12/30/2008 1:53PM

Days Dwindle Down


Leapyear Here we are on the 365th day of the year, but since 2008's a leap year we've got one more to go, so tomorrow's the day that any carryovers have a mandatory payout. We couldn't get the 20-day Hawthorne pool to carry past Saturday, and Santa Anita's was hit yesterday on a special Monday program, but at least there's a $30k carry at Aqueduct tomorrow that has to be disbursed whether or not anyone picks all six.

The Aqueduct carry runs through the semi-traditional New Year's Eve feature, the 13-furlong Gallant Fox Handicap. There's a little more long-distance form than usual to go on this year, thanks to some new and repositioned races that were designed to create a path to the inaugural Breeders' Cup Marathon. Front-running Delosvientos, the 8-5 Gallant Fox favorite, won three 12-furlong races this summer including the newly-lengthened G2 Brooklyn and the Point Given at Monmouth. Jade's Revenge (8-1) won Keeneland's extended 13-furlong Fort Harrod and was second to Big Booster in Hollywood's 13-furlong Gallant Man. Lorccan, Lord Kipling and Critical Acclaim come into the race off the local prep, the 13-fuirlong Coyote Lakes Dec. 3.

Here's the Aqueduct pick-6 lineup:

Race 4: 2M NYB MdSpWt, 1m+70y -- Field of 10, 3 AE's

Race 5: 3+ StAlw Clm50k+Nw1x, 6f -- Field of 11

Race 6: 3+ Clm30k, 6f -- Field of 12 (1 entry)

Race 7: 3+ AlwN2x/OC50k, 6f -- Field of 11 (2 entries)

Race 8: 3+ Gallent Fox, 13f -- Field of 10 (1 entry)

Race 9: 3+F NY MdCl25k, 6f -- Field of 12 + 2 AE's

The sequence is scheduled to start at 1:52 p.m.


 --Instead of playing the Santa Anita carryover yesterday, I won $35,000 by finishing third in a 216-player, $2,000 buy-in no-limit Hold'em poker tournament. Unfortunately, this happened not in the real world but on the Playstation 3 game "World Series of Poker: Battle for the Bracelets." At least I don't have to pay taxes on my "winnings."

After swearing off PC gaming after blowing up two video cards on the Dell laptop this month, I went with the PS3 over xBox and Nintendo primarily because the PS3 also functions as a Blu-Ray disc player, and once you've seen Blu-Ray DVD's on a 1080p HDTV, it's hard to go back.

Other than Gallop Racer, are there any decent horse-racing games for the Playstation? 

UncleHulka More than 1 year ago
Alex had it right. Go to ebay and buy a Sega Saturn and a copy of Winning Post. Funny thing is that the game will probably cost you more than the system, as it is quite rare. 13 years later, this is still far and away the best horse racing game you will find in English.
David_A More than 1 year ago
I've played just about every horse racing game in existence and by far the best one I've come across is The Racing Breed for PC. I'll admit the graphics may leave something to be desired but it is extremely well-researched and true to life. The game features actual U.S. sires and a racing calendar that is remarkably similar to an actual North American racing season. Check it out at http://www.theracingbreed.com
Jonathan More than 1 year ago
Steve wrote: "so tomorrow's the day that any carryovers have a mandatory payout". Just curious, that being the case, what would happen to the "mandatory" payout if there was a carryover, but due to weather or some other event, the track had to cancel racing Dec. 31?
Larry Thiel More than 1 year ago
"stable masters" can entertain you for a long time. but once you can play twinspires a video game just doesn't cut it.
Sunday89 More than 1 year ago
Can't play ps2 games on the ps3...I have the ps3 as well. So we need gallop racer to come out with a ps3 version.
Charlie More than 1 year ago
Steve, I just wanted to say thanks. I finally read your book, and all of the examples of what you shouldn't do...fit me perfectly. I finished it yesterday, and today I hit a small pick 3 that I still would've hit before, but I spent half of what I would've spent before I read your book.
richiebee More than 1 year ago
Is there any way we can get a head to head battle between Prozac Jack and the erstwhile Flipper Dawson? Have they ever been seen in the same place together? Note to Prozac: If you need a racecaller to make the races exciting for you (a) you are not betting enough or (b) you need to change your medication regimen.
callmetony More than 1 year ago
Steve happy new year !!!! U had me going there for a minute . I was like he hit another 35K now playing poker ?? Wow is this cat lucky or what ? Then I read on . Funny . Over this past year we've all really enjoyed your bloging keep it going it keeps us going. May 2009 be the best year for you and your family . All the best and see u @ the spa . How many days till saratoga ? I might have to take a Gulfstream Vacation to make it go faster .... Keep on Keeping on
Pru More than 1 year ago
Stable Masters from 2001 for windows is an interesting game, but European based. I still keep my 6 year old Dell laptop from college with the sole purpose to play this game. Game basically allows you to be a owner/trainer combo simulation where you pick your horse's spots. Interestingly enough it has improved my Euro import handicapping over the years and was very useful in this years Breeder's Cup. Big A card looks pretty tough tomorrow mandatory payout or not.
Alex More than 1 year ago
Hey El Angelo, Steve & Sero - The greatest horse racing game I've ever come across was "Winning Post" from Sega Saturn. My brother and I used to switch off for a week straight on running the stable and placing our horses into their respective races. The Sega Saturn was ready to explode by the time our week vacation ended! lol. We also managed our own farm, including mating decisions, broodmare band & Auction sellers and purchases. This game is based out in Japan, and has the actual races that are scheduled over there inputed into this game! Such as the Japan Cup, Derby, Arima Kinen, Spring/Autumn Tenno sho The main objective is to get a superior horse to enter the Arc' (which in the game they call the Grand Prix of Paris). With the subsequent Winning Post games that have come out, you've need to purchase a converter unit, which decodes the language from Japanese to English. Unfortunately I've given up on figuring this thing out as this was about 5 years ago. But since I saw this subject, I'm going to see if they've converted any of the newest Winning Post to English, b/c I've been dying for a decent Horse Racing game. When I purhcased the BC World Championships, I was supremely disappointed. It's amazing how the Japanese created a video game which I played back in 97' is still by far and away advanced then our American counterparts as far as what's needed in a video game. Oh btw, in the very first Winning Post, you weren't able to ride the horses, but you managed them and were able to make exacta, win, place and show wagers. I think trifecta as well. And the purses that you run for over there is amazing! Makes me want to move there to run a horse. If any of you can, Purchase a used Sega Saturn and buy the american version of Winning Post, and you won't be disappointed. I guarantee it!