01/19/2014 1:26AM

Eclipse Awards Voting


 HALANDALE, Fla. -- Here are the 17 Eclipse Award winners that were announced at Gulfstream Park  Saturday night, ranked in order of the percentage of the vote each winner received in his or her division. There were 249 ballots cast but abstentions in many categories including 52 in the steeplechase division and 29 in the voting for apprentice jockey:

There were no real surprises among the winners, but I found some the margins of victory surprising at both ends of the scale.

The 2-year-old filly division was widely seen as a contentious one but it was an absolute runaway for She's a Tiger (212 votes) over Chriselliam (15) and Ria Antonia (10). The closest race turned out to be for 2-year-old male, with Shared Belief edging New Year's Day by a 115-99 tally.

Perhaps the most interesting totals were in the three categories where Wise Dan won. He was the most dominant winner of the nght in the Turf Male category, getting 243 of 249 votes (97.5 percent) and a handy Horse of the Year winner with 208 of 247 votes (84.2 percent), but he did not even get a majority of the votes while winning the Older Male title, which many voters believe should be awarded to a dirt horse, with just 123 of 249 votes (49.4 percent).

The human categories usually feature the closest races with votes dispersed among a wide range of candidates, but this year's winners were all clear-cut. It is extremely rare to see such lopsided totals in the Owner and Breeder categories, which this year were both taken by Ken & Sarah Ramsey, who got a whopping 95.5 percent of the Owner votes and 90.5 percent of the Breeder votes.

For a complete rundown of all first-, second- and third-place votes in all categories, you can go to www.ntra.com/eclipse_awards/files/Eclipse_Voting_2013_Results_Composite.pdf .

1971 Whippet More than 1 year ago
I wouldn't want to fault someone for their vote, no matter how frivolous. Not even Mr. LeBatard, if he would vote, should be condemned for another "pass". So, let me try something else: Let's let the fans vote. And, for every $5000 you wager during the year, you earn the right to place one vote in each category. And why not? Shouldn't the fans have an incentive to handicap, to watch, to review and, if they want, vote for an animal or person who inspired them with their performance? I wager a fair amount....and I think I've earned a vote. It might even make some people pay more attention to the game.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not for nothing, but if anyone abstains from a vote in a category, maybe they should have their vote taken away from them. I realize it sounds controversial and extreme, but if a voter can't bring themselves to care about voting in all of the categories which they've been charged with, maybe they're not knowledgeable enough about the sport itself to deserve a voice in its honorees.

[I abstained in two categories, apprentice and steeplechase, because I believe both should be decided by a committee rather than the group that votes for the other awards. It's not a matter of not 'caring" about those awards, but of using the abstention vote in an effort to bring about change. -SC]

ghost2_ More than 1 year ago
I have no problem with voters abstaining in categories where they feel that two horses (or people) are equal and they can't choose between them. Or occasionally a voter might want to abstain because s/he is biased or has a personal interest in a category and therefore should keep out of it.
Pom DeTerre More than 1 year ago
could not agree MORE. This is a privilege, not a right, and if the 20 or so people who don't care enough to exercise this privilege, which most definitely would impact some of the winners, throw them off the committee and replace them with horsemen/women who DO care and are willing to take the 10 minutes to cast a ballot. The ONLY acceptable excuse (other than being in hospital) for not casting a vote in any one or two categories- like the steeplechase- is lack of knowledge to make an informed decision. To simply NOT submit an entire ballot is just plain negligent, lazy, unconcerned and unfair to horses & humans in tight contention.
Jordan More than 1 year ago
Wow, found it interesting that if the winners in each division were determined by total votes instead of only first place votes, New Years Day would have been champ 2 year old and MMM would have been champ older male. The voting for older male appears to reflect a split between those voters that had no problem with voting for a turf runner in Wise Dan, who they made their first selection, and those that left Wise Dan off their ballot. Wise Dan had the most first place votes, but his totals for 2nd and 3rd were unusually low for a horse with such a first place advantage. It looks like the votes for Dan were all or nothing.
Tom Jicha More than 1 year ago
I abstained in steeplechase because I had not seen any of the candidates race and their PPs were similar. An uninformed vote is worse than no vote, in my opinion.