08/07/2010 1:27PM

Del Mar: Saturday morning with Zenyatta


Zenyatta jogged a mile on Del Mar's Polytrack synthetic surface on Saturday morning, hours before she was scheduled to start in the $300,000 Clement Hirsch Stakes.

Shirreffs said repeatedly in the build-up to Saturday's race that he would withdrawn Zenyatta from the Hirsch if he was unhappy with the condition of the course, but he indicated on Saturday morning that she would start.

Unbeaten in 17 races, Zenyatta jogged shortly after 9 a.m., at a time when trainer John Shirreffs said he was more content with the condition of the surface than he had been earlier in the morning. At the start of training, Shirreffs and other trainers expressed concern about the dry nature of the course, which resulted in the application of considerable water during the 7:30 a.m. renovation break, according to track superintendent Richard Tedesco.

"It seems better now," Shirreffs said. "What they've done seems to have helped. It should get better as the day goes on."

Zenyatta was given light exercise on Saturday morning. "We just wanted to get her out and make her think that she did something," Shirreffs said.

Tedesco said the sand and fiber of the track "had a little separation" early Saturday, which required more water during the renovation. Tedesco visited with Shirreffs at the trainer's stable for 10 minutes after training on Saturday morning.

Post time for the Hirsch is scheduled for 6:05 p.m., Pacific.