05/29/2015 10:26AM

Fornatale: Gulfstream seats up for grabs on DRFQualify.com


There's only one contest in the DRF universe on Sunday that you can buy into and it takes place on DRFQualify.com. Up to three seats will be awarded for the Sept. 19 Gulfstream Park contest. Entries to the Gulfstream contest cost $3,000, with $1,000 going to the prize pool and $2,000 acting as a live bankroll for Gulfstream's races that day, as well as on a selection of the best racing from around the country. The prize pool is expected to top $100,000 in cash and seats to the National Handicapping Championship and Breeders' Cup Betting Challenge.

Sunday's qualifier costs $100. One $3,000 seat will be awarded for every 41 entries. It's a great opportunity to win big money for a small buy-in. In recent months, both Steven Wells and Gary Johnson have parlayed DRFQualify.com investments of less than $100 into more than $50,000 each in cash and seats.

Here are the races that will be part of the contest:

3:30    Gulfstream 6

3:47    Churchill 7

3:55    Belmont 6

4:10     Monmouth 8

4:18    Churchill 8

4:30    Gulfstream 8

4:41    Monmouth 9

4:48    Churchill 9

5:18    Churchill 10

5:28    Belmont 9

5:30    Santa Anita 5

6:00    Santa Anita 6

Players will have to do a little extra work on these races as there is a significant chance of thunderstorms as of this writing for Churchill, Monmouth, and Belmont. You'll want to have a Plan B for soft turf or off turf possibilities. As for the sequence itself, it's a typical mix of Sunday races with allowance races, claimers, one stakes, and three maiden races mixed in.

Meanwhile, on the same set of races, BCQualify.com will be hosting its round-two contest for the month of May. Over the previous three Sundays, 67 entries have qualified by finishing in the top 10 percent of round-one events. Here, those 67 entrants will compete for eight full $10,000 Breeders' Cup Betting Challenge seats.

Players could win up to three entries in round two, though none did. Twelve players advanced two entries: David Basler, Amy Brantley, Eugene Cahalan, Kevin Geraghty, Allen Harberg, Gary Johnson, Alex Larmey, Mike McIntyre, Ming Meyer, Eric Moomey, David Nelson, and Sergio Ramirez.

You can follow all the action and see who picked what as soon as the races go off via http://www.bcqualify.com/leaderboard.aspx?cid=140.


Rank Qualified? Name Points
1 Yes Ryan Flanders 15,702
2 Yes Jonathon Kinchen 15,576
3 Yes Eric Moomey 14,702
4 Yes John Nichols 14,128
5 Yes Anthony Kite 13,849
6 Yes Roger Cettina 13,168
7 Yes Robert Crowe 13,040
8 Yes Matthew Rentze 11,275
9 Yes Robert Earle 10,689
10   G.T. Nixon 10,403
11 Yes Brett Wiener 9,533
12 Yes John Giolito 9,414
13   William Holmes 9,211
14 Yes Christopher Larmey 9,142
15 Yes Stephen Thompson 9,082
16 Yes Joe Jarvie 9,068
17 Yes Kevin Engelhard 8,714
18 Yes Garett Skiba 8,643
19   Amy Brantley 8,569
20   David Snyder 8,422


Rank Name Points
1 Eric Moomey 11,555
2 Ryan Flanders 10,597
3 Jonathon Kinchen 10,078
4 Anthony Kite 9,832
5 John Nichols 9,647

The first-half of the tour counts only five scores (as opposed to six for the full year). At least one score must be in an on-site event or else only four scores are counted. First-half ends July 31 and the top five each receive $10,000.