11/24/2015 8:51AM

Fornatale: Thanksgiving Day fantasy football contest


While there are racetracks that have a rich tradition of running races on Thanksgiving, for many of us the sport that goes best with turkey is football. For the second straight year, Head2Head.com Sports, a Daily Racing Form property, will be hosting a contest with that idea in mind.

It’s a one-day NFL fantasy game covering the three Thanksgiving games: Philadelphia at Detroit, Carolina at Dallas, and Chicago at Green Bay.

Head2Head hosted its first one-day NFL cash game last year on Thanksgiving. Contest director Stacie Stern was pleased with the results. “Last year we had about 500 participants and we awarded just more than $3,400 in cash, as well as Head2Head member rewards to the top 100 participants,” she said.

The contest was popular enough to become an annual event. “It’s a great opportunity for players to have some fun and win some cash,” said Stern, “whether they are already familiar with daily fantasy games or just curious to see what they are all about.”

Cost to play is $7.95 and contestants can win over $3,000 in prize money. The top prize of $2,500 goes to the player with the highest score. The contest will utilize H2H’s popular "pick ‘em" format, which requires contestants to choose one player from eight groups of five.

“This game is really easy because it’s a pick ’em game, rather than a draft or salary cap style,” Stern said. “One could take their knowledge from other season-long games or daily games and easily compete in this format using that knowledge.”

Points will be awarded based on H2H’s unique scoring system. Just as with any handicapping contest, Stern suggests players pay close attention to the subtleties in scoring, noting that more value in the contest is placed on quarterbacks.

She also advises that first-time players look beyond the listed names and look closely at players’ opponents as well. “Matchups are also really important,” she said, “so looking at defensive matchups for the players you select can help you finish in the money.”

For now, Head2Head plan to limit its one-day contests to Thanksgiving.

“Thanksgiving Day is the perfect day to enjoy family, food and one-day fantasy football,” Stern said.

To view the player groupings, go here.

To sign up, go here.