07/30/2010 5:06PM

Day 7: 7/30/10


4:30 pm: Hope you took the over on today's travel time. Crawled up the Cross Island. Wilted on the Whitestone. Twenty minute wait just to get through the Albany tollbooths. At least the two best greyhounds in the whole wide world took it a lot better than I did, and are now happily exploring their new home for the next five weeks while I try to get caught up on Day 7.

Filed a Sunday column before I left, expressing the hope that Rachel Alexandra would finally run in a Grade 1 race this year and go in the Personal Ensign Aug. 29 -- and arrived to find that very plan was announced this morning without my help. Great news but I'm not sure I'll get to see it live and in person: We give back the house that morning after the Travers, and this year's landlord has another tenant coming in at 3 pm that day.

So the early double I missed paid $13.20 to those combining Unaccountable ($3.70) with the very cleverly-named Moshe Diane ($7.20). It was clever enough for owner-breeder John Berendt to name a daughter of the one-eyed Pollard's Vision after the late eyepatch-wearing Israeli military leader Moshe Dayan, but then reader Irv pointed out a second layer: Moshe Diane is a daughter of Lady Mondegreen, and a mondegreen is a misheard homonym, like Mairzy Doates for "mares eat oats," or "Gladly the Cross-Eyed Bear" for "Gladly the cross I'd bear" -- or Diane for Dayan.

The third went to Persistently, the Phipps filly who was second in the 2008 Matron and Frizette but just 1 for 8 since. The nine-furlong N2x race for older fillies drew just four starters and was odd in two respects: All four led at some point during the race, and the toteboard showed a 7-5, an 8-5 and a 9-5 shot in the same race.


6:00 pm: Looks like the commenting function is now working at least for yesterday's and today's posts. The ones from the first few days up here should be restored soon.

Great finish in the 6th race, with Arch Support grimly hanging on against a swarm of closers. The first five finishers were just three-quarters of a length apart and the first eight under the wire were separated by less than two lengths.

Given that, the six-furlong fraction for the race and the final 5-16th's time it implies seem particularly unbelievable. If Arch Support really went the first 6f in 1:15.59 and stopped the timer in 1:44.45, that means she came home in 28.86 and six others finished up even faster. These are 2-year-old fillies, six of them first-time starters. Not buying.


 7:15 pm: Person of Interest, 2-1 favorite in the nightcap win pool and the only pick-6 will-pay under $10k, scratched at the gate. The second shortest pick-6 was the $10,494 to the victorious Bishop of Nola, but you didn't get scratched into the winner in either the pick-4 or pick-6 because AE Soldier Field was the 2-1 post-time favorite. Before the scratch, the pick-6 to Soldier Field was paying $28k to two potential winners, but after the scratch the eight live tickets to person of Interest were transferred to him so the payoff would have been just $5247.

I'll be doing Talking Horses in the Saratoga Carousel at 11:45 a.m. for Saturday's Diana/Jim Dandy card (and Sunday too.)  Streaming video available at this link and I'll see you back here shortly thereafter.

Jeff T. More than 1 year ago
Yes... we have the blogs back. Thanks Steve for gutting it out with the technology providers. It's tougher getting the technology correct than it is to hit a Pick 6.
positve pace projection More than 1 year ago
Pace makes the race. Tough spot for Rachel if Life At Ten goes there. What a spot for Zenyatta. Showdown City!!! Will the racing Gods make it happen? PLZ, PLZ, PLZ
Toones More than 1 year ago
Absolutely love this blog. For this Saratoga horseracing enthusiast, it puts me in Saratoga Springs from opening day until the Travers. I enjoy reading the pick 4 and pick 6 stories so much. I will never forget the $100,000 pick 6 you just missed last year-I played that pick 6 too but was out after the 10-1 Mott horse won. I will be in Saratoga next weekend with my buddy Nick. I am going to blog about our little trip-detailing our food and betting choices. I tried to enter the handicapping tournament on Wed and Thurs, but I should have known to enter earlier, as it is already filled up. I can't wait to drink a bottle of wine at One Caroline or Il Fiorno after the races. Hopefully, we will be successful betting. I will have to try and catch Talking Horses when I get out there.
ponyman More than 1 year ago
Place track conditions along with upcoming races on front page--hope this get through--seeing if I can join blog now
terry More than 1 year ago
Steve, Follow tobatotb directions. I stumbled upon this route many years ago. It is the best way to avoid the Albany toll booths and the large amount of traffic on the Northway right around Albany. This route can also be used going home but you have to be careful not to go to the Mass Pike instead of the Thruway.
Mark More than 1 year ago
Your greyhounds composure is remarkable. They say it's a dog's life but a season in Saratoga speaks for itself. Congratulations and frequent big balloons.
Vincenzo More than 1 year ago
Dutrow horse scratched at the gate in the last!? What a surprise! Remember when they ran horses on hay, oats and water. Today it's the "supplement" du jour. This is my 45th year at Saratoga. It's great to see the likes of Bill Mott and Barclay Tagg still going strong. But too many question marks today. To understand, look at 7/29 6th at Saratoga. Last time this horse ran in a race going 1:10, he ran 21+ lengths behind. Yesterday he wins for fun by 3. What's up with that? Must be getting better oats?????????
henry b More than 1 year ago
I believe the exacta in the 7th race came back a little lite. Although it was only a six horse field. any thoughts?emporium p
tony v More than 1 year ago
steve , if you turn on the gps it will tell you to take exit 23 . I always come up that way now . Its also good to avoid the toll booth at 24 on the way home too . And better yet you can't make the mistake and head to buffalo by going that way . Ha
JC More than 1 year ago
Steve, What's the latest on getting conso payouts on P4s for late scratches? Burned by the late scratch in the last race after catching a good price in the feature (where the favorite also was a late scratch). Even if technology isn't there for alternate selections, at least we can have the same rules as the P3. What's the hold up? Another frustrating rule that drives horse players out of the game. [There's no proposal on anyone's table because there's no consensus on the best way to handle this. I've heard different players say that when there's a p4 scratch, they want a)to get switched to the pt fave, b)switched to the shortest-priced horse they don't already have (a la Hong Kong), c)a conso or d)a refund. What's most annoying in the current set-up is that in most places, you get consos in DD's and p-3's and switch-to-pt-fave in p-4 and p-6, which confuses everyone. -SC]