09/29/2008 6:48PM

Curlin, Big Brown, thoughts, Beyers


Here are the winning Beyer Speed Figures from last week's stakes races:

*Joe Hirsch Turf Classic International (Bel):  Grand Couturier - GB (R. Ribaudo/A. Garcia) - 112
*Clement L. Hirsch Memorial Turf Championship (OSA):  Red Giant (T. Pletcher/J. Velazquez) - 112

*Jockey Club Gold Cup (Bel):  Curlin (S. Asmussen/R. Albarado) - 111
*Ancient Title (OSA):  Cost of Freedom (J. Sadler/T. Baze) - 110

*Vosburgh (Bel):  Black Seventeen (B. Koriner/C. Potts) - 108
*Kentucky Cup Sprint (TP):  Fatal Bullet (R. Baker/E. Da Silva) - 108
*Lady's Secret (OSA):  Zenyatta (J. Shireffs/M. Smith) - 108
*Delaware Certified (Del):  Cayman Condo (S. Lake/R. Homeister Jr.) - 106
*Kelso (Bel):  Tam Lin - GB (S. bin Suroor/J. Castellano) - 106
*Goodwood (OSA):  Well Armed (E. Harty/A. Gryder) - 105
*Flower Bowl Invitational (Bel):  Dynaforce (W. Mott/A. Garcia) - 104
*Hawthorne Gold Cup (Haw):  Fairbanks (T. Pletcher/R. Migliore) - 104
*Morvich (OSA):  California Flag (B. Koriner/J. Talamo) - 103
*Majestic Prince (Mth):  Coal Play (N. Zito/J. Bravo) - 102
*Gallant Bob (Pha):  Rollers (B. Tagg/M. Luzzi) - 101
*Oak Tree Mile (OSA):  Hyperbaric (J. Canani/G. Gomez) - 100

*Beldame (Bel):  Cocoa Beach - Chi (S. bin Suroor/R. Dominguez) - 99
*Kentucky Cup Classic (TP):  Zanjero (S. Asmussen/S. Bridgmohan) - 99
*Red Diamond Express (NP):  Cool Synsation (C. Anderson/R. Simard) - 97
*Dolly Jo (Crc):  Slewfoundmoney (M. Wolfson/J. Santiago) - 97
*Yellow Ribbon (OSA):  Wait a While (T. Pletcher/J. Velazquez) - 97
*All American (GG):  Delightful Kiss (P. Anderson/C. Borel) - 96
*Ontario Derby (WO):  Sand Cove (R. Attfield/R. Dos Ramos) - 96
*Robert F. Carey Memorial (Haw):  Wise River (C. Hanna/F. Torres) - 96
*Judy's Red Shoes (Crc):  Ashley River (D. Brownlee/P. Lopez) - 95
*Avowal (WO):  Saskawea (S. Attard/J. Jones) - 95
*Turf Amazon (Pha):  Sheets (A. Goldberg/R. Alvarado Jr.) - 95
*Capital Request (Crc):  Silver Envoy (K. Ziadie/J. Leyva) - 94
*Pine Tree Lane (OSA):  Tizzy's Tune (R. McAnally/A. Solis) - 94
*Kentucky Cup Distaff (TP):  Bear Now (R. Baker/E. Da Silva) - 93
*La Lorgnette (WO):  Sugar Bay (M. Benson/C. Sutherland) - 92
*Indian Maid (Haw):  Ciao (F. Kirby/I. Karlsson) - 91
*Beaufort (NP):  Cool Ventura (C. Anderson/R. Simard) - 91
*J. R. Straus Memorial (Ret):  Sumfun (W. Calhoun/B. Walker Jr.) - 91
*H.P.B.A. (PID):  Afleet Angel (P. Bacon/W. Lozano Jr.) - 90
*Needles (Crc):  Smooth Air (B. Stutts Jr./M. Cruz) - 90
*Floral Park (Bel):  Wishful Tomcat (G. Contessa/R. Dominguez) - 90

*Regal Rumor (Haw):  Palanka City (T. Gestes/C. Emigh) - 89
*Hey Baba Lulu (Bel):  You Go West Girl (T. Proctor/E. Prado) - 89
*Monmouth Park NATC Futurity (Colts Div.) (Mth):  Forty Thieves (S. Klesaris/R. Mojica Jr.) - 88
*Salute Me Sir (Bel):  Lorccan (J. Ferraro/J. Sanchez) - 88
*Oak Leaf (OSA):  Stardom Bound (C. Paasch/M. Smith) - 87
*Gottstein Futurity (EmD):  Gallant Son (F. Lucarelli/L. Mawing) - 86
*Norfolk (OSA):  Street Hero (M. Cho/A. Solias) -86
*Dr. Ernest Benner (CT):  Russell Road (J. Casey/L. Perez) - 86
*Oklahoma Classics Sprint (RP):  Steal Your Face (K. Craddock/F. Wethey Jr.) - 85
*Oklahoma Classics Turf (RP):  Strategic Leader (R. Mitchell/B. Landeros) - 85
*Kentucky Cup Juvenile (TP):  West Side Bernie (K. Breen/S. Elliott) - 85
*Pleasant Temper (KD):  My Baby Baby (K. McPeek/M. Mena) - 84
*First State Dash (Del):  Afleet Aussie (T. Ritchey/J. Lopez) - 83
*Brave Raj (Crc):  Renda (J. Arias/S. Madrid) - 83
*Alberta Breeders' (NP):  Teagues Fight (D. MacDonald/S. Heiler) - 83
*Delaware Certified Distaff (Del):  Hungarian Boatbaby (A. Dutrow/J. Rocco Jr.) - 82
*Mackinac (Pnl):  Bishop Casey (R. Gorham/T. Molina) - 81
*Kentucky Cup Juvenile Fillies (TP):  Sugar Mom (W. Catalano/M. Aguilar) - 80

