07/22/2014 9:25AM

Fornatale: Still time to join free Saratoga contest


It’s not too late to join in the free Saratoga Twitter Challenge (STC), presented by @DRFFormulator, @DRFTournaments, and @DRFBets. The contest takes place on the remaining Saturday and Sunday cards at Saratoga and includes Labor Day as well. The penalty for missing a day is just $50, the size of the minimum bet. That means that players starting Saturday still will have $900 – a number that puts them in a tie for 10th place overall right now. That’s not too bad for missing almost one-seventh of the contest.

The leader among the 43 players entered so far is Tony Accetturo. He got off to a fantastic start on opening weekend, hitting the pick four both days and getting his bankroll up to almost $3,500. Jmanmetsfan1 also connected on both days, hitting the pick four Saturday and backing up that effort with a win-place bet on T Sizzle, who placed Sunday. The best result on Day 2 went to Joeaveragefan, who hit the pick four for $903 on an $81 ticket (as opposed to Accetturo’s $240 pick four wager). Joeaveragefan sits in third overall with $1,741.50.

Over the two days, only eight players cashed tickets, meaning the contest is still wide-open. Contestants played a wide variety of wagers over the two days. The only pools that went untouched were the pick six and grand slam.

It’s a hard contest to prepare for because of the unique rules. Because it’s a free roll, on one hand, it makes sense to fire hard early, and if you lose, you lose. On the other hand, it might make sense to sit chilly early, grind away, and try to get some idea of what it’s going to take to win this thing in the end. Even if you’re way behind, as long as you have bankroll left, you still have a chance to try to hit the pick six on Labor Day and take down the contest.

Contestants are competing for one of several prizes:

• A 60-card Formulator past-performances plan
• A $200 wagering credit in winner’s DRF Bets account.
• An entry into a $165 NHCqualify.com tournament and $35 in DRF.com store credit or DRF Bets wagering credits.
• An entry into a $190 BCQualify.com tournament and $10 in DRF.com store credit or DRF Bets wagering credits.
• One lower buy-in contest entry fee on NHCQualify.com or BCQualify.com, with the remaining amount up to $200 awarded as store credit or DRF Bets wagering credit.

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All you need to do to join the contest is to send a tweet to @DRFFormulator that begins with “STC” and ends with a wager.  Bets must be at least $50 and no more than $250 and can be placed on any wager accepted on weekend cards at Saratoga. That means you can try to score out with the pick four or pick six or simply grind it out with win bets or exactas. It’s all up to you.

Here are the top eight right now:
Tony Accetturo $3,474.00
jmanmetsfan1 $2,910.50
Joeaveragefan $1,741.50
John8231058 $1,540.00
Frank Dimon $1,460.00
tallodawa $1,450.00
tyhawk74 $1,275.00
horsepressbox $1,225.00

For the rules, check out http://www.drf.com/store/saratoga-twitter-challenge.