07/27/2010 3:00PM

DRF Poll: Greatest female since 1960


This poll, as should be the fate of all pop polls, is now relegated to the paper shredder of history. Argue amongst yourselves, but do so with the facts at hand, which is why I'll keep these links to the past performances of the mares in question. And really, it's not like comparing apples and oranges. It's more like the diffrerence between diamonds, rubies and pearls.

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Blackseabass More than 1 year ago
YUWIPI , You think it would be sweet if everybody said good things about their favorite and not negative things about the others. LOL. What ? Do you think nobody remembers your posts from other blogs ! LOL. Kumbaya. LOL Anonymous ? I didn't know Joe Klein was a racing fan. LOL Goldikova gets beat quite regularly. LOL. It was all she could do to run down Courageous Cat. Who I happened to have and who payed 5 times what Goldikova did in the Place hole. Goldikova out closing ZENYATTA ? Don't make me laugh, my sides are starting to hurt. Hope you put some money on goldi at CD if she shows, JOE. Next time you write a book put your name on it !!! Even if its a pen name. Anonymous is a little wormy don't you think?
Meydan Rocks More than 1 year ago
OMG!!! Was LADY'S SECRET a WAR HORSE or what?!! I had NO idea. That being said, all these fillies are just priceless!!! Talk about an embarrassment of riches from which to choose from...
monty More than 1 year ago
I think after this years Breeders Cup in early Nov. at Churchill, we will all know what many of us on the west coast already know, and that is "Zenyatta" is the real, true champion, not Rachel Alexandra, or Lookin at Lucky ! The east coast writers/hdcp. bias is so strong, it is the only thing that can defeat the hose of the "century", "Zenyatta" ! I'll be rooting for "life at Ten" today, that's for sure ! Watch out Easteners, "Zenyatta" is coming, and she will run them all down in the stretch.
mityky More than 1 year ago
What about RAGS TO RICHES ??? She beat the great CURLIN.................
Cris More than 1 year ago
There have been several great female horses since 1960. I have seen a few, but the single greatest female horse I hope to see in 2010 is Zenyatta. She is remarkable. I find it an unhappy fact that so many spend so much of their time yelling at each other on these blogs instead of enjoying all the horses that are available to watch on TVG or you tube. We may never see another horse like her in our lifetime, I know I have never seen anything like her in my life. It is not my fault that CA races are on different types of track surfaces. That should not be held against her any more than dirt should be held against other horses.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Considering that there are probably a hundred horses stabled on the backside of Delmar alone that could beat a 94 Beyer, I think we need another choice besides Zenyatta. Despite Trevor's assertion that she is "undoubtedly the greatest race horse in the world." Goldikova would embarrass her at a mile on grass.Evo
Steve More than 1 year ago
yeah, but they wouldn't beat Zenyatta anyway. If the best horse in the race runs a 120 speed figure, she would run a 121 to beat them. She just does enough to win. Same thing as in the BC Classic. in her preps, she was ran like a 95. Then Gio Ponti runs a 110, and she just upped her game and beat it. it would be the same thing no matter who she faced in this era. Nobody can beat her on dirt or synthetics. She beat champion Ginger Punch like she was a claimer in her first start on dirt, her 4th career start no less, she beat a defending eclipse Champion.
monty More than 1 year ago
Zenyatta is not a grass horse, but Gio Ponti is and would beat your Goldikova ! Quit knocking the Queen she is the "real deal", like it or not !
John More than 1 year ago
Anonymous, Ruffian never broke any track records. She did, however, equal the track record for five and half furlongs at Belmont Park twice. Zenyatta, on the other hand, broke two track records and tied two others.
Reinier More than 1 year ago
I wonder what a poll asking "Who is the best horse regardless of gender since 1960" result in? I would be interested in whether people vote Zenyatta over horses like Cigar, Secretariat.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really think you have to look at the fact that Ruffian not only was undefeated prior to the match race, but the track records that were broken or equaled. That far surpasses only going undefeated.
Ron Zuercher More than 1 year ago
Jay, I just finished reading your article, "What makes the great ones great" Terriffic!!. THis is what I want to read in the DRF. An informative, educational, enlightening article. I learned a great deal about how horses are trained, trainers, horses, connections etc. These little tidbits are priceless!!!!. Thanks. What I do not want to read is "Zenyatta drew the two hole, the speed is outside of her, the rest of the field is blal blah blah." I can see that in the form. Nothing enlightening. When I was a novice, buying the hard copy of the DRF, the first place I used to read was the back page. It might have been you, Jon White, or others writing articles, but I learned something. I do not think anything has changed since then. The novice of today is starved, STARVED, for information that is not in the form, they, we, want knowledge from mentors. The DRF has changed its format, maybe they need to change their thinking also. The format won't get it done. For the DRF to remain in business they need to attract new speculators to buy their product. Pablum won't get it done. Neither will this new blog format. I do now where paragraphs should be and so does anyone intelligent enough to try to speculate on the races, but this is a complete turnoff to read what I have just written because of the run on run on run on run o ronronrornosnosnronosnr. But thanks for the excellent reporting and information. May your next wager be a winning one!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,By the way, I am a human "Morano II" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!