03/16/2015 12:21PM

Fornatale: Longshots propel NHCQualify.com winners


Four players qualified for the National Handicapping Championship on NHCQualify.com this Sunday. The quartet was led by Tanya Taylor, with Wayne Kwan, Art Taylor, and Cheryl Knepper also advancing to the NHC Finals, where it is expected that over $2 million in purses will be awarded.

The qualifying contest started with a bang with cap horse Crowned Heart winning Gulfstream’s seventh race. All four qualifiers had Crowned Heart, but those points alone weren’t anywhere near enough in a sequence where several longshots turned up. Tanya Taylor added three more winners, including Hoop of Colour ($26.80) in the Grade 2 Santa Ana at Santa Anita, the contest’s anchor event.

Wayne Kwan was in great position to qualify after the first third of the contest. He added both Demander ($27) in Gulfstream’s eighth and Hengroen in Tampa’s ninth ($26.20), ensuring his goal of winning of seat.

Art Taylor had four winners overall including Hoop of Colour. Knepper also backed four winners including a cold contest double of Chaulk O Lattey ($15.80) in Santa Anita’s fifth and Paganol ($19.20) in Oaklawn’s eighth.

The next qualifying event on NHCQualify.com will be Sunday, March 22.

25 advance on BCQualify.com

On Saturday on BCQualify.com, 25 more players advanced to the second round contest that will be held on March 28. They join the 30 players who advanced last weekend. The third and final BCQualify.com event will be held next Saturday, March 21. The top finishers in the Round 2 event will win their entire $10,000 buy-ins, along with a travel voucher, to the Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge.

The overall winner was Joel Wincowski, who was hot both early and late in the contest. He had three of the first four winners, including Piceance ($16 to win) in Gulfstream’s sixth. Then he hit a dry spell, missing entirely on three races in a row. But late in the day he re-rallied and exploded, backing his own personal cold pick five, including Shakahari ($17) in Santa Anita’s sixth race.

Other notable names to advance to Round 2 include Garrett Skiba, the 2014 third place finisher in the BCBC; the amazingly consistent Ken Seeman, and Edward Enborg, an exciting newcomer to follow.

 For full results, along with a look at what each player in the contest played, check out: http://www.bcqualify.com/leaderboard.aspx

To sign up for next weekend’s Round 1 contest, go to https://www.bcqualify.com/buy_advanced.aspx




Rank Name Score
1 Joel Wincowski $108.60
2 Carl Rasak $104.40
3 Garett Sibka $95.60
4 Bill Drew $94.60
5 Bob Turner $94.40
6 Patrick Gianforte $90.60
7 Matthew Blythe $90.00
8 Ken Seeman $88.00
9 Daniel Edwards $86.00
10 John Gamane $85.60
11 Michael Cantatore $83.00
12 Bruce Dagostini $82.40
13 William O'Neal $80.60
14 Michael Stiscak $79.20
15 Tony Lavorato $79.20
16 Edward Enborg $77.40
17 Don Allen $77.20
18 Dan Kovalesky $76.80
19 Kevin Booth $76.40
20 Ryan Russell $76.40
21 Mark Henderson $75.40
22 Peter Dresens $75.20
23 David Nelson $73.20
24 Frank Gryboski, Jr. $70.00
25 Jerry Rubinstein $70.00

All 25 adavance to the Round 2 qualifier on March 28 on BCQualify.com.



Rank Name Score
1 Tanya Taylor $144.00
2 Wayne Kwan $142.80
3 Art Taylor $138.80
4 Cheryl Knepper $138.00

All four receive seats to the National Handicapping Championship plus a travel allowance.

Saturday: NTRA Free Online Contest

Rank Name Score
1 Tom Chace $109.40
2 Timothy Averill $107.20
3 Bob Weir $96.40
4 Dean Keppler $96.20

All four receive seats to the National Handicapping Championship plus a travel allowance.