05/25/2011 1:10PM

Dale Romans - Regular Guy


I thought this quote gathered by the Pimlico publicity staff the morning after the Preakness from Dale Romans, trainer of Preakness winner Shackleford, was great, and I didn’t think it deserved to get lost in the ether. Here it is:

“I went to bed for an hour or two,” Romans said looking a bit bedraggled behind sunglasses on a sunny Sunday morning. “I don’t know how Todd Pletcher and Wayne Lukas do it. They look so pristine all the time. I walk out of my house to my car and I’m sweating and wrinkled and my shirttail’s out. Dan Bork at Churchill Downs (assistant racing secretary) said I was the best at making an expensive suit look cheap.”

After reading that quote, how can you not like and identify with Dale Romans? He’s a regular Joe just like you and me.

Lenny More than 1 year ago
One of the biggest important races of a lifetime for Ak ...The Preakness. A horse who has been on a 47 flat pace before, AND HE BREAKS DEAD LAST??? His momentum broken going into the far turn? Better like I have said before watch the movie Seabiscuit and thats the reason he lost...
pmc More than 1 year ago
Unfortunately a blogger on yr previous post took shakleford's appearance before the race as an occassion to suggest that he was on illegal drugs. More perseverating about drugs in horseracing and about horseracing in general as a somehow uniquely crooked enterprise. Problem is I have seen no evidence on the extent to which, if any, cheating actually determines the results of races. I'm not suggesting we ignore the possibility of cheating but we need to promote a sport that towers above all others. There's horse racing and everything else might as well be the WWE.
brien More than 1 year ago
Dale Romans is everything a good trainer should be. I admire him, I look for his horses, and he deserves the success - long overdue. Keep it going Dale, and good luck.
joe in o.p. More than 1 year ago
Alternation wins at a price for Von Hemel in the Belmont. His races have been spaced beautifully and he is a classy grinder who can run all day.
SamG More than 1 year ago
Great quote Mike.It's funny because just the Other day I was thinking Romans seems like a regular guy.Talk about mixed emotions winning the Preakness then losing Paddy. Ak got tired in the srtetch and flattened out so sure,reverse logic dictates that he wins the Belmont.On the other hand can anybody who's been paying attention expect any of these horses to win two of these?I'm guessing it's Nehros turn at about 3-1.
jtowne More than 1 year ago
Agree. Its a great line
RoMo More than 1 year ago
. . .. Ya think maybe it has something to do with being tall .. and thin ..? .. I have no idea as to who will win .. going 12f ..? To me it's back to like before the Derby .. and who gets the "trip"..
rf More than 1 year ago
It's simply Nehro's turn.I doubt if Animal Kingdom will like Belmont's sand.I'll be betting he runs out.
david rose More than 1 year ago
@rf...why do you presume that AK won't like the sand at Belmont? You do realize, however, that synthetic tracks are made up primarily of sand, with synthetic fibres thrown in as well, right? So logically speaking, the King should have absolutely no problem with Big Sandy. Also, Motion has said that he'll be shipping AK to Belmont in advance, so he can train over the track for a few days. ANIMAL KINGDOM WINS THE BELMONT STAKES!!!!!
vicstu More than 1 year ago
Mike, I agree. He is guy we all can relate to in one way or another. Nothing plastic about that guy. I am happy for him and his hard knocking horse.
Cube More than 1 year ago
Animal Kingdom figures to regress in the Belmont. Play him to miss the board and you'll be fine. He has shown wobbles late in both the Classics and he exhibited less early energy in the Preakness. Predicting further slide here. Tony
david rose More than 1 year ago
@Cube.....You can't really be serious of your assessment of AK, at the end of the KY Derby and Preakness? You meant to say Shackleford had the WOBBLES, not AK. AK Was finishing strongly in both races. If anybody beats AK at Belmont, It'll be either Nehro or Alternation. Oh, and AK will NOT be off the board!