05/22/2010 2:08PM

A Day in the Life


Apropos of Opening Day at the Monmouth Park mega-purse meeting, here's a snapshot of the prize money available at the 33 U.S. tracks offering thoroughbred and/or quarterhorse racing today:

No one-day snapshot is going to be entirely fair, but at least today there are no huge events or Grade 1 races to skew the totals. A few notes:

*I broke down the data by both all-races and non-stakes races because of the obvious distorting effect that a stakes-rich card can have on the totals. Louisiana Downs, for example, is presenting eight stakes races worth a combined $600,000 today, and two-thirds of Arlington's $480k in purses today comes from the $200k American Guineas and the $100k Arlington Classic. Neither track would be in the top five on a typical Saturday.

*Monmouth is offering only 4.1 percent of today's races but 12.1 percent of the total prize money. That gap will be even wider on some Fridays and Sundays when Monmouth will be offering around $1 million in purses.

*Stakes races account for 9.1 percent of today's races but 30.2 percent of the total prize money. These totals are probably understated today, a somewhat unusual Saturday in that the richest race in the country is "only" $200k.

trkuzdal More than 1 year ago
These inflated puses at MP remind me of Robert Brennan's raid on the classics with the money tossed into a Jersey Derby pot. And we see where GS went (not so sure about Brennan). Racinos seem like an obvious and quick fix but, when there's a slot machine every 50 miles, there's not much excitement there, either. No one is going to build palaces for horse racing when there's only 3 days of racing during the best weather in that region. I would have thought that racing leadership would be different from today's standoff betwen Dems and the GOP but that's not the case. Everybody has to grab what they can; maybe a few more track closures (Suffolk, Turfway, Ellis, River) will get someone's attention.
C More than 1 year ago
"Factor in the possibility of a boutique meet of autumn racing at Atlantic City..." Have you ever actually been to the dump known as AC Racecourse? They would need to invest tens of millions to even make it Philly-park-level respectable.
george quinn More than 1 year ago
For anyone waiting for the Racino to build and save Aqueduct. Look at the field sizes at Deleware Park. The grounds have been upgraded big time. But they still have 70 horses for 9 races daily. George in Tampa
The_Knight_Sky racing More than 1 year ago
C wrote: Have you ever actually been to the dump known as AC Racecourse? They would need to invest tens of millions to even make it Philly-park-level respectable. __________ Yes. I have. I recently covered a day at historic Aycee and posted images of my trip to Hamilton Township. And it is precisely up to Greenwood Racing to make the necessary improvements to the buildings and grounds. They are the owners of a racetrack and they are responsible for putting on a good show for the public.
mike laz More than 1 year ago
MONMOUTH PARK is trying to change things in this game that we all love. and as for those slots at the big A they are not the answer to your problems. within a few years there will be slots in every state and almost every city in this country. over population will kill them too...
beerbelly More than 1 year ago
Belmont handle Sat 05/22: $11,926,972 Belmont handle Sun 05/23: $7,792,535 Monmouth handle Sat 05/22: $9,357,444 Monmouth handle Sun 05/23: $7,046,389 During NYRA's darkest hour (field size, quality of racing, purses) Belmont still outhandles Monmouth $19,719,507 to $16,403,833. Once the state & NYRA muddle through their seemingly insurmountable problems the future of quality racing will always be BEL & SPA. The Jersey shore is a nice distraction. Belmont & Saratoga remain - a reason to get up in the morning.
tmarin More than 1 year ago
When will NYRA wake up and lower their minimums on their pick-4s. Tried to bet the Monmouth pick-5 today with a minimum bet of 50 cents but NYRA's minimum is $1.00 so they lost ny business. High minimums cater to the big fish and is no way to grow the sport.
dogs up More than 1 year ago
I had great confidence in the integrity of MP racing. Punted Saturday and Sun.They will get my racing dollar. Can't wait til the weekends.
Dakin More than 1 year ago
Many posters have recommended reducing the number of days NYRA runs to obtain bigger fields and more quality racing. Just a gentle reminder-- NYRA has statutory requirements from New york State that requires it to run the number of days it does. Their schedule is built around what revenue the state needs, not the quality and quanity of the product.
Phil in Canada More than 1 year ago
Why not include Woodbine which had purses of $518,365 CDN for 10 races) or $492,000 US. which would put it third on the list. Also, in the Purse Value Index for NA tracks in 2009 Woodbine is second at 64 behind only Del Mar at 66. [I included only US tracks, but there was Canadian racing last Saturday at Assiniboia, Hastings, Lethbridge and Woodbine.]