05/06/2016 12:53PM

Fornatale: As American as Mom and handicapping


This Mother's Day there will be two contests in the Daily Racing universe. Because of the holiday, the sequence will be lean and mean, spanning just over two hours and 15 minutes, and will wrap by 6 p.m., leaving time to take Mom out before or after.

The first event takes place on NHCQualify.com, where up to four contestants will win seats to the National Handicapping Championship. Winning packages will also include a $1,000 travel voucher and a four-night stay at the NHC host hotel, Treasure  Island in Las Vegas. Buy-in for the Mother's Day qualifier is $175.

Also on Sunday, entries are open for one of the final chances to qualify for Santa Anita's Preakness Challenge, a live-bankroll contest to be held at the Great Race Place over Saturday and Sunday of Preakness weekend in just two weeks. The entry fee is $325 and up to two players will win their full $4,500 buy-ins plus $500 in travel. It's a very favoriable ratio for players with one package being awarded for every 18 entries.

Here are the races that will be part of both contests:

3:30    Santa Anita 1

3:36    Belmont 5

3:42    Tampa 7

4:00    Santa Anita 2

4:09    Belmont 6

4:30    Santa Anita 3

4:41    Belmont 7

4:47    Tampa 9

5:00    Santa Anita 4

5:13    Belmont 8

5:30    Santa Anita 5

5:45    Belmont 9