05/25/2011 1:10PM

Dale Romans - Regular Guy


I thought this quote gathered by the Pimlico publicity staff the morning after the Preakness from Dale Romans, trainer of Preakness winner Shackleford, was great, and I didn’t think it deserved to get lost in the ether. Here it is:

“I went to bed for an hour or two,” Romans said looking a bit bedraggled behind sunglasses on a sunny Sunday morning. “I don’t know how Todd Pletcher and Wayne Lukas do it. They look so pristine all the time. I walk out of my house to my car and I’m sweating and wrinkled and my shirttail’s out. Dan Bork at Churchill Downs (assistant racing secretary) said I was the best at making an expensive suit look cheap.”

After reading that quote, how can you not like and identify with Dale Romans? He’s a regular Joe just like you and me.