01/01/2009 1:15AM

First Foolish Rule of 2009


Dunce5 Well, that didn't take long.

Click here -- Download 9 NYCRR section 5100 19  -- for the new rule released on New Year's Eve by the New York State Racing and Wagering Board, mandating that if you wait more than 10 days to cash a parimutuel ticket worth $300 or more, you have to cough up your name, address, date of birth and Social Security number to get your money.

The rule is intended to address the theoretical possibility that unscrupulous insiders could validate uncashed tickets. This is not known to be an actual problem, and the remedy imposes an unreasonable burden on a customer who places a bet on his way out of the track and comes back two weeks later expecting to cash it. Something like 90 days and $5,000 would have been more appropriate threshholds if such a measure were needed at all.

The New York Racing Association opposed the rule.

"[T]his rule is not about integrity," said Charlie Hayward, the NYRA CEO, in a statement. "It is further inconveniencing the customer who is fortunate enough to have placed a winning wager.  No other state in the country punishes its customers for holding on to a winning ticket for more than 10 days.  Given the current state of the industry and the economy in general, this new ruling could not have come at a worse time."

Happy New Year!

Richard R More than 1 year ago
There has to be some connection between this rule and known cheating by known cheaters. That being the case why not setup a "sting" and send the cheaters up the river (or down depending on where they become incarcerated) and stop harassing the honest customers with airport-mentality security measures. Don't be quick to jump on Hayward's bandwagon...so far he has been "all talk" and no walk. He wants to help the horseplayers, how about abolishing breakage? The ultimate package when it comes to cheating players.
C More than 1 year ago
The TV coverage of Gulfstream is so totally atrocious, I will not play the track again for the rest of the meet. Would it kill them to show some multirace Will-Pays like every other track in the country? They scrolled through the exacta will-pays 3-4 times before finally showing the doubles with about 3 minutes to post. I don't know why they even bothered at that point. Nice going, Frank.
Matt More than 1 year ago
I played Col John in the travers, have the wallpaper on my pc, and still can't believe I won that photo.
Jay Trotter More than 1 year ago
let's face it, the tellers and computer guys behind the scenes in NY are at the root cause of this rule... they have been cashing unclaimed tickets for years; however this is a b.s rule which impacts the most casual of fans...horrible ruling... aside, during college I worked as a teller at Rosecroft Raceway (just outside of DC) and the guys in the computer room got fired for cashing tickets that were about to hit the 1 year mark....they got me to cash a few tickets (they would just come up to you and tell you to punch this #s in and a voucher was needed) I refused to do it for them after I figured out what they were doing...glad they got fired... people will try to cheat by any means possible, that is the world we live in. instead of this stupid rule, nyra should investigate all employees at track and fire anyone that can be proven of any unscrupulous activity...
reb More than 1 year ago
is there anyone who speaks for the players. being only a degenerate horseplayer, not much in this game surprises me. but when the nyra uses words like, integrity, pretty sickening.
mike More than 1 year ago
Nice job by NYRA maintenance crew New Years Day with it's biggest crowd in a long time 14,536 . We know the wind was fierce but how could that entire card go in raw times 4 seconds(app20 lenghts) slower than normal. Maybe NYRA did not pay it's water bill. Asked one of the NYRA's exec's what with the painfully slow surface, got a blank stare!
Mr. B-52 More than 1 year ago
jeff_tatus: If you're playing at one of those dirty Tucson restaurant/bars with one SAM and one teller stuffed in the corner, uh, I mean OTB, you're already putting up with far worse than this rule will ever subject you to. Good luck and may God bless you. I stopped playing when it became a felony in AZ to bet online (a law far superior in terms of idiocy to this dinky NY rule, imo).
bochalls More than 1 year ago
Agree with everyone on this new NYRA rule. They are making it clear that they do not want us at the track... stay home and bet. I have become a home bettor, but must admit that I miss the OTB/on-track chatter and fans rooting home their horses (except you guys who shout for your horse from the moment they leave the gate!!!)...seems the hole deepens for TVG. All they have left is KEE, MTH, and OSA meet. Gotta think NY will be back on soon... despite their insane rules they do seem to keep their signal flowing. Luckily my cable provider has HRTV, and they carry NYRA, GP, and FG...lost a RUDE photo at AQU yesterday with a R Barbara horse at 20-1...now know how Mambo fans felt after the Travers...play FG! the racing is excellent.
g-biscuit More than 1 year ago
I just hope this foolishness doesn't spread to other states where thoroughbred racing exists. New York Racing used to be an industry leader; now it's a corrupt follower more intent on scrutinizing racing fans instead of setting up accountability measures on the people running the show. Another nail in the racing coffin.
gofor broke More than 1 year ago
I thought the Sirius horse racing show was very good today. The sport is as good as ever. I remember when I couldn't bet away from the track or OTB. It's much easier to bet now, and much more information is available. It's still a difficult game, but that's never going to change.