01/23/2009 8:14PM

Five for a Buck


Magna509 The Magna 5 returns tomorrow and I'll be putting some money where my mouth's been for the last five years: They've finally reduced the minimum bet from $2 to $1, so I'm getting involved. The 50 percent discount makes a huge difference in coverage whether you're playing for $48 or $480, and I'm hopeful the handle will illustrate yet again that players bet more rather than less when minimums are reduced.

Besides, it's a sequence I like (at least at first glance before doing the work), with four stakes races, three of them Sunshine Millions events from Gulfstream or Santa Anita:

I've watched every previous Sunshine Millions from the racebook at whichever Las Vegas casino was hosting the DRF/NTRA National Handicapping Championship, but this year I'll be at home, having flown back from the Red Rock to New York before the tournament even started because of a family illness. So my plan is to watch and live-blog the Magna 5 from home tomorrow. With any luck, Aqueduct will run its last live race as scheduled by 4:18 p.m., which -- at least in theory -- would allow the Nassau OTB channel to show all the races in the Magna 5 sequence. Here's hoping.

As for the NHC, Thomas Mooney is the early leader with an impressive unofficial Day One bankroll of $152. There's a link to updated tournament info here  and some video from TwinSpires here. Last year's winner, Richard Goodall, is currently in 38th place (of 302 finalists) at $83.40.


Prozac Jack More than 1 year ago
Hooray for the pick-5, the reason it took so long to be reduced to a $1.00 bet is a clear example of the "molasses" mind set that plague our racetracks across the nation.....
Flip Dawson More than 1 year ago
Steve, sorry you had to come back. Hope all is well at the compound. ----------------------------- To all bloggers here--you could do worse on Sat. than play PALLADIO in Race 10 at the Gulf.His # is 4, and Attfield trains. Roger usually places them where they can win. ML is 12-1. ----------------------------- Another spot play is Allan Garcia if he is on the lawn. Alas, he took the last race at GP today, and he just loves the turf. Rumour has it that he is out on the turf at night, picking dew worms for his second job. He rides nicely over the green, and is usually a price. ----------------------------- My cold tri today (Friday) had a scratch, so only two went into the gate. Yes, they still came in , paying $10.30. Another coldie again. ----------------------------- May try the Magna 5, but it looks like a lot of checking to do. ------------------------------ I sort of prefer spot plays, like repeaters, and the Secret Play. There should be some SP horses to be had. But stake race repeaters are my true love. Remember the momentum angle?? -----------------------------
SherpaGuide More than 1 year ago
It is about time the "magana 5" is a dollar play...now the little guy like me can take a shot. Interested to see what difference this will make in the pool size, I feel it will only increase.
william hendershaw More than 1 year ago
They eliminated the 500k guarentee so who knows what kind of pool we will have at a $1 today. I will bet 1/2 of my normal not more. I think they have ruined a great bet.
Evan Gewirtz More than 1 year ago
Steve, As I am sure you know, cablevision did not pre-empt the Magna5 with the RAI sea turtles, they simply did not have the prescience to show the 1st race in the sequence from Laurel. Yet another stroke of Cablevision brilliance.
ray flack More than 1 year ago
Congratulations to Flip Dawson on his big score. Nothing beats solid handicapping like "inside" information. Question is when do you take "inside" seriously and when not. Like all stories are local, all horserace information is "inside" at some point. Reminds me of the fella who told a tout he did not care if the next race coming up was "fixed." They don't know what I'm going to bet, he said.
Evan Gewirtz More than 1 year ago
Steve, I will not be playing the "5",however, I will be rooting for you and other "5" players to make it through the sequence without getting pre-emted by the RAI sea turtles. Good Luck.