*Oklahoma Classics Classic (RP):  Marq French (D. Von Hemel/M. Berry) - 79
*Oklahoma Classics Distaff (RP):  Alidoon (K. Smith/Q. Hamilton) - 77
*Oklahoma Classics Lassie (RP):  Peach Brew (D. Von Hemel/Q. Hamilton) - 76
*Presque Isle Debutante (PID):  Sky Haven (S. Asmussen/S. Elliott) - 73
*Ruth C. Funkhouser (CT):  Smile Samantha (J. Painter/M. Mawing) - 73
*Oklahoma Classics Filly Sprint (RP):  Annieville (K. Craddock/C. Murphy) - 72
*Oklahoma Classics Filly and Mare Turf (RP):  Rosemaui (J. Offolter/T. Doocy) - 72
*Monmouth Park NATC Futurity (Fillies Div.) (Mth):  R Betty Graybull (A. Seewald/C. Marquez Jr.) - 71
*Alberta Premier's Futurity (NP):  Cool Diablo (C. Anderson/R. Simard) - 70

*Foolish Pleasure (Crc):  Stately Character (G. Procino/W. McCauley) - 69
*Small Wonder (Del):  La Danseur (T. Ritchey/J. Lopez) - 66
*Fall Classic Distaff (NP):  Minimus (R. Smith/Q. Welch) - 64
*A. C. Kemp (Alb):  Robo Willie (G. Tracy/A. Juarez Jr.) - 64
*Alberta Oaks (NP):  Bears Artiste (D. Greenwood/Q. Welch) - 62
*Michigan Oaks (Pnl):  Clever Idea (D. Kueffner/R. Barrios) - 62
*Fitz Dixon Jr. Memorial (PID):  King Puma (K. Breen/S. Elliott) - 62

*Patrick Wood (Pnl):  Mr. Conclusive (S. Adkins/T. Houghton) - 59
*Oklahoma Classics Juvenile (RP):  No Advance (K. Craddock/F. Wethey Jr.) - 57

*Sturgeon River (NP):  Lemon Pepper (P. McDougall/S. Beauregard) - 42

*Golden Gull "Chris Brown" Memorial (CT):  Leva Mae (S. Cooney/G. Larrosa) - 38

Here are the lifetime past performances for the highest and lowest Beyer Stakes Performers of the week:

Download GrandGiantRuby.pdf


Back tomorrow with answers to your questions and comments as well as the past performances for Wednesday's HandiGambling race.

