12/31/2010 1:17PM

Fair Grounds: A correction to Thursday's Inside Posting


Well, this is embarrassing. Pulling up past performances for FG horses this morning I was stunned to see Don Dulce getting a 66 Beyer Speed Figure for his win in Thursday's 8th race compared to a 77 for Daisy Devine, who won race 6. I posted about these two races yesterday, pointing out that Don Dulce's fine time of 1:42.77 for one mile 70 yards had blown away Daisy Devine's one mile 40 in 1:43.70. Except I was dead wrong about Don Dulce's time. The 1:42.77 actually was the one-mile split in that two-turn, 2yo maiden race, and Don Dulce's final time was a far more pedestrian 1:47.17. Mea culpa.

My excuse is a little flimsy, but worth noting: The FG video feed often cuts to the winner galloping out without showing a final time. There's a time on the video right after the horse crosses the finish, but that's the last fractional split before the final. Then, several moments later, all the fractions and the final flash onto the screen. My vid feed was slow and choppy Thursday, and I must have copied down that one-mile fraction just before the picture seized up.

Anyway, the correction is worth making since this is a hot time for 3yo prospects of 2011. Daisy Devine was coming off a $30K maiden-claiming score, and actually ran pretty well on the clock considering Thursday's dull racing strip in New Orleans.