04/17/2008 10:19PM

Epilogue: Multiple Choice


The following was posted on Keeneland's website Thursday night:

Notice Regarding Refund of Pick Six Tickets on Wednesday April 16

All patrons with non-winning tickets using No. 2 (Colin’s Princess) and/or No. 3 (Reachforthecastle) in the first leg (race four) of Keeneland’s Pick Six on Wednesday, April 16, are entitled to a refund under the rules of the bet. Both horses were scratched at the gate before wagering on the Pick Six closed. Conflicting information was communicated Wednesday and patrons have been unable to receive a refund.

Patrons holding tickets with Nos. 2 and/or 3 in the first leg should take their tickets to an information window at Keeneland or to the simulcast outlet where the tickets were purchased. If preferred, patrons can mail tickets--making copies for their records—to the Mutuel Department, Keeneland Association, P.O. Box 1690, Lexington, Kentucky 40588-1690.

Keeneland’s Pick Six rules have been amended to substitute the post time favorite for a scratched horse in any leg of the Pick Six. The rule change is effective immediately.

Keeneland apologizes for any confusion or inconvenience this situation may have caused.

Apology accepted, but I'm more confused than ever.

As of this moment, my NYRA One account balance reflects a debit of $672 for wagers on Wednesday's Keeneland pick six. All five tickets began "2,7" in the first leg. The #2 was one of the gate scratches and the #7 was the eventual winner and 6-5 post-time favorite after the scratch.

The largest of my five tickets ($256) included the next four winners, then two non-winners in the last leg. (The ticket was "2,7/1,6/3,5/1,7/1,5,8,9/1,6".) I was credited with $455.20 for this ticket, presumably reflecting 4 5-of-6 consos, which paid $113.80 apiece. For me to be credited with four rather than two consos, I had to have been credited with "wins" by both #2 and #7 in Leg 1, meaning that the scratched horse had in fact been replaced by the post-time favorite.

But if the above notice is being applied retroactively, what happens now? Multiple choice:

A)Nothing. I remain credited with four consos. (Bet: $672; Return: $455.20; Net loss: $216.20)

B)I get half of all my tickets refunded, which amounts to $336, and two consos totalling $217.60 on the $336 in live action. (Bet: $336 Return: $217.60 Net loss: $118.40)

C)Since the notice only says that "patrons with non-winning [emphasis mine] tickets using No. 2...." are entitled to refunds, I keep the $455.20-for-$256 return on the one so-called winning ticket and then also get a refund on half the four "non-winning" tickets -- half of $416, or $208. (Bet: $464; Return: $455.20; Net loss: $8.80)

D)None of the above.

I invite you to speculate on my financial fate, and I'll keep checking my account balance for any changes.

Mark the Shark More than 1 year ago
ATTENTION TVG ACCOUNT HOLDERS You are due a refund on the Pick 6 from KEE. I spoke to TVG Monday and they told me "No refund". Since I knew about this post on the KEE Website I called them. They said call back Wednesday. Just spoke to KEE and they said all ADW like TVG will be paid one refund check, which they can then credit to players' accounts. It is up to TVG, et. al. to do the math and go to the effort of requesting the refund. If you haven't received a refund from your ADW, get on them.
HARRY M LEONARD JR More than 1 year ago
Alan Grant More than 1 year ago
Update - I called njbets and they gave me credit for $48. It pays to read the blog. Thanks.
Alan Grant More than 1 year ago
Steve, Thus far, I did not receive credit for the following ticket that I placed online with NJbets: 2/5,11/3/5,7/3,9/1,6,7 Let me know if I should request a refund. Thanks.
Justin More than 1 year ago
Any Idea when NYRA is going to start taking deposits online. This calling for a deposit and being told, "FOR SOME REASON IT'S BUSIER THAN USUAL, COULD YOU TRY BACK IN 10 MINUTES". Everybody else lets you deposit online.
SFDan More than 1 year ago
Just returned from seeing "First Saturday in May" here in San Francisco and what a wonderful film it is - reminds me of what is great about the sport...then I get home and see the article regarding negotiations between members affiliated with the Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Group and TrackNet Media Group are at a stubborn impasse, and it reminds me of what is awful about the sport. So as of now, the Churchill Downs owned ADW will not be able to take wagers - how messed up is that - you can add in Xpressbet to that as well. Last year TVG and Youbet (in my opinion the best) were excluded - what is a horseplayer to do? This is insane! Have never been a Stronach fan to begin with (disposition of a rattlesnake, ruined Gulfstream, etc, etc), but am not sure how much of this is his fault (other than not working something out with Youbet or TVG). Anyway, I hope they get it figured out before it completely ruins my high from the movie!
george quinn More than 1 year ago
Flip Dawson cannot be a real person. He has to be a character made up by someone with to much time on their hands. George in Lexington Ky.
mdoheny More than 1 year ago
i agree with rawlawtd - it is crazy that NYRA cannot maintain a log of all of your bets (regardless of whether done over the phone or internet) and show the debits and credits. Was also wondering if anyone has problems with their phone operators? In my experience there are at least 15% of the operators who i just want to hang up on if i am going to be playing a multi-race bet. While i understand the logic of a few posters thinking the turf races will show a smaller decline than poly i am just not sure given i think alot of players like myself simply no longer look at the track after they have concluded they dont want to bet on polytrack. I know i spent alot more time on oaklawn and will now concentrate more on delaware/pimlico.
Stephen Taylor More than 1 year ago
Steve- Sorry about reposting this but put it at the end of a previous blog: Read your drf plus article about Derby qualifications, and totally agree about adding alsos. (The other option is to make it financialy unfeasible for a horse to scratch without a vet's ok, but what vet is gonna refuse a trainer who says his horse has a health issue) Couple of minor (or not so minor wrinkles) I'd like to suggest: 1st, go ahead and use the same point schedule as the Derby Fantasy Challenge with these wrinkles: First, the scale would be used as is only on 3 yo dirt (or synthetic) around 2 turns (or a mile-take your pick) which are open to horses of both sexes. All other graded races count 1/2 points (turf, sprints, 2yo races, graded fillie races, etc) That would mean (in theory at least) that the horses who've recently run well around
beerbelly More than 1 year ago
Reading the Keenland Pick 6 fiasco & the ensuing analysis should be required reading for all Guantanomo Bay interrogators & their guests. Stop the bellyaching...Belmont Park opens in 267 hours!