08/27/2009 11:20AM

Day 26: 8/27/09


12:20 pm: Sunny, mild, fast and firm at Saratoga for Day 26, but the forecast is iffy for Travers Day: with Friday-night showers and Saturday rain supposedly on tap.

As for today's card, the feature is the New York Turf Writers Handicap, a 19-furlong steeplechase being run as the third of nine, and the last five races are all on the turf. I'm passing the early races, might fool around in the late pick-4, and may skip the nightcap to get an early start on the annual visit to the Washington County Fair.

2:20 pm: You just saw why I passed on playing the early pick-4: Spy in the Sky ($43.00), the longest shot and most implausible entrant in the NYTW Steeplechase, won by 10 1/2 lengths in a race that should have been carded as the first of the day to minimize its impact on multirace wagers. Congrats if you hit the all button.

I already said this below, but since commenters keep asking: No, I'm not getting seriously involved in the $777k Del Mar carryover today unless one of my friends who follows that circuit closely wants to sell me a slice of his ticket for karma or rooting action. I might be more interested if it were a Saturday card with multiple stakes races and horses I follow, but life's too short for me to start exploring the mysteries of synthetic-track racing among California's $10k platers and statebred maiden-claimers on a one-shot basis.

If you regularly play California, it may be worth getting involved today, even if you're not usually a pick-6 player. The idea isn't that you're going to out-handicap the syndicates making huge investments, but that if it's a logical, chalky sequence, it could pay a lot more than it should.

3:30 pm:  Congratulations if you had the $78,316 early pick-4 of winners who paid $21.40, $43.00, $17.40 and $32.40 (a $68,846 parlay.) Let's see....if you hated the hateable favorite in the 2nd...hit the all-button in the 3rd....threw out the....nah, still couldn't come close.

I'll go way out on a limb and say the late pick-4 pays less but seriously, it's not easy. I think I could lock it up with a 9x5x4x5 (all/3,4,6,9,10/2,4,5,8/2,4,7,9,10) but I think I'll play them one at a time if at all. 

3:40 pm: Oh, what the hell. can't go a whole day without a little play. Instead of the $900 caveman, I'll go for $328 splitting them up as follows:


5:05 pm: If I'd played the $900 caveman, instead of splitting them up as poorly as humanly possible, I'd be alive to just about break even with the 2,4 and 7 and to make some money with the 9 and 10.

No live tickets in the pick-6, so a little carryover tomorrow. But first, it's off to the fair.

micclay More than 1 year ago
How come some past performance lines carry a second line with an expanded race comment?
micclay More than 1 year ago
Question - Is there a reference source where I can try to equate or prioritize the various race conditions? One of the first fundamentals of handicapping is to evaluate the quality of the previous races. With the various conditions of traditional allowance races muddied up with Optional claiming and conditional allowances/ starter handicaps, etc. I am having trouble weighing the classes of these races. Help
Robert Slifer More than 1 year ago
I played the pick 6 yesterday at Del Mar for $48.00 it would have taken $96.00 to hit it both my singles came in which is why I'm mad at myself Wednesday there was a huge speed biaz which is why I lost the second part. here was my ticket below. 3rd race 2,5 the 2 took advantage of the favorable rail and won pretty easy at 7-2 4th race 4,8,10 The 5 horse won with a perfect trip I had him on my play but used the 8 horse because he looked like he was going to clear easy I felt the 10 would get the perfect stalking trip and he got caught outside and never fired. The 8 stopped at the top of the lane and faded badly in the lane. 5th race 5 was a single I thought he was as solid a single that I could find he got up by a inch. 6th race 4,5 The 4 horse got the perfect trip right behind the dualing front runners 5 and 6 horse the 1 horse thou was tons the best and if he gets clear he wins for fun I will find his name today because he is going into my stable mail and I suggest the same for everybody on this board he will win next out again thats the 1 horse from yesterdays 6th race at Del Mar. 7th race 1 he was my other single on the card and I thought all was lost when he got left at the gate but a patiant ride and no panic by J Rosario got this horse to relax and he unleased a late kick to go by Capt Candyman in the lane who look long gone. 8th Race 1,11 earth to jockeys double entry on 1 horse and they run each other head and head for 4 furlongs of course you guess it they cooked each other into the ground and the money burner 7 horse clunks up and passes both of them to win off as the co second choice the favorite 11 got beat by a wide trip and ran a solid 2nd he won't be a maiden much longer the morla of my day is if I spend $96.00 I hit this I didn't and the no use of the 7 horse in the last cost me a pick 4 also I firgured I would have picked up about $450.00 for 5 out 6 and the pick 4 instead I got neither I made up for later in the night but I'm still not happy with my play. Good luck all this weekend Bob
cjgrant More than 1 year ago
Steve Re your late pick 4 ticket.There are at least two hot streaks alive at the Spa.Ramsey-Kitten's Joy juvies going long on turf (3/4) and Linda Rice sprint/route on the turf (4/4).These were two of the three singles on my tickets and led to a relatively easy score.
Matt M. More than 1 year ago
Don, Great points on those scenic roads. When I bring friend's of mine up to the SPA from different parts of the US, they are stunned at the beauty of Washington...Columbia...Saratoga counties...not to mention the Northlands.
Tim R More than 1 year ago
C won the first so i am down to a 2x2x2x2x3. Toones do you know how much is in the pool? We will see who is right about Bonafacio in a few hours.
crazyhorsemike More than 1 year ago
you should have played all b and c what a day i had a very bad day
Toones More than 1 year ago
I put $1,300 into the Del Mar pick 6. The pool is going to be a whopper. I used Ticketmaster. My ticket is similar to Tim_R's ticket except for the main differences 1) I don't like the 9 horse in the first leg (race 3). I made the 9 a C 2) I think that Bonifacio #5 in the 4th leg (6th race) is definitely an A horse and the 1 horse is an X not an A. 3) I think that Over Andover 5th leg (7th race) is an A play along with Coatcheck Girl #4 and Minute Limit is a B horse. Also, differed on C horses and the number of As in the finale. Good luck to you Tim_R and everybody else. Please post if you hit it and how you did it.
Dan P More than 1 year ago
You did it again. The Queen is the Queen!
jcp More than 1 year ago
LR...$12.40..Thanks again!!!