04/11/2016 11:45AM

Fornatale: Cheryl McIntyre racks up fourth BCBC seat


Cheryl McInyre's year to remember continued on BCQualify.com on Sunday. She won her fourth seat to the Breeders' Cup Betting Challenge -- and it's still only April! She picked seven winners overall paying $19.80, $13.20, $4.80, $5.80, $6.80, $3.40, and $20.80 for a total of $115.80, more than $20 clear of second.

The prices she collected on Sunday reflect her overall handicapping style. "I am not a longshot or big-price horseplayer but more consistent in what I play," she explained ater finishing in the National Handicapping Championship Tour top 20 back in January. "I like the competitiveness of tournament play and met some really good friends along the way. And the rewards when you do well are pretty nice."

That consistency has paid off in a big way this year. New rules allow McIntyre to play two of the four entries when it comes to the BCBC, but two of entries will have be to transferred/sold to another player. Her husband, noted contest player Mike McIntyre, would seemingly be at the top of that list. Though he is liable to qualify two of his own before Breeders' Cup weekend. DRF asked Cheryl about the experience of competing with Mike.

"Mike has always been an excellent handicapper and I decided if I was going to be any good at it I better learn how to read the Daily Racing Form," she said in that same January conversation. "The only issue I've had is the fact that I need to prove to [other players] that I can handicap and that I make all of my own bets and pick my own horses."

We'll hear more from Cheryl McIntyre later this week. Joining her at the Breeders' Cup will be Peter Strauss and Kevin Geraghty. Strauss started cold but revved up late, backing four of the five last winners to finish with $92.20. His biggest winner came when he needed it most, with Yukon Sky ($20.80) in the anchor leg, Keeneland's ninth.

Geraghty took a blended approach. He had two of the first four winners, but needed to come up big in the last race and he did as well, scoring with Yukon Sky.

Joe Maneen Jr. was a little unlucky on BCQualify.com, checking in fourth, but he still had a good day at the office. He became the first person to qualify for the Monmouth Pick Your Prize contest over on DRFQualify.com. Pedro Pons and Jason Alonso also won their $2,000 entry fees to Monmouth. Winning packages include $500 in travel as well. On Saturday on DRFQ, Kevin Willet won his $4,500 entry to the Santa Anita Preakness Challenge, along with $500 in travel.