07/30/2007 5:14PM

Five Live Horses


--There are eight live combos going into the 12-horse ninth-race finale at Saratoga. There will be two winners if the 5,9 or 11 win, and one winner if the 3 or 6 wins:

5, 9, 11: $146,962
3, 6: $293, 925
1,2,4,7,8,10, 12: $293,925 carryover to Wednesday

--Contest update: I still have about 15 emails to go, but so far none of the extremely thoughtful and varied "Fix My Computer" suggestions has provided a permannt solution. However, poster AJ's workaround has allowed me to access both Google and Gmail via www.maximumsurf.info and he's going to be getting a pair of box seats for his godsend suggestion.

If any of the remaining posts provides a complete fix, I'll award a second set. Perhaps AJ's temporary solution will pinpoint the real problem for someone else.