02/23/2012 10:00AM

DRF reporters and handicappers on Twitter


Many of Daily Racing Form's correspondents and handicappers across North America are now on Twitter. Follow them to get real-time handicapping information, the latest from the backstretch, morning workout reports, dispatches from the Kentucky Derby trail, and more -- right in your Twitter timeline.

You can also see these updates on the Inside Post widget to the right of the Top Stories section of the DRF.com home page.

Daily Racing Form on Twitter

Steve Andersen @DRFAndersen California, international
Ron Gierkink @DRFGierkink Toronto handicapper
David Grening @DRFGrening New York correspondent
Matt Hegarty @DRFHegarty Industry news
Marcus Hersh @DRFHersh Chicago, New Orleans, international
Byron King @DRFByronKing Kentucky handicapper
Dave Litfin @DRFLitfin New York handicapper
Marty McGee @DRFMcGee Kentucky correspondent
Glenye Cain Oakford @DRFOakford Bloodstock and auctions
Kenny Peck @DRFPeck New Jersey handicapper
Jay Privman @DRFPrivman National correspondent, Derby Watch
Mary Rampellini @DRFRampellini Mid-South correspondent
Mike Welsch @DRFWelsch Florida racing, Derby workouts
DRFDerby @DRFDerby Triple Crown news
DRFInsidePost @DRFInsidePost Latest headlines