09/18/2012 11:59PM

Delaware Co. Fair offers plenty of action


In a few short hours I will be on a plane headed to the Delaware County Fair. Few experiences compare to roaming the grounds at Delaware. I could spend an entire column on the sights and sounds, but instead I’ll provide something which hopefully offers more value: Analysis.

Delaware is offering multiple guaranteed wagers on their Wednesday and Thursday cards. Wednesday’s program features $25K and $50K pick four guarantees, while Thursday provides three promised pools: $25K pick three; $40K pick four; $60K pick four.

Below is a brief summary for each ticket. My full card analysis for Wednesday, additional video analysis and LIVE VIDEO can be found here. You won’t want to miss a minute of the action because the simulcast show with Sam McKee, Dave Bianconi and Ellie Sarama is first rate.

Live video for Thursday’s Jug Card is available here.


Race 6 – Start of $25,000 Pick Four

2,6,7 – 1,2,3 – 3 – 1,3,5,6 = $36 for $1 ticket

 The first leg is wide open on paper. I lean towards (2) MONEY AND ME on the post edge only. I’m using (6) ANDIE SOPHIA but worried whether her racing style will be hindered by the half-mile track and (7) DEWEY LANE, who gets a new driver and has shown speed. (8) MISTERY WOMAN looks interesting, but the post disadvantage looks tough to overcome; use on deep tickets.

Leg two seems like a battle between the three inside horses. It is truly going to come down to which horse gets the better trip. I can see (5) WHOTOOKSAM getting involved but won’t be using him.

(3) OASIS DREAM looks like a standout in the third leg. Sure, this filly could lose, but she looks like a legitimate 3-5 shot in my book.

The final leg could go a bunch of ways. I’ll spread wide with four and feel pretty confident.

Race 11 – Start of $50,000 Pick Four

1,3,4,5,9,10,11 – 7 – 5,7 – 2,4 = $28 for a $1 ticket

The first leg is truly a crapshoot. Anything could happen and with the later legs looking more predictable on paper, I’ll use a bunch and hope for the best price.

(7) AMERICAN JEWEL jumps off the page in the second leg. Unless she has the trip from hell, she should win.

I believe that (7) ECONOMY TERROR is the best filly in leg three, but the post could be an issue. For that reason, (5) DARENA HANOVER gets my top call. This Ron Burke trainee could steal the race on the engine.

(2) THAT FRISKE FEELIN & (4) FEELIN LIKA WINNER seem like the fastest of these 2-year-olds on paper. One of them should win unless something crazy happens.


 Race 6 - Start of $30,000 Pick Four

3,4,7,8 – 3,5 – 5 – 1,2,3,6 = $32 for a $1 ticket

There is certainly opportunity to get some value in the first leg. Morning line favorite (4) TURF BURNER has some pretty lines but hardly looks faster than some of the other contenders. (3) WUMIZOOMI has arguably been facing better and moves into the Virgil Morgan barn; adds Brennan, too. (7) ALLAMERICAN UNION & (8) BIG HARRY DEAL each merit a look despite their outside draws.

You can make a case for a quartet in the second split, but I’m going to draw the line at two on my main ticket. (3) MR I AM & (5) GUN SHOW seem to be a step faster than the rest when on their games.

Single time in leg three. If (5) DONTYOUFORGETIT minds his manners, and he usually does, it would be hard to see him losing..

Closing it out there appears to be four contenders and I’ll use them all. (1) JETSTREAM FRISKIE & (6) NOBLE TRICK deserve the edge if you are playing multiple tickets.

Race 11 - Start of $60,000 Pick Four

1,3,5 – 1,3,4,5,6,9 – 3,4 – 1,7 = $72 for a $1 ticket

There are two logical horses in the eleventh race – (5) FUSION MAN & (3) PRAYER SESSION. In addition, we have the crazy erratic (1) ONE IN A MILLION, who is as fast as the others but always breaks. Sometimes horses improve on this surface. He might be worth including.

The second leg features a tough to figure 10-horse field. I’m using a bunch and hoping for a longshot.

None of the horses in race 13 are sharper than (4) BOLT THE DUER. He gets the respect and top billing, but you have to include (3) MICHAELS POWER because he could easily steal this on the engine. I like (1) ESCAPE THE NEWS to get a piece at a price but not on the win end.

The last leg of this rich guarantee pits the top 3-year-old in the country, (7) A ROCKNROLL DANCE versus (1) SWEET LOU. Both connections have certainly been aiming for a big effort in this spot. Having seen them both compete throughout the year, I wouldn’t be shocked to see a grind it out effort from A Rocknroll Dance with the hopes of possibly winning heat one but definitely wearing them down in the second and third heats. This horse has guts.

Race 13 – Start of $25,000 Pick Three

3,4 – 1,7 – 1,2,3,10 = $16 for a $1 ticket

Good luck at Delaware!


Dale Tillotson More than 1 year ago
Calling races today at Saratoga Harness none other than Bob the bullet Meyer. Memories.
Dale Tillotson More than 1 year ago
I watched the broadcast from Foxwoods casino racebook. Great show and great broadcast. Kudos to Roger, Sam,Ellie,Jason, Derick, and the rest, SUPPPPPEEEERRRR SHHHHHOOOOOWWWWWW in the words of the GREAT ROGER HOUSTON.
Wayne Haehner More than 1 year ago
do you have to win twice to be declared the Jug winner? its not that way in the Jugette and i think the format has changed
Don Passidomo More than 1 year ago
HI Dick, find this confusing, Delaware Park? Does not compute, might be a good idea to identify the exact name of track for this column?
Jim Davey More than 1 year ago
Delaware County Fair. Little Brown Jug week, Jugette today. Think that says it all.
DrSmoke120 More than 1 year ago
Actually it is easy to ell the two apart. One is a classic venue that hosts a classic with a rich history in it's sport. The other is a casino with a racetrack out back
W.G. More than 1 year ago
Actually, Delaware Park has a lot of history to it as well as a T-Bred track long before it ever had slots. The place is one a lot of us would like to see get a chance to host the Breeders' Cup (it has a backyard that rivals Belmont Park) that can likely hold 55-60,000 for a BC there, even with slots.
Ponies Payme More than 1 year ago
You are talking to a guy who wagers on 3/5's. He wouldn't know "rich in history" if he was there to witness it. Let's say it..... We all want to. Anyone wo places oney on a harness race is a MO-RON. No rhyme. No reason. Just cheating.
rodrick More than 1 year ago
yea they never cheat in thoroughbreds do they ? pot meet kettle...oh wait i forgot you have class people like dutrow leading the way in your sport! moron is right...look in the mirror
DrSmoke120 More than 1 year ago
Yes, quite aware of what Del Park was, when I moved to the Del Valley out of college one of my first to do's was to go to Del Park, Brandywine and Liberty Bell. Sadly only Del Park survives and what is sad is what it could be. It has a classic grandstand and great grounds I agree. But the reality is, without slots the track would be gone and slots while helping Del Park killed Maryland racing.