03/09/2015 1:02PM

Four more qualify for NHC


Four more players won their way into the 2016 National Handicapping Championship in Las Vegas on NHCQualify.com on Sunday.

The overall winner was Joe Jarvie, a 59-year old building engineer and former NCAA basketball official from Renton, Wash. He was the leader at the end of Day 1 of the 2015 National Handicapping Championship and he ended up 38th overall. He ensured himself the opportunity to go one better in 2016.

Another story from Sunday is the continued surge of Roger Cettina. Cettina didn’t qualify for the NHC on Sunday, but he did finish seventh in the 287-person event, meaning he will improve his NHC Tour points total and increase his lead on the Tour.

Joining Jarvie in Vegas will be Ernest Powers, Eric Pineiro, and Mark Stanton. The key to the contest was Cocodrie in Fair Grounds’s seventh race. All four qualifiers backed him. He paid $39 to win and $16.20 to place and was by far the biggest price in the sequence.

Cocodrie also was the must-have horse on DRFQualify.com’s Sunday contest, which saw the final three players win their way into next weekend’s Santa Anita Betting Challenge. David Risko, Don Beardsworth, and Robert Crowe all won their $3,500 buy-ins for that event. All three will bring momentum to the Santa Anita tournament but Beardsworth in particular is a player to watch. He and his playing partner, Dennis Decauwer, have finished second in the NHC twice – an amazing accomplishment – but both have also had success in the live-bankroll format of the Santa Anita contest.

Jordan rules

Ken Jordan, who collected $250,000 for his second place finish at this year’s National Handicapping Championship, was the main story in the DRF contest universe on Saturday. He was the outright winner on BCQualify.com. The top 10 percent of players advanced to play in a Round 2 event on March 28. He also qualified on DRFQualify.com for next weekend’s Santa Anita Betting Challenge.

Jordan played the same horses in both contests. Two big longshots were the key. The first was French Quarter in Gulfstream’s 11th. French Quarter paid $40.20 to win and $20.40 to place.

“It was a pace play in a wide open race,” Jordan explained. “I started slow on the day but the leaderboard stayed in sight.”

He sealed the deal with Singing Kitty in Santa Anita’s eighth, the China Doll. She paid $41.60, $12.40.

“Singing Kitty had run two good turf routes and all the favorites were stretchouts coming from races down the hill,” Jordan said.

There were many familiar names among the players to advance on BCQualify.com, including last year’s BCBC winner, Bob Traynor, who took home over $300,000 at last year’s renewal. Brett Wiener, last year’s NHC second-place finisher, and Garett Skiba, third in the 2013 BCBC, also advanced to Round 2.

There will be additional Round 1 qualifiers held the next two Saturdays, March 14 and March 21.
Steven Wells was the outright winner on DRFQualify.com. Jordan split Wells and former NHC champ – and current NTRA Players’ Committee member – Stanley Bavlish, who was third.

Players can still buy in to next weekend’s Santa Anita contest by signing up at DRFQualify.com or contacting Nate Newby at (626) 574-6391.

SATURDAY BCQualify.com
Rank Name Total
1 Ken Jordan $146.80
2 Ken Seeman $138.80
3 Bryan Teel $124.60
4 Michael Mulvihill $124.20
5 David Wilganowski $118.60
6 Jeff Hartz $114.20
7 John Kaiser $112.00
8 Diane McClyment $109.20
9 Bill Wilbur $107.60
10 Richard Blevins $106.80
11 Garett Skiba $105.80
12 Curtis Meyer $105.60
13 Anthony Acierno $103.80
14 Robert Traynor $101.60
15 Robert O’Shea $99.20
16 Joseph Johnson $96.00
17 John Dougherty $92.00
18 Dennis Madsen $89.20
19 Scott Feldkamp $89.20
20 Nicholas Pavletic $88.20
21 Brett Wiener $86.00
22 Damian Sasso $84.80
23 Robert O’Shea (2) $83.60
24 Jamaal Barnett $82.60
25 Kenneth Hopkins $82.40
26 Lucas Hammons $82.20
27 Jody Bandi $81.80
28 David Mullin $81.20
29 Neil Schippers $80.60
30 Henry Wessel $80.40
All 30 advance to the Round 2 BCQualify.com on March 28 where up to eight players will win full $10,000 Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge seats and a $500 travel voucher.
Rank Name Total
1 Steven Wells $140.80
2 Kenneth Jordan $137.20
3 Stanley Bavlish $123.60
All three win $3,500 seats plus a $500 travel allowance to the Santa Anita Betting Challenge to be held March 14-15 at Santa Anita.

NYRA live-bankroll contest
Rank Name Bankroll Prize money
1 Nicholas Phillipides  $2,120.50  $6,050
2 Emad Himaya   $1,445.00  $2,420
3 Joseph Murphy   $1,234.10  $1,815
4 John Shin   $1,079.50  $1,210
5 James Dunham   $674.60  $605
Winner gets a seat to the National Handicapping Championship.

SUNDAY NHCQualify.com
Rank Name Total
1 Joe Jarvie $109.80
2 Ernest Powers $108.80
3 Eric Pineiro $97.60
4 Mark Stanton $97.40
All four win seats to the 2016 National Handicapping Championship, plus a $500 travel allowance

SUNDAY DRFQualify.com
Rank Name Total
1 David Risko $110.00
2 Don Beardsworth $98.60
3 Robert Crowe $95.20
All three win $3,500 seats plus a $500 travel allowance to the Santa Anita Betting Challenge to be held March 14-15 at Santa Anita.