09/06/2010 6:57PM

Del Mar: Menace to Society


Really, what's it going to take to rule off jockey Christian Santiago Reyes for a good long time? A horrible accident? He came darn close to causing one, yet again, in today's sixth race, when he ran Streets of Heaven up on the heels of Lucius Antonius turning into the stretch, causing Streets of Heaven to bobble badly. Fortunately, he stayed on his feet, because there were horses right behind him who would have been in a bad spot. Patrick Valenzuela, on Lucius Antonius, looked back right after he was clipped, as if to say, "Anyone get the number of that car?" Reyes already has, oh, 467 days of suspensions pending because of an abuse of the system, in which he continually gets injunctions and keeps on riding. He's a bad accident waiting to happen.