09/08/2015 10:39AM

Fornatale: Chubb hits high note in NHCQualify


Paul Chubb landed the highest score seen this year on NHCQualify.com on Sunday, where he was one of three players who won entry into the National Handicapping Championship. Chubb topped the field of 194 players with an impressive score of $203.60 -- an impressive 4.24 times his initial bankroll of $48.

Chubb is a first-year contest player who chose an excellent time to break his maiden: He'll go on to try to win his share of at least $2.5 million at the NHC.

There were four cap horses in the 12-race sequence and Chubb had three of them: Pleasant as Pie ($68.80) in Del Mar's first, Dekko ($44) in Del Mar's second, and Outtacypresshills in Saratoga's 11th. Oddly enough, the fourth capper, Maggiesfreudianslip ($56.50) in Saratoga's ninth, was not used by any of the three qualifying players. Hard luck stories were prevalent as many players did something that's not easy to do. They had two cap horses but still missed out on the NHC.

Joining Chubb at Treasure Island for the NHC will be Chris Fallica (you may know him as "The Bear" on ESPN's College Gameday) and Scott Rubinchik. Fallica, who scored $179.60, missed the first two cappers but kept chipping away. He collected in six of the last seven races, including big hits on Dekko and Outtacypresshills.

Rubinchik started the contest on fire, with $13 winners in two of the first three races and backing that up with the first capper, Pleasant as Pie. After missing the next two cap horses, his qualification was in doubt. He came up with big place points on Savingtime ($18.40) in Gulfstream's tenth and struck with Uzziel ($17.80 to win) to get back in position to get to Vegas. He finished with $171.10, $7.70 clear of fourth.

Also on Sunday, on DRFQualify.com, Raul Sanchez won his $4,000 entry plus a travel allowance into the Santa Anita Autumn Championship on Oct. 17-18. It's notable that his score of $147 was lower than the top six who played the same sequence on NHCQualify and points out why multi-tabling (i.e., playing more than one at once) is becoming so popular in handicapping contests. For an extra $90, any of those top six could have won an additional $4,500.

Saturday's DRFQualify.com contest was won by David Nelson. Nelson came out hot, backing the first four winners and six of the first seven. He wins a seat to the rapidly approaching Gulfstream Park live-bankroll contest on Sept. 19. As one of the players who competed in the February Gulfstream contest that was washed away, Nelson will be eligible for an additional NHC seat.

For BCQualify.com Round One results from Saturday, where 21 players advanced to Round Two, check out http://www.bcqualify.com/leaderboard.aspx?cid=152. You'll find many familiar names on the list including four of the players from The Winning Contest Player: David Gutfreund, Garett Skiba, Paul Shurman, and Mark Maguire. The amazing Joe Pettit kept his DiMaggio-esque hot streak alive as well.