally unauthorised "friend" to sit in on a series of official and semi official defence meetings. Crazy. How about another Government Minister recently seen reading and then disposing of official correspondence in waste bins in a public park. Even crazier. I was thinking it was just a British problem until I heard today a claim that 40% of Americans believe the World is no more than 6,000 years old. Somebody's got to be kidding - either the claimant or the 40%. How do ANY of these crazies bring logic to their handicapping? Best Regards - Bernard Downes P.S. Having profited from blackstone's tip at the weekend, I am looking to make some early BC bets this week. Anyone got any early tips (guesses) they are prepared to share?
blackseabass More than 1 year ago
C, I didn't consider what I said about recency to be a rant. LOL. I thought it was informative ,backed with evidence and easily checked. I didn't miss any of their points as I've heard them from others for decades. I just called BS on them is all. When I call BS I supply evidence to buttress my case or contradict my opponent. All those points they made sound nice and plausable . There is one problem though . Horses that aren't recent win at just about the same rate as THEY ALWAYS HAVE. That video did nobody any good and may well have done the trusting souls some harm. Trainers want to raise their percentage by using a low percentage move ? Use that logical analytical mind of yours. I'll explain again . Just because the recency cut-off isn't 14 days like it was 40 yrs ago doesn't mean there isn't a cut-off. If you use 30 days the numbers will be comparable to what 14 days produced 40 years ago. Over the years I've went from 14 to 17 to 21 to 24 to 28 to 30 days. Recency is a word not a number . You have to use your head to convert it to a number . Horses that have a recency edge have a conditioning edge . A conditioning edge can overcome a slight speed or class deficiency and pay good prices. Crist is an admitted pic-6 loser.From his own mouth so it doesn't really matter why he chases that big score . If he gets it he'll be grinding his way back toward even. LOL. I give some outlandish opinions sometimes but I never make outlandish claims of success . I've said many times I can expect 10-20% on my churn and its what I do expect. I don't really go up and down like a yo-yo . My style of play is tailored to avoid that. I do post 4 picks a week on saturdays and since I've been around here I've done just about what I said I could do . Nothing spectacular just steady routine ho hum punch a clock bring a lunch pail. Thats without the benefit of using what I know about the "Market" to help me. If I can do what I say betting someone elses races do you still doubt that I can do it when choosing my own ? I've spent a lifetime coaching & teaching people how to approach things the fundamentally correct way. I'm not going to start telling people at this late date the wrong way to do it and I'm not going to see or hear someone giving them the wrong impression without disputing it. Plus I like to contradict The Dogman whenever I can reasonably do so. LOL.
blackseabass More than 1 year ago
Annie, one more thing. I wouldn't call the Dogman afraid to lose. I'd call him a cheerful loser. LOL. I have all 10 fingers even though lots of guys I worked with are missing parts. I still have all mine because I was "afraid to lose" them. Losers get used to losing so they have no fear of it. They happily submit & are just glad to be there. Never lose your fear of losing or you'll become a loser.
meathead01 More than 1 year ago
Whackeymacky I see you did it again with your picks on sunday at woodbine . looks like you made a barrel of money WTG my friend keep it up mh01
blackseabass More than 1 year ago
Dick W , thanks. I needed to win a photo in this contest . I've been on the wrong end of 1/2 a doZen this go round. Bernard Downes , Nice Redboard !! Glad you had a good day. I was with you on two of them ,buttZ that Dirty French filly escaped me. Annie , Never take what those two stumblebums say at face value. I think I just showed last week with recency that they don't know what they are talking about half the time.They just blabber without backing it up with numbers. If I told you what I really think of them even LSD probably would round file this. It doesn't really matter if they were nice guys in Vegas . They are masquerading as experts when they are no better than average losers . The reason the Dogman plays Pics is because he wouldn't know an individual winner if it winked at him. An affliction that a lot of pic players suffer from. I can't say I know exactly how many I've lost in a row . I know I've won 11 in a row twice. I know I've lost more than 7 in a row before. I'm not sure I've ever lost 20 in a row ,buttZ I don't see why I might not have or why I couldn't. I agree with Mike that if you are in a losing streak that is not a bunch of photos then you need to redouble your efforts. If you know your methods are sound then you must be getting laZy. I once hit 10 exactas in a row at the QH races . I was going for the World record and my ex-wife made me leave with races still to run . That witch !! I coulda been a contender !!!
SR Vegas More than 1 year ago
I previous posted: "To everyone, as Harvey Pack says.. 'May the Horse be with You" & may I add...either the four legged or high Powered ones. :) Virgin Queen and Keith L...Thank you for the thoughts. No one can say enough about the 'pilots' of these blood & bone, or mechanical creatures who they are involved with. Nor that they are so vunerable to the sport they choose to love. Jockey or Race Car Driver, to me, are interchangeable. After seeing a couple jockeys go down earlier this weekend, and then the fire balls at my 'Local Race Track' and the aftermath. Well.. I am now without words. I need a break. Thank you all for listening. "no captcha" ...something must be feeling for me.
