12/16/2010 6:42PM

Fair Grounds: Thursday wrap


Seven dirt races won by three speed horses, a presser, and two closers, so no strong bias. Still, from the race shape of a few heats, I'd say it was hardly a hindrance to be the right front-end type this afternoon.

The main track played slower than par, but not by much, and while still far from glib the surface wasn't nearly as slow as last racing week.

Two turf races, one won by presser Button Girl, who was 3-5, the other by 4-5 late-runner Stop Dat, who barely got up over a presser and the early leader. Turf times were about average with rail 10 feet outside "zero" position.

Weather today mostly clear, 73 degrees. Wind southwest (cross/tail) 8-14 mph.