05/09/2014 12:40PM

Fornatale: Fast and furious contest action this weekend


There's a special promotion at Daily Racing Form this weekend where if you sign up for either the NHCQualify.com contest or the BCQualify.com you get $10 of credit at the DRF Store, where you can buy items including my latest book, "The Winning Contest Player," PPs, apparel and more. Contest action kicks off on Saturday over at NHCQualify.com where up to six NHC spots will be awarded. Here are the races that will be part of the contest:

Event 1 Belmont #5 (3:24p ET)
Event 2 Gulfstream #5 (3:29p ET)
Event 3 Monmouth #7 (3:39p ET)
Event 4 Belmont #6 (3:55p ET)
Event 5 Monmouth #8 (4:10p ET)
Event 6 Belmont #7 (4:26p ET)
Event 7 Gulfstream# 7(4:31p ET)
Event 8 Belmont #8 (4:57p ET)
Event 9 Gulfstream #8 (5:02p ET)
Event 10 Monmouth #10 (5:12p ET)
Event 11 Belmont #9 (5:28p ET)
Event 12 Monmouth #11 (5:43p ET)

On Sunday, BCQualify.com is hosting another Round 1 for their two-stage qualifier – Round 2 will be held at the end of the month on Sunday, May 25. Here are the races for Sunday’s contest:

Event 1 Belmont #5 (3:24p ET)
Event 2 Monmouth #7 (3:39p ET)
Event 3 Churchill #7 (3:47p ET)
Event 4 Belmont #6 (3:55p ET)
Event 5 Churchill #8 (4:18p ET)
Event 6 Belmont #7 (4:26p ET)
Event 7 Churchill #9 (4:48p ET)
Event 8 Monmouth #10 (5:12p ET)
Event 9 Churchill #10 (5:18p ET)
Event 10 Belmont #9 (5:28p ET)
Event 11 Monmouth #11 (5:43p ET)
Event 12 Belmont #10 (5:59p ET)

Both contests will last shorter than the typical events held on these sites, a format contest director Ken Kirchener has coined, "fast and furious. This seems like a smart accommodation for a Mother’s Day weekend when many players will be squeezing in their contest play around other events. Santa Anita is notably absent from both cards. This is a function of short fields and maiden races during the allotted time for the contest.

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It’s not too late to sign up for the free Public Handicapper Challenge over at publichandicapper.com, where two NHC seats will be awarded at the end of the six-month long contest. The way the contest works, there isn’t a sizable disadvantage to joining in a week or two late, especially if shorter priced horses have won the featured races. This week’s races for the Public Handicapper Challenge are:

The Honey Ryder (R7, 4:31 est) at Gulfstream Park (Sat.)
The Big Drama (R8, 5:02 est) at Gulfstream Park (Sat.)
The Peter Pan (R9, 5:28 est) at Belmont Park (Sat.)
The Decathlon (R11, 5:43) at Monmouth Park (Sat.)

Players in all three contests should feel free to share any thoughts or questions they have about these races in the comments sections of this piece.