08/09/2010 1:09PM

Day 16: 8/9/10



Just as glad there wasn't a three-day carryover today considering how badly NYRA arranged Monday's card: The finale is a 10-horse 2-year-old filly statebred race with NINE first-time starters. The last race of the day is the single worst place to put such a race, giving multirace players no opportunity to see the toteboard on a race where there are 10 horses who have made a combined one career start.


It's not as if they didn't have options: The race carded as the 4th is also for 10 maidens, but only one is a firster. The nine-horse 6th, an allowance race for veterans, could easily have been flipped with the firster-filled finale. So the only question is whether this was a craven and deliberate attempt to create multirace chaos in hopes of a carryover, or whether whoever arranges the races just doesn't know or care.


1:40 pm: Lazy, sloppy, caveman, last-minute run-to-the-window-because-Internet-access-cut-out 3x4x11x2 early pick-4 play (right). The thinking:

Leg 1: Obvious Asmussen and Pletcher firsters (1 and 4), Ralph Nicks firster (6) arguably as live at 4-1 in early betting as Pletcher firster is at same price.

Leg 2: Obvious Mott and Darley second-timers (1 and 2), plus priceir, subtler Duggan(4) and Albertrani(5) second-timers.

Leg 3: Clueless, gambling, undisciplined use of All button.

Leg 4: Favorites Casablanca Smile(4) and Changing Skies (5) appear to tower over three rivals in five-filly Waya Stakes.

So far so good as Nicks firster took first leg at 6-1.


2:25 pm: Been watching the state Senate hearings on the Aqueduct racino between races ( http://www.livestream.com/nysenate ) and so far Genting International seems to be answering all of the politicians' questions to their satisfaction. The senate's is one of four final approvals required for the project to go forward.

Sen. Eric Adams, chairman of the committee questioning Genting, said in his closing remarks that he was impressed by Genting's presentation and would recommend their approval to senate and assembly leaders "by the close of business today."


2:45 pm: Serves me right: Second choice Bigshot ($10.60) led a parade of favorites under the wire in the all-button race. So my two pick-4's, if they get there, will return either $316 or $287 -- gross -- on the $264 investment. So I'm about 2-to-5 to get either 1-to-5 or 1-to-10, textbook definition of a bad bet. 


3:30 pm: Woohoo. Changing Skies won the Waya to give me a $23 profit on the $264 bet, the equivalent of a mutuel payoff of $2.17 for $2.  


3:45 pm: What's wrong with this picture (other than its being out of focus from being shot through a pane of glass with a cellphone)?

The sharp (really, it is) new infield toteboard shows the win odds and WPS pools in race 4 for numbers 1 through 9. Problem is, it was an 11-horse race. Big video ads are cool but not at the expense of showing the odds for ALL the runners. And yes, I know that's a DRF ad covering up #'s 10 and 11.


5:15 pm: Western Tease, winner of the interesting 7th race, is now 7 for 7 in his career -- four straight in 30 days(!) at Suffolk Downs last October and November, and now victories at Suffolk, Delaware and Saratoga this year. In today's seventh -- a starter allowance for anyone whodebuted for a $4,500 tag in his Suffolk debut. had run for a $16k or lower tag since 2008 -- he gamely outdueled Jack on the Rocks in a 6.5f race that came up a very quick one: 1:15.83 on a day when the two other dirt races have gone in 1:10.98 for 6f (N2L fillies) and 1:23.84 for 7f (MSW fillies.)

Western Tease, a 4-year-old West Acre gelding, easily qualified for the race, having debuted for a $4,500 tag in his Suffolk debut.

All but two of the 10 in the finale are covered in the pick-6. They're still not showing (with 8 MTP) the odds on #'s 10 and 11 on the infield board:


5:45 pm: The three firsters who were bet to 3-1 or less ran 1-2-3 in the finale, with Linda Rice runner Higher Desire ($8.90) completing  a $610 pick-4 and $6,772 pick-6 to end Week 3 of 7.

