10/24/2013 1:04PM

Column Companion: The BC Pre-entries


Here's your annual Breeders' Cup pre-entries cheat sheet, an at-a-glance summary of the preliminary lineups for the 14 races and the records of the 172 horses pre-entered for them. This chart is the source for today's column (click here) on the leaders and combined stats of the entire pre-entered group. 

The table should be self-explanatory. The "HWL" column header stands for "Highest Winning Level," referring to the top level of race won by each horse.

Entrants' records are listed under their first-preference race only. A list of second-preference pre-entrants, where applicable, is at the bottom of each race. The number(s) following the name of each race refers to the number of 1st and 2nd preference pre-entries for that race, e.g. "Juve Turf (14/4) means there were 14 first-preference entries to the Juvenile Turf and another 4 horses were entered with first preference in another race and second preference for the Juvenile Turf.

As all data was entered by hand from the past performances by a single artisanal spreadsheet craftsman (me), please feel free to bring any typographical errors to my attention and I'll fix them. Enjoy.