03/19/2015 10:01AM

Fornatale: Pair of online contests Saturday


There are two tournaments in the Daily Racing Form family of contest sites Saturday. The first one takes places on BCQualify.com, and it’s the last opportunity for a while for players to compete in the two-round BCQ format.

The two-round format is very popular among players because it rewards consistency over having a single great day. In most contests, you have to finish in the top 2.5 percent to qualify, but in the two-round format, you have to finish in the top 10 percent of Round 1 to advance to Round 2. In Round 2, up to eight players will receive $10,000 seats for the Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge. The two-round format will return to BCQualify.com in August.

So far this month, 55 players have won their way into Round 2 for a $110 buy-in. On Saturday, up to 30 more will join them. The Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge is the world’s premier live-bankroll handicapping contest. In 2014, Bob Traynor won his way into the BCBC on BCQualify.com and ended up winning more than $300,000 at the BCBC.

Also on Saturday, DRFQualify.com is running a credit-builder contest. Following the successful Santa Anita Betting Challenge, and with news of the recently rescheduled Gulfstream Park Raise Your Game Challenge, now is the perfect time to gain site credit at DRFQualify.com. Qualifying contests for the May Santa Anita contest and the September Gulfstream contest are expected to begin soon.

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The buy-in for the credit builder is just $50, and the prize pool will be up to $10,000, depending on participation. Eric Boyd, a farrier from Fort David, Texas, did well in the last DRF credit-builder – the first contest he ever played in – and subsequently won his way into the National Handicapping Championship.

Boyd explained the appeal of the credit-builders: “I’m a garden-variety racetrack degenerate, just like everybody else,” he said. “I wanted to take a shot to build some credits up and be able to compete in [NHCQualify] tournaments without shelling out $165.”

Credits will be good for use at NHCQualify.com, BCQualify.com, and future events at DRFQualify.com.

Here are the races for Saturday’s events:
4:10 Tampa Bay 8
4:30 Santa Anita 3
4:40 Tampa Bay 9
5:00 Gulfstream 9
5:00 Santa Anita 4
5:10 Tampa Bay 10
5:30 Gulfstream 10
5:42 Turfway 10
6:00 Gulfstream 11
6:28 Turfway 11
6:30 Santa Anita 7
7:00 Santa Anita 8

To sign up for the BCQualify.com contest, go here. To play in the credit builder, check out DRFQualify.com.