02/25/2011 5:29PM

Fair Grounds: The DQ bettors didn't get to see


Of course nobody want to see a horse in an ugly spill, and it's fair for tracks to shelter fans from the tragic side of the sport when possible. But what about a spill that's part of an inquiry in which a horse is disqualified? Aren't bettors entitled to see why a horse on which they wagered either was or was not DQ'd even if it involves watching a horse go down? If there's particularly gruesome post-spill footage, why not cut the tape just after the foul?

The race prompting this rumination was the seventh, where Roll Me Away drifted over to the rail in deep stretch, taking away the path of favored Belend, who went down hard (reportedly had to be euthanized) and sent jockey Miguel Mena flying. There was an inquiry and a disqualification of Roll Me Away from second to last, but the incident never was shown during the inquiry, nor was the head-on view of the race made available during post-race replays.

A difficult situation, but personally, I'd err on the side of transparency.

Mena's agent, Fred Aime, said Mena walked back to the jockeys' room under his own power, and had the wind knocked out of him.