08/30/2009 2:34PM

Day 29: 8/30/09


80mph2:33 pm: Late getaway, then flew down the Thruway. But for a 20-minute wait at the Whitestone and a rubberneckers' convention on the Cross Island, there wouldashouldacoulda been a new course record. To the guy at the Mobil station on Broadway this morning who wanted inside info on whether I thought I would make it in four hours today: 3:42. Told you.

Guess you don't need me to tell you at this late hour that races 7,8 and 11 are off the turf, and that that the 4th and 9th are still on grass, though the latter's been switched to the Mellon course.

And I guess those cars aren't going to unpack themselves. Back later on for the Personal Ensign.

5:00 pm: While I was out: Bruce Levine snapped his 0-for-40 streak at the meet winning the 5th with Soda Pop Kid ($6.80), and Todd Pletcher edged ahead of Linda Rice by a 15-14 count in the trainer standings after winning the 6th with Frame of Reference ($5.60).

Just checked yesterday's preliminary Beyers for the Saratoga stakes: Summer Bird (Travers) - 110; Music Note (Ballerina) - 107; Sara Louise (Victory Ride) - 104; VIneyard Haven/Capt. Candyman Can (King's Bishop) -103;  Salve Germania (Ballston Spa) -100.

It's worth noting that while the final time of the Ballerina was about a length and a half better than the King's Bishop, Vineyard Haven ran a significantly faster opening half-mile (44.64 vs. 45.76).

6:15 pm: The way that Icon Project just blew open the G1 Personal Ensign by 13 3/4 lengths, you have to think she might belong in that proposed dream-Beldame along with Rachel Alexandra, Zenyatta and Careless Jewel.

The 4-year-old Empire Maker filly was just 2 for 8 on the grass in Europe and here before being rained into a dirt debut in the New York at Belmont June 20, where she blitzed off-the-grass fillies by 13 1/4 lengths. Last time out she got stuck behind Swift Temper's slow pace and settled for second in the Delaware Handicap, but today she reversed that decision and then some, trouncing five dirt graded-stakes winners.

Only one uncovered horse in the pick-6 -- first-timer Angioletta -- and it's paying only $1836 with the current 2-1 favorite, Linda Rice first-timer Stellaluce.

6:28 pm: Angioletta just unseated her rider and has been scratched. Not even a prayer of a carryover....

6:35 pm: ...even with 16-1 Contessa firster Valuable Lady wiring the field as well-meant 8-5 Stellaluce settled for second and the Pick-6 paid $35,637 intead of $1836.

IronFrog More than 1 year ago
In response to keyfig : I too would love to see a tool to help us in our hedging of bets. I'm a moderate player with some knowledge, but I was sweating bullets on Saturday after I hit Salve Germania in the Pick 4, I figured I should be doing something here. I hit it anyways but I was nervous! I did hear the announcement about FTL only because I happened to be in my seat in the Clubhouse. Why can't they put something permanent on the screen like a small capital L next to his name?
Jeff Tatus More than 1 year ago
I cannot understand how fair it was to make a late announcement on the German filly Salve Germania. There was nothing in the Form or program to suggest Lasix being given to Salve Germania and it is patently unfair for people in simulcast OTB's (watching 7 tracks on only 2 TV's) to pick up that tidbit of valid info. Maybe many of you were informed in NY but I would bet the payoff in the Pick 4 that at least 50% of the participants didn't know about the FTL on the #8. What a game...
Wayne80 More than 1 year ago
I just checked my sheet and had the first time lasix information at 1030 am when I was handicapping. Not sure if I got if from my pp's or from the NYRA website changes since I deleted the pp's, but it is clearly inexcusable that this was not announced earlier.
micclay More than 1 year ago
The stewards gave Garcia 7 days for the ride on Vineyard Haven on Saturday. Of course garcia appealed so he can ride out saratoga. Garcia deserved the days. Careless continued left hand whip on VH. The appeal is a joke. When the appeal is found to stand increase the days or fine. Send a message. Maybe not for the ride as much as playing the appeals game.
Wayne80 More than 1 year ago
CJ, I rarely defend NYRA, in fact Steve has had to edit some of my anti nyra comments in the past, but today I must defend them. First, they absolutely did the right thing carding six turf races. The forecast at the time they took entries was just fine, and you want as much turf racing as possible on your big day. Second, if NYRA had left the races on the turf, then had to take them off later in the card, after the multi race exotics had begun, would this not have been unfair to the same bettors you are claiming to defend as well as the trainers and owners who you do not care about (but who provide the horses on which you gamble, and without whom there would also be no game)? The main track only horses would be gone and you would have been left with tiny fields and ruined the exotics in the process. In addition, I found your original post a tad hypocritical, first trashing NYRA by claiming that you could determine on your TV screen that the course was just fine and dandy, then in the same post claiming a field of proven graded stakes quality fillies were no better than claimers because they ran so slow over that perfectly fine turf course. Isn't there just a chance that the course condition was not as good as you claim, and that the slow time was at least in part attributable to the condition of the course? In summary, NYRA did the best they could in the worst of circumstances, it is not their fault it rained.
callmetony More than 1 year ago
Andy Scog I agree I was sitting in the clubhouse when Durkin announced 1st x lasix on the 8 . Then as they were getting in the gate the horse was going nuts . you could see he juiced up to the max . Now many people including friends in the lawn had no idea of durkins announcement. Of course with the sound system they got who could hear it . One more thing today it comes out Garcia gets days for the left hand whip on Sat . but oh he can wait to serve because he;s competing for a rider title . Its all such a joke . It's a sport I love but it's also a sport where the rules change daily . Makes it even harder to win at this game .
law1701 More than 1 year ago
Cacambo My Ma once hit Pick 6 at Canterbury for $100. I never hear the end of it. Kinda like my Pa's hole in one where he hit a worm burner 95 yards and miraculously takes left handed turn to find the hole. The good life.
bochalls More than 1 year ago
...by the way, the Will Allyn horse in R2 today has been beaten a combined 275.75 lengths in her 8 starts. She coulda done that in 2 starts behind Rachel A.
bochalls More than 1 year ago
Well Steve, Cocoa Beach and Indian Blessing went down...and furthermore, Unbridled Belle stopped to a walk in Personal Ensign. That is enough evidence for me to keep supporitng my "mare goin bad" angle... Finally got right at the Spa on Saturday after belatedly gettin on the bin Suroor train. Good Lord is that outfit hot....Saeed I said!
Robertthom More than 1 year ago
Can't resist pointing out that after the Travers Day extravaganza it was back to reality for Sar on Sunday. The card at Mth was better.