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monmouthisajoke More than 1 year ago
THREE THINGS... THORN SONG will win the TURF MILE. ZENYATTA will WIN whatever BC race they run her in. BIG BROWN will be the Jimmy Hoffa of BC Day.
Sam More than 1 year ago
The Beyer on Red Giant was at least 5 points to low. There is no doubt that there is an east coast bias by Beyer and his staff.
Steve T. More than 1 year ago
C, This was on turf, the same turf course that has over 30,000 runs on it. It was not the sealed synthetic that Bob Black Jack ran on. So now California turf is in the same category? It has always been a firm track, not surprising because of the lack of rain, but 1:57.16?? I am not saying that Red Giant could beat Man 'O War, but the time certainly deserves some recognition rather than being dismissed as "oh, it was in California..." I mean the fastest of 30,000 races on the course? Doesn't that count for something?
Rogi More than 1 year ago
Does anyone know the story with Magnificence? I saw that she finished third in a race over the weekend. I thought she was just stellar last year and into the spring. What do people think of her now?
east coast guy More than 1 year ago
It kind of gets old listening to the same people complain about beyer figs over and over. If you don't like the beyer figs, don't use them. If you see a trend, use it to your advantage.
aparagon4u More than 1 year ago
Before you call this a race for the ages I think an evaluation of Big Brown's current form is needed. You can go one of two ways with this evaluation. An optimist can look at Big Brown and say he is rounding back to his Kentucky Derby form, while a pessimist can say Big Brown peaked in early May and will never reach that form again. To me Big Brown looks like Street Sense from a year ago, he peaked in early May and then tailed off towards the end of the year. But let's say that I am wrong and Big Brown is going to move forward in the Classic. Even if he matches his Derby effort he still falls short of Curlin's average race this year. Curlin has earned BSF's of 110-112-111 in his main track races this year. Big Brown has earned 106-106-109-100-xxx-106 in his main track races. On paper Curlin is faster, maybe he isn't as fast as he was last year but he is still faster then Big Brown. Lenny
Steve T. More than 1 year ago
Tinky, I don't care if it was on asphalt, the time is incredibly fast. Who he beat isn't germane, although Out of Control is not a glorified claimer. Wait a While ran two seconds slower. Sorry but 1:57.16 is fast no matter where you run it or who you run against.
C More than 1 year ago
Slew, "Someone said watch out for Tiago, I can't remember who." Considering some of our conversations about Tiago last year, it might surprise you that that was me. I think he's solid, but not spectacular the way Curlin and Big Brown can be most of the time. I've never been, and am still not, blown away with Tiago, who I still think is hovering around the 70 percentile range on the talent scale... BUT he is tough and he tries. He has a stong late kick when he fires, which is most of the time. Just my thought, but at double-digit odds, he's a mild longshot who should be used, at least underneath. Steve, Like Tinky, speed figures are 'not my primary focus' to say the least, but I have to side with him here... you are correct that Red Giant ran faster than Secretariat, Man O War, and the others. But would you mention Red Giant with those? Does this race put him in the Hall of Fame? Wait a While ran faster than all of those legends too-- on the same course, same day. Nice mare, but she is certainly not in that league. I'm not saying that Beyers are, or should be, based on world records or past superstars, but at the same time, the main point is to determine the contibution of the track. In this case, I think it's perfectly reasonable to say that the turf was hard as a rock. Remember what happened in January at Santa Anita-- every horse on the grounds was setting a world record in every other race. It was like watching Olympic swimming or track&field. Track condition matters.
Mathieu More than 1 year ago
Oh yeah Jim Tully? For handigambling 104 I'm going a straight $100 Exacta: Prince Rexy-Global Heat *** RobertSD, Consider yourself lucky Onetimeatbandcamp did not hold on Sunday as he would have come down. Meier floated the winner out about 3-4 lanes if you watch the head on. The kid may have talent but he's riding nervous and stiff. *** Cayman01, Yeah, I was on Tropic Storm too and our boy Gryder failed to execute a pro-active-come-and-get-me strategy that (after reviewing the race jock roster) every other pilot would have employed rather than try to out drag race Gomez on the proven class of the field. Even a 47 flat half would have given him a 2-3 length lead which he could leveraged a front runner's advantage. May be Aaron was encouraged by out dueling Garrett Friday in a Starter Alw turf route. I was fortunate there as when Garrett drew up alongside him I kissed my chances goodbye. But to his credit AG had enough left in the tank to beat the 1 for 10 bridesmaid. But it still doesn't entitle him to believe he can out kick the deserving favorite on a surface and distance AG's mount has never won at. BTW, I also had Tybalt for my P3 in the race and he threw a Val Royalish final quarter but Bejarano gave him too much to do so I got screwed from the front and back. *** C, Just to clarify my "87% dirt- shout it from the rooftops" comment, that was directed to reluctant trainers and owners (east of California) who were either waffling or outright passing on the Breeders Cup since it was on a "synthetic" surface. Mainly, the Curlin and Commentator camps but also Larry Jones and a few others out there. To their credit I read today that Oak Tree has been working on the Curlin camp for a while now and they at least got him out to train on it before making a final decision. I hope they have been working on Zito as well and offered to fly him out for a day or two to check out the only synthetic surface that is 87% dirt (or sand.) *** Slew, When you mentioned Cost of Freedom as a BC contender off a slow paced, lone f, woeful NW1 field, I said to myself he was going to get 20-1 if he ran in the Ancient Title. Well, he opened at 2/1 and went off at 6/1. You are to be commended for the projecting the visual observation into a level 4-5 clicks above what C of F was eligible for and correctly forecasting Sadler would give the upper level a try. Speaking of Sadler, how does he take a horse like C of F off a trainer who earlier this year went on an 8 for 9 streak as Carla Gaines did and turn him into the top sprinter in the West in two months. When Frankel and Gary Jones were the top claiming trainers in the Seventies and Eighties I don't recall either plucking a 32 to 50 grander and immediately turning them into the top horse on the grounds for their division. They, along with Spawr and Ted West in the nineties, may have developed one in time to the top of the local division but not on the fly. *** Thought you heard enough of Zenyatta's heroics on Saturday? How about this- she ran her race without bothering to warmup. I was at SA for BC prep day and after the post parade Z made her turn and she walked/pranced to 50 yards shy of the 3/16ths pole and then gawked at her surroundings. The field returned from the backstretch, they loaded, she lumbered out of the gate, and then cruised to victory over a top notch mare. It was 95 degrees and all warmups were abbreviated but none at all? I'm still buzzing over it two days later.
Dale More than 1 year ago
CONTEST PICKS: Maram and Herr Mozart Dale