07/05/2008 7:08PM

Dinner Root


Have to take the family to dinner, so I'm taping the last three from Hollywood, where I'm alive halfway through the big pick-6 as follows. Feel free to root for or against:

1,3,7,9,10,12/5/5,7,9 (twice, due to late scratch)



Back later to wrap it all up.

turkoman1963 More than 1 year ago
Steve, Any comment on the pastposting that happened this week? Every time people try to defend the sport whether it's drugs, wacky inadequate payoffs or chicanery, something like this happens.
eddie saba More than 1 year ago
you need to wheel all horses in last leg of a pick six,,,,,,,,handicaping is overated,,,,,,,all wins the big ones,,,,love to hear from you,,,,,,enjoy your writing, make me laugh,,,,,fasteddie
kevroc More than 1 year ago
RE: Matt Haper Congrats on the multiple p4 tickets, sorry bout the p6.. how much would your p6 wager have cost? RE: Admiral Byrd Terrible DQ, yes I was biased because I ended up with 4 of 6 instead of 5 of 6 in the carry pool but, I really didnt think he was coming down when I watched the replays... I used to feel confident that I could make the right call on these things. Nowadays, I just pray.
George315 More than 1 year ago
Steve, I know this happens almost every week but I must bring this to EVERYONE's ATTENTION. Yet another travesty occured in the 10th at Belmont Sunday. After the horses crossed the line, a "Stewards Inquiry" appeared. I did have a 9-10-6-1 combination for $2. The unofficial order of finish was 6-9-10-1. I watched the replay and was elated to see that the 6 bulldozed and crushed the 1 at the sixteenth pole ( I felt terrible for the animal but happy for the parimutuel result)as he was looking for room. It was a "Proud Spell" blog deja vu. The 6 was best, but he annihalated the 1 as he searched for room. The 1 must've had a welt or a bruise the size of Montana on his side. Did the infraction cost him a placing? That would be a good debate as no one truly knows if he would've held off the 10 for third if he wasn't so violently smashed at the 1/16th pole. However, the fact that there was a fine generating infraction in this is race is not. I walked to the window, as the 3rd floor closes right after the 10th race and waited to cash my ticket. I was 1000000% sure a DQ was coming. Bamn, no change, have a good night, said Tom Durkin. How could Proud Spell come down and this horse not. I DARE ANYONE TO WATCH the replay of race 10 at Belmont on July 6th. The pan shot is scary. I was scared for the horse's health as I watched it. I was put up for a $4,184 P4 Friday (it was justifiable but not that clear). This was a no brainer. What are your thoughts? Anyone's thoughts? I after 20 years of playing horses, now truly believe that the stewards place who they want where they want if they have a choice. I used to believe that they are human and could make mistakes. That was REPULSIVE!!!! Spilled beans? Not really. $2,000 won't change my life or my horse life. If you placed 10000 horse players in the position of a steward for one day, all 10000 would've dq'ed the 6. Where is the consistency?????
buffalo joe More than 1 year ago
To george 315, I just watched the replay of Bel 10 on sun. I have a couple of comments. First WOOOOOOW!!! I have visited over 50 race tracks in the US and Canada, I have been to Aqueduct, but never to Belmont. TELL ME, IS IT POSSIBLE FOR THE STEWARDS TO GET FROM THEIR PERCH HIGH ABOVE HE TRACK TO THE GROUND LEVEL WITHOUT THEIR SEEING EYE DOGS??? Second how do you reprimand, fine or suspend a jockey, if you do not DQ him? That ride should not go unpunished, the horse did not pull him into the path of those outside him, (I blieve #'s 1 & 10). He had to jerk that horses head to do that, had he waited another second or 2 for the tiring #5 on the inside an hole the size of the Grand canyon opened on the inside and he wins without a problem and the result is probably same, only no controversy. But let me congratulate on the 4 dime score, Ihave not made a pick up like that since Chirst wore knickers, or maybe it was when he lost his sneakers, anyway nice going.
dk More than 1 year ago
George315 & Taylor, I did not see the race and of course NYRA no longer allows video replay, but I did check out the charts: Catty Madeline (winner) "was swung off the inside nearing ther furlong marker, gained clearance after bumping with Spa Princess and finished with a flourish..." Spa Princess (fourth) "underwent a wide journey was bumped by the winner midstretch..." Intoxicating Beauty (third) "Reserved while wide, was bothered at the eighth pole when the winner swung out, finished willingly therafter..." Seems to me, and the professional race chart caller, that the winner bothered not only one but two horses in the race, apparently, by physically busting his way off the inside to get a clearer outside run. The absoulte key thing to remember is that the winner was trained by Bruce Levine who fills the entry box year round and the fourth place horse who was bumped and cleared out is trained by Rodrigo Ubillo and ridden by Aldo Arboleda. If the connections were reversed the horse would have come down in 2 secs after the inquiry sign went up. You can count on it... A foul is a foul, yeah right... Come on Stewards - put it on the record why you decided this way. Was it just the end of a long weekedn or what ???
Dunque More than 1 year ago
The comments regarding BEL 10th Sunday are completely spot on. Catty Madeline absolutely hammered Spa Princess. I was 1000% certain we were looking at a DQ. How Catty Madeline stayed up and Proud Spell came down is inexplicable. How about, as a small measure, the stewards be required to explain their decision rationale after an inquiry or objection? I had no money on this race either but was appalled no change was made.
Tim More than 1 year ago
George- Dont feel bad, I needed the 9 horse (Ms Holden) for a score, more than 2.5K. I have been on a horrendous run and this one should have been put up to first for the infraction. Was Ms Holden the best? No. Did she have a perfect trip in a race full of horrible trips? Yes. But still, she rightfully finished 2nd and would have been put up if the stewards showed any level of consistency at what they do. I'm sick to my stomach over it... I was looking forward to the Saratoga meet to start as I live here, but not nearly as much. That hurt in a lot of ways. I should know better though, whoever said the sport of kings was honest and had any integrity?
TOM D. More than 1 year ago
Nyra stewards have some explaining to do. Coa made them look like fools Friday when they took down Admiral Bird. They bought that act? Reaction to Sundays last race was astounding! The anger that exploded! People were all bringing up how inconsistent they are. Who oversees these wonderful representatives of NYRA?
jim More than 1 year ago
i watched that race too. and during the stretch run i cringed when i saw that. that was not a brush. that had to knock the wind out of the one horse. for me i was sure they would take down the 6 and put up the 9. i had the 6 and 9 in my doubles but sure was shocked when they left it up...