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Evening Attire and Tacticianor, happy at Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue



Evening Attire (left), 13, and Tacticianor, 7, cut through fresh snow at Akindale Farm, in Pawling, New York, in January 2011.

As Saratoga prepares for mid-90 temperatures, racing fans countrywide try to beat the heat.  For fun, enjoy some cool photos of the beloved fan favorite Evening Attire and his half-brother Tacticianor ambling through knee-deep snow at Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue this past winter.  Special thanks to the great folk at Akindale, including Erin Pfister, Karin Millard and Stephanie Cowser, for helping out!

Above:  Evening Attire (1998, Black Tie Affair - Concolour, by Our Native), age 4, at trainer Pat Kelly's barn at Saratoga in 2002.  That autumn, he won the G1 Jockey Club Gold Cup.  Owned by Joe Grant (Grant Racing Stable) and Thomas J. Kelly, the rangy grey gelding won stakes races from age 3 through 10.  

His caring owners secured his future by sending him to Akindale, where he is now a happy pensioner.

Above left: Tacticianor (2004, by Tactical Cat) as a chestnut-coated colt, with his beautiful dam Concolour.  Above right:  Tacticianor wasn't much of a racehorse, earning ~$16,000 in 44 starts.  He's shown soon after being rescued from an Ohio auction house for $75.  When Tacticianor's former owner, and breeder, Joe Grant, learned of the horse's condition, he stepped in to help with costs.  Eventually, Tacticianor was shipped to Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue to live in comfort with his famous brother.   Thank you to Ms. Mandae Lewis, of Lewis Farm and Rescue, for the photo at right. Story:  www.drf.com/news/half-brother-evening-attire-rescued

Above:  Karin Millard leads Tacticianor to the paddock, as Erin Pfister and Evening Attire follow.  It's hard to even remember how cold that day felt...but it was, well, very cold!

Above:  Evening Attire can be, for lack of a better term, a pest.  Here, he plays sweet with his half-brother before deciding they should move out.  Below:  Evening Attire (halter) and Tacticianor pose for family photos.

Above:  Evening Attire, ready for mischief, cuts a path through the freshly fallen snow.

Above and below:  A new buddy soon joins the duo in the paddock.  Called Remington, the handsome dark bay Thoroughbred doesn't mind standing up to Evening Attire.

Above: Note a common theme in these four photos. Evening Attire, time and time again, just can't resist pestering his pasture mates.

Above:  Evening Attire surveys the view at Akindale Farm.

Above:  Evening Attire, his head completely submerged, playing snow angel.  Below, he does a sea monster imitation.

Above:  Evening Attire, quite pleased with himself after his cold roll.

Steppin' out:  At Akindale, Tacticianor can easily keep pace with Evening Attire.  

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Carolyn K More than 1 year ago
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the beautiful pics of one of my all time favorites! I was lucky enough to see Evening Attire run at the Spa several times, and man I am so happy to see him enjoying life at Akindale. He still looks gorgeous... Romp on buddy, romp on.
Annie More than 1 year ago
PLEASE, never stop with your pictures or comments. One person's opinion doesn't speak for everyone. How else will the public get their information if not for blogs like yours. Yours is the kind of places where horses ARE helped, through spreading their stories. On a better note, your photos are simply breath-taking. I love these of the brothers, together, and Remington with them. They show such joy!
Stellar Jayne More than 1 year ago
Hi Barbara, Oh, what gorgeous pictures of Evening Attire, Tacticianor and Remington having oodles of fun in the snow. I'm so happy to read of Tac's rescue. My God, his condition was so horrible, he looked like he was near death. He looks older than ET. I had visited Evening Attire at Akindale in July of 2009. He had been rolling in a mud puddle and sassy with his paddock mates that day also. He is just a big, beautiful clown. He was in no mood that day for his favorite type of apples, or peppermints. I loved him on the race track and love him in retirement, he is just a super personality. Akindale is a wonderful, wonderful place. I'm so happy the brothers are there together and enjoying life, playing, squealing, rolling around and teasing each other! Tell me, is D'Accord still alive? I visited him while there, he was a lovely old campaigner and son of Secretariat. Please keep these stories coming about our thoroughbred retirees and others who need a forever home. John Hettinger created a safe haven in Akindale for our four legged friends. There is no doubt in mind that he is in heaven.
Julie June Stewart More than 1 year ago
What a treat while most of the US is sweltering. I just love seeing how sassy and happy Evening Attire is. I was so lucky to see him race Belmont weekend in 2008. I started hearing about him at the track and was thrilled to see the love the NY crowd lavished on their beloved "ol geezer" who had so much personality while racing. I see he is still quite the "personality". Love it..... thank you Barbara.
SR Vegas More than 1 year ago
Barbara I think I just went to Horse Heaven :) These beautuful PGH romping in a field of white snow.. You know how to bring something special to the eye, and once again you do not dissapoint. Sigh.... to have such a talent. I am so HAPPY that DRF brought you on board, as you bring a unique and magical perspective that is not handicapping or wagering related. Thank you.
michelle More than 1 year ago
Hi again Barbara, I think alot of people jumped to conclusions on the whole matter. Don't let it discourage you from writing about what you want to. If you ever come out with a set of Christmas cards, the last picture of the two greys in the deep snow needs to be one of them. I'd love to hear how you get such nice contrast in the snow shots as well, as I have had many snow pictures turn out kind of washy.
Diana More than 1 year ago
Beautiful photos! You've captures the spirit and beauty of these horses and on a day when as had a heat index of 112 in Virginia it sure was great to see horses enjoying the snow!
michelle More than 1 year ago
Dear Barbara, I absolutely love your blog (and adore your photos.) The grays are gorgeous! Let me say this, though; while you did not use the word "rescue," the language that you used in the paragraph about Line of Thunder along with the fact that she was going to Aikindale Thoroughbred Rescue led people to believe that she was in need of rescue. The fact is that she was well cared-for and happy where she was. I personally fed that mare and gave her supplements many a day. To me, it sounds like there was quite a bit of miscommunication between all parties involved in this operation. What would have helped would be for Aikindale to step up and say that the horse was not in need of "rescue" as we traditionally think of the word, but that they were giving her a home in a locale where she could be easily visited by fans, as they did with several other notable horses. >
Dan and Gisela Kelly More than 1 year ago
Barbara, Those were awesome pictures. It's summer in Miami and we wish there was a way to import that snow down here about now! Evening Attire looks great. T J Kelly just went up to Saratoga this past Tuesday, I hope he drives down to see him and feed some apples and sugar. Have a great meet @ Saratoga, and take lots of pics. Dan (1 of T J's sons) and wife Gisela Kelly, Miami Springs, Fl.
laura More than 1 year ago
Keep the faith Barbara, your blog is one of the things I make time for! It isn't easy working under a dead line or time frame. You do all the research you can in the time you're given. I know this first hand. Can't wait for your next blog! >