07/09/2014 3:50PM

Fornatale: NHC qualifier credits Formulator for success


Emily “Mayhemily” Gullikson had a big weekend playing in tournaments online. She won three separate events, banking nearly $11,000 in prize money and winning a seat at the DRF/NTRA National Handicapping Championship in Las Vegas.

Gullikson, a 33-year-old CrossFit trainer who lives in Solana Beach, Calif., credits DRF’s Formulator with helping her contest success, and she shared three different uses of the product that helped her find winners this past weekend. First, let’s look at one of the horses that helped her Saturday: Mobridge.

Gullikson needed about $17 and had a decision to make going into Saturday’s last race at Belmont.

“I had two horses on my radar, Mobridge and Adams Note,” she said. “Obviously, I needed to pick a horse who was the right price to get me to the front, but I also wanted to pick the one who was more reliable, to give me the best chance to win.

“At the last minute, Mobridge drifted up just enough where I could use him. Using Formulator, I checked on a trainer pattern for Bill Mott. I wanted to see how he did in New York in turf allowance races in the first start off a layoff.”

Here’s what she saw:

Based on those numbers, especially the in-the-money percentage, Gullikson saw that Mott horses with this profile typically fire. She played Mobridge, and he flew home, passing nine horses in the stretch and paying $13.20 to win and $7 to place, just enough for her to triumph.

Her big weekend was just getting started. Late in the day on Sunday, things were looking tricky for Gullikson when she blanked on six races in a row after a promising start. But a one-two punch put her back in contention and gave her the chance to play her top pick, Main Sequence, in the United Nations and to win a trip to Las Vegas for the NHC.

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First up was the Queens’ Plate at Woodbine. Gullikson used Formulator’s charts feature to help land on Ami’s Holiday, a square price at 9-1.

“I could see from the note in the chart that there was trouble in the stretch,” Gullikson said. “I clicked on the replay and I thought that without that incident Ami’s Holiday might have won. Also, when I clicked on the ‘next race’ dropdown in the chart, I could see that Conquest Top Gun, second in the Marine, came out of that race to easily win a stake race with a 90 Beyer. That confirmed the form of Ami’s Holiday.”

Ami’s Holiday made an impressive run but could only manage second to Lexie Lou. Still, the $9.70 for place proved critical for Gullikson.

Immediately on the heels of the Queens’ Plate was Monmouth’s 11th race. This time, Formulator’s notes section helped her. Like many players, Gullikson doesn’t rely solely on the past performances when handicapping. She also uses her own race analyses in the form of “trip notes.” When Gullikson looked at Mr. Viber’s past performance, this is what she saw:

“If you just look at the other horses in the race and see that the Beyer par for that level, Mr. Viber – with his 67 Beyer last out – doesn’t seem to fit,” she explained. “But I knew from my notes that something wasn’t quite right last time. The horse took no money and didn’t look ready to run well to me that day. On Sunday, he looked great on the track and was taking money – he was bet down to 5-1 off his 10-1 morning line.”

Sure enough, Mr. Viber was an easy winner, paying a generous $15.80 to win and $9.60 to place, setting up the chance for Gullikson to play Main Sequence. When that colt won, Gullikson did too, sending her to Vegas in only her second year of serious contest play.

mikey More than 1 year ago
Pete If she is a beard she is the ZZ TOPS of beadrs.Shame that no one sends congrats to this lady.We are happy to win one and she had a day to dream of.She can join the small group of true female handicappers.Great to see this and you GO GIRL.
DavidM9999 More than 1 year ago
It is always insightful to see how successful players utilize various products. I have used the DRF for over 40 years. Over the past few years I have added the workout reports to the arsenal. Most of the time more information is advantageous. For me and Mobridge last Saturday more information was not a help. Per the DRF works it said the following for Mobridge : 06-22 – got hot and was being asked alongside of Matuszak in 25.20, 49.2, and galloped out four lengths back. C+. The prior two works listed were not positive at all basically losing both works to undistinguished work mates. Both received C+’s. Now horses working below B- can win. Some horses are just not good workers but “generally” you can consider tossing them from being a win candidate absent a class drop or other mitigating factors. The point is some DRF products may work or not work in regards to a particular animal on that day. Saying that, the DRF works have more than paid their own way over the last couple of seasons. Also in fairness Zivo who paid well in the Suburban was a working well (easier)versus his much more fancied barnmate Last Gunfighter. So the Formulator worked Emily into a winning decision. I wonder if she had the BEL workout reports and if she had would she have still selected Mobridge. I understand she was specifically looking for a range of $17 so that factors into contest play. Love the articles Peter!
Mayhemily1 More than 1 year ago
Hi David, I am glad you asked about clocking report, workout reports are imperative and not only do i use them but I worked as a clocker last summer for Bruno De Julio. I was aware of the workout report however, not through the DRF services. He also worked on 6/29 in company with Flipcup (Flipcup was best, a 5 star work fwiw ) Couple things to think about, Mobridge is a turf horse, because of that I can accept the fact he was not drilling bullets or earning a high grade in this case. Something I learned clocking, you have to take into consideration the surface the horse performs best on, and evaluate that with the days condition. Mobridge an allowance horse was also working with two stake runners, running on their preferred surface. I, much like you also capitalized on Zivo based on the workout report provided. Great eye by all the clockers to catch that, and probably why we did not get anywhere close to the 30/1ML. Well done there, DavidM9999
Racingwithbruno More than 1 year ago
Known Emily thru Tourney circuit and last summer she gave Racingwithbruno a great boost coming on board with us, and she immediately singled out Dancing House who won first out, if Emily decided to come out and join Racingwithbruno she would make a very strong impact in the information we offer. She is as sharp as they come and we can say she is another successful story out of Racingwithbruno academy of clockers. Emily is a shining young star in the Tournament circuit. great job Pete keep talking about people like Emily, great for the game