Dick W More than 1 year ago
Yogi Congrats on your HG success last week ! Alfredo I second BSB's congrats to you for your pick of the filly in the big race at Woodbine. I usually check all the form bloggers selections, but I missed yours this week, but BSB doesn't miss a thing. Berrnard Downes Congrats to you as well for a job well done on the Woodbine races. Mike A and C I have no desire to get involved in your issues with one another. However, your discussion brought up a serious question I have for both of you (and anyone else who would like to express their opinion). It involves an area that I have never been good at - record keeping. Do either of you think record keeping is an important aspect of playing the horses and are either of you meticulous about your record keeping ? I would also like to hear from Blackstone on this issue as I get the impression that you (Blackstone) are very good at record keeping. Thanks ahead of time for your responses. Dick W
blackstone More than 1 year ago
Bernard Downes Wow-three for three in Woodbine's fantastic races. That is simply great handicapping. Good for you, and I sure hope you keep it up. You are more than welcome for the Regally Ready pick: as you know, I'm sure, that was the only one of the three I got right. At $21+ I will take it, though. Mickey had a day similar to yours, although only one was at Woodbine (yes-Regally Ready too). For both of you, a memorable day that you won't forget anytime soon. I am very happy for both of you. Losing Streaks-I can say with great accuracy that I have never lost more than forty-four in a row, which I did ten or twelve years ago. The streak changed my life with respect to the horses: it's why I now bet ATB's only, with a few exactas and doubles mixed in. So please do not lecture me on the lack of wisdom for ATB bets-I cannot, and will not, take the inevitable run outs from win betting (or most of the exotics). That was a hard lesson, for me, to learn.
Yogi More than 1 year ago
Dan, Belmont has gone crazy for turf races (I will not pick a possible off the turf HG) and Santa Anita has a lot of short fields on Wednesday and Thursday. So by default, I guess that I will pick Belmont Race 8 on Wednesday, a 35,000b claimer with a couple of former MKB horses. Thanks, Yogi
meathead01 More than 1 year ago
congratulations on your hg win that is hard to do coming from a 48 week loser with one second WTG MH01
David M More than 1 year ago
After taking a standing eight count on Saturday I assured fight judge Mills Lane I was okay and fully cognizant. I went back to my stool and told Mick to "cut me". Came out swinging Sunday for the final round but sometimes Apollo Creed is just the better man. Bruised and beaten I will have to heal and fight another day. As to the conversation about losing streaks. Embarrassed to say but I probably lost 7 different bets yesterday alone in one race when En Fuego turned out to be El Crappo. Everything from daily doubles, pick 3, pick 4, exacta, trifecta, super, and WP. I hit everyone button on the machine and got nada. The screen on the self service machine said "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?". To make matters worse I even booked a guy sitting at my table who liked the eventual race winner at 3-1. Like I always say "a humbling game". Keeneland may be the new "graveyard for favorites". I counted 3 winning favorites in each of the 3 days I attended. It looked like about 60% were able to hit the board with a large percentage there running well beaten third's. Don't get me wrong I try to be contrarian whenever possible (please overlook 6-5 En Fuego, I just had a weak moment). They beat favorites in every conceivable way. Speed lost, closers lost and class lost. But that is what makes KEE great. Shippers from everywhere and prices. I say this annually going in but it is so hard to execute: upgrade Presque Isle shippers and downgrade west coast shippers if favored (I respect SoCal racing but they don't fire at KEE for me). I used both of Shirreff's shippers in the Queen Elizabeth Turf to no avail. Norma's Passion in the other stakes could not have beaten a $40,000 claimer on Saturday. Must have been the bad food on the Tex Sutton cross country flight. James Divito went 3 for 4 I believe. Bet You Win was about the easiest winner of the meet. I just could not pull the trigger on Duke of York who was all out to win at AP in his debut. He got the money again at $6. The race times were incredible. A 2 year old debuting MSW winner goes sub-1:08 and sets track record at this hallowed venue. Before you rush to the nearest casino for the future books $15,000 maiden claimers also missed track record by couple ticks in race 1 yesterday. The Beyer's number crunchers will have their work cut out for them. On Friday. Forego carrying 110 pounds could not have made up a length in that stretch. Seriously it was shame The Factor was not running this weekend. He could have ran a world record 1:05 and change for 6 furlongs on that freeway. Does anyone out there know what these Trackmaster settings mean? Is 4 inches deep or 3.5 shallow? They post the settings and maintenance schedule on the KEE web site but it is greek to me. The guy driving the tractor at KEE has the best job in the country and holds the keys to the kingdom. He should be set for life. Silly me - I took accounting in college and passed up all those wonderful Poly Track Maintenance classes.