With 16 of 40 days and 155 races in the books, John Velazquez is atop the jockey standings with 23 winners, followed by Javier Castellano (19), Ramon Dominguez (15) and Julien Leparoux (13). Among the trainers, it's Todd Pletcher with 13, Chad Brown with 10, then Bill Mott and Linda Rice with 7 apiece

Got lucky with the weather today as the predicted t-storms never hit. But now as the light Monday crowd (14,259) is exiting to the strains of "New York State of Mind," the sky is turning gray and the wind is picking up.

Driving back downstate tomorrow for horse and mother visits. I'll be blogging Wednesday's and Thursday's cards from Hempsteadatoga, back up here Thursday night.

sdfsdgfd More than 1 year ago
Awesome Post. I add this Post to my bookmarks.
Bob More than 1 year ago
I actually prefer when they put maiden races within the body of a multirace wager. I think it gives handicappers an advantage if they research pedigree, workouts, trainers...instead of just relying on the tote board.
R More than 1 year ago
Well there is always the ML to gauge for 9th. Or Trnr % breeding etc, but tracks place a greater % of somewhat harrigan races at the end of multi race exotics, and can not remember myself a last race of the day having 2y.o. 1sters , for me this was a firster. Besides, knowone could see all the hoarse odds anyhow since board only went to Nine. Dondo looks happy with his plays.
gk_wisc More than 1 year ago
whoa - had to catch up on all the steve c. blogs - very interesting since I have been to the SPA for the last 4 days! and had not read anything since Thurs. Anyone!-- you MUST make the trip to saratoga and enjoy the atmosphere and racing. It is always amazing who you see, run in to and talk to- all weekend long and how much passion they have for horse racing. hard to believe the sport is in any trouble. Steve (and Andy) good see you at talking horses over the great weekend. Weather was great and so was the racing. Food there was great and in the Saratoga area! Sunday--- at the T Horses segment, you finished the race thoughts with this comment. --With The pick six carryover, it is WORTH a ticket - even for you small players because a chalky win ticket can still come back WAY over the parlay. Take a chance. -- Well I did. I really liked the P Meadow horses and believed the BSF numbers. ( I said a long time ago! a Beyer is a Beyer... don't quantify it!) read the number. So I decided to play the favorite- in the first leg. Let the tote tell me the horse. Single Secret gypsy in the H. Miss and the Assmussen horse in the Vandy and just find 3 other winners. Played a 1x 2x 2 x 1 x1 x3 ticket for $24. Thought no way... but hey I have spent 24 dollars foolishly before. After the first leg and favorite won, I thought this may be fun for awhile- it lasted all the way until the end and then the 8 came home and there was almost 5000 for the 24!! That was fun. So had to go to the Wishing Well that night! Have you been there yet this yr Steve? Great food and the tomatoes were awesome! Sam the bugler playing at the bar!! - GREAT Time. Thanks for reminding me to throw in a ticket- no matter what size. (hey did you see the "Everglades BBQ" you went to last yr and had the alligater etc. is closed? looked like it closed right after the season last yr) Keep up the great blog!
thehoarsehorseplayer More than 1 year ago
The question to be asked, regarding the tote, is "What's wrong with this operation?" No excuses, something like this should never happen.
Orlando Rosado More than 1 year ago
Could not help but notice the similarities between new DRF home page and that of Fox News. Same Webmaster? The new page is very slick. thanks for the upgrade.
utah More than 1 year ago
yuwipi, Not sure what the "Trenton funded lemonade stand" shot meant. Monmouth was, is, and always will be a great place to take in races...
Figless More than 1 year ago
I am certain the card was arranged with the forecasted storms in mind, no other explanation. Even NYRA could not be that craven. The third race was the only early dirt race, and since it had no superfecta it was not a logical option for the finale. Sometimes the bigger picture overrides the wishes of the P6 players.
Scarlett102 More than 1 year ago
Well said on the tote board and the way some of these cards have been arranged. I would have thought that NYRA would have waited another year before they hit the slots lottery before putting in such an investment. Still I like it since you can see the win odds from nearly anywhere in the front. On the cards, can't Saturdays be sacred days and skip 25k claimers and Mcls? I mean please, you can water down the product on Friday and Sunday but make Saturday the best that it can be. Not a card that I second guess on playing until race 6.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Steve, You touched on my pet peeve: tracks carding terrible maiden races just to force a carryover in the Pick-6. And, they will still be wondering(some day), why they are losing more fans!