03/27/2014 3:37PM

DRF Bets holding first live-bankroll contest


A lot of the contest world will be focused on the Horse Player World Series in Las Vegas this weekend – but the best opportunity of all this weekend might be found online at DRFBets.com. So, whether you couldn’t make it to Vegas or are traveling home from The Orleans on Sunday, you’re going to want to take a look DRFBets’s first live-bankroll contest.

The contest costs $800 to play, but in value terms, you have a great chance to get all of that back and then some: $300 goes to the contest prize pool, and the other $500 functions as your live betting bank. You must make a minimum of 10 $50 wagers across three tracks – Aqueduct, Gulfstream, and Santa Anita. There is no limit to the number of wagers you can make, but you must make the minimum. Win/place/show/exacta/trifecta pools are all available to contestants. The field is limited to 75 players, with a limit of one entry per person, so a competitive field is ensured.

The best news about the contest is that all of the entry fees will get paid back in the form of seats. The top two finishers win entry into the National Handicapping Championship, and the third and fourth finishers win transferable half-packages (worth $4,999) to this year’s Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge. Why two half-packages instead of one full package? It’s a regulatory matter. In addition to the seats, there also is $5,000 in total prize money allocated from fifth place down to ninth – check out the rules for full details. Should the field not happen to fill – a possibility as of this writing – the contest will be a positive-expectation proposition, making it even more appealing.

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For players in the contest, it will be a long day of betting, but I see this as a positive. There’s a lot of action for your money, and you’ll have the three most interesting race cards from three different regions of the country to bet on. This ensures that almost all players will be able to find events worth swinging in, no matter what circuit they normally follow.

Live-bankroll contests differ from fixed-bankroll contests in that you are not limited to betting a certain amount per race. You can bet any amount above the minimum at any time. As contest director Josh Tepper said, “We wanted to create an online contest that mimicked an actual day at the track, like the BCBC, where contestants could weigh their opinions according to their strengths, even giving them the option of going all in on a horse they love or for various strategic reasons.”

Another advantage of live-bankroll events is that you have more of the wagering menu open to you. A lot of players, of course, focus their play more on exotic wagering than the win pool. These folks are at a bit of a disadvantage when the format is win-place only. However, in a live-bankroll contest, they are free to bet within the vertical pools as they would normally.

As always on DRFBets.com, if you bet $25 or more, you’re eligible for free classic past performances.

To reserve your seat, check out www.drf.com/store/DRF-Bets-Bankroll-Challenge.

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◗ There also is an NHCQualify contest happening Saturday. Given that it’s pretty much the best day of racing all year at Gulfstream and Fair Grounds, why not sign up and take a shot? Visit www.NHCQualify.com for details. Here are the races on offer (all times Eastern):

3:53  Gulfstream  9
4:10  Fair Grounds  6
4:26  Gulfsteam  10
5:00  Gulfstream  11
5:35  Gulfstream  12
5:50  Fair Grounds  9
6:00  Santa Anita  6
6:11  Gulfstream  13
6:25  Fair Grounds  10
6:48  Gulfstream  14
7:00  Santa Anita  8
7:10  Fair Grounds  11

Kamuela Impact More than 1 year ago
Where are the results? 72 hours have passed and why can't you cancel a contest wager without being disqualified? What if my horse pick is acting up or is all wet and I don't like the 1/9 odds?
mb More than 1 year ago
peter...second time im trying to register...was already an xpressbet customer...which means i get kicked over to them....wont except my registration...had to make 4 calls...pass along to the higher ups...needs to smoothed out...thanks...
Roger More than 1 year ago
Great Contest unless you live in New Jersey…..!!!!
Peter Fornatale More than 1 year ago
Ah, there is that. . .fortunately the NHCQualify and BCQualify contests can be played from all 50 states. As for living in New Jersey, you can always move across the river. . .
jtim11 More than 1 year ago
Its not all bad in new jersey ,you still have semi pro football in the nyjets ,and I heard the highway traffic is starting to get rolling again...
Ron Rios More than 1 year ago
2nd that Roger
Paul More than 1 year ago
Who would be foolish enough to schedule a horse racing tourney in Vegas while the Sweet Sixteen March Madness is going on?
Peter Fornatale More than 1 year ago
Uh, Paul, given the turnout I'd be careful about who is calling who a fool ;)
Nicholas Briglia More than 1 year ago
You know, the people with jobs, kids, responsibilities...800 dollars. Enough already.
Peter Fornatale More than 1 year ago
Nicholas, I chose to only post one of fifteen messages you inundated me with on this topic. There are many, many contests online and around the country that have less of a buy in that you can play in if you wish. To me, that's just one way to judge if I want to play in a tourney -- I love the DRFBets contest is 100% payback. This is the type of thing that should be encouraged by fans, even if they happen to be in lower income brackets. Perhaps if you wanted to be constructive, you could have suggested DRF also offer a lower money live bankroll event for players looking to get their feet wet in the format. Have a great day.