12/19/2013 3:43PM

Column Companion: 3-year-old Champions and the Triple Crown


The Saturday column ( www.drf.com/news/steven-crist-will-take-charge-follows-rarely-taken-path-championship ) discusses the remarkable turnaround of Will Take Charge's 2013 campaign, which is about to be rewarded with a Champion 3-year-old Eclipse Award and is even garnering him some support for Horse of the Year, despite his distant finishes in all three Triple Crown races.

The chart below lists the 42 previous Eclipse-winning male 3-year-olds and how they fared in the classics. Of those 42, 40 ran in at least one of the three races, and 36 of them finished third or better in at least one.  


Steve S More than 1 year ago
....Are you saying that Will Take Charge isn't the best three year old right now, with the best overall credentials for the year. I cetainly would rather own him then any of the triple crown winners.
Bryan Horn More than 1 year ago
Sick of hearing that this was not a good crop of 3 year olds. Orb peaked early and beat some good horses but was admittedly, a slop horse; Oxbow got lucky w/ a perfect race set-up in the Preakness, but was always game; Palace Malice dominated the Belmont and the Jim Dandy and then got a bad break in the Travers and the Breeders Cup (w/ a solid 2nd in the Jockey Club Gold Cup); Moreno was a solid speed horse w/ some flashes and Will Take Charge developed late and dominated from August through November. It was actually a good crop.
chembites More than 1 year ago
The KY Derby should be called the Demolition Derby.
mikey More than 1 year ago
We do not breed for the triple crown anymore.
SaratogaBob More than 1 year ago
A dismal crop of 3 year olds. Such high hopes early.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Interesting stuff, lots of pleasant personal memories. Thanks. Is there any chance you, Mr. Crist, might comment on why Key To the Mint beat out Riva Ridge for 3yo honors in 1972? And, as a holiday bonus - which came first, Sunrise Flight or Sunrise County? :) Thanks
thrilled More than 1 year ago
If Andrew Beyer can make an argument for Mucho Macho Man as HOY, than WTC has a better argument for HOY. WTC had a spectacular run in the last half of the year and won at 5 different tracks. Only a nose cost him a win in the Breeders Cup (and Palace Malice carrying him wide in the stretch) or he would be the favorite for HOY. Mucho Macho Man only won 2 races, all at Santa Anita this year from October - November 2nd.
tim More than 1 year ago
Agree. Mucho macho man may have beaten Will Take Charge by a head, but his campaign as a whole was a complete joke! That other race he won, he beat tomato cans. Will Take a Charge never took a break and never ducked anybody. He got really good the second half of the year and won important races and raced great in the Classic. Will take charge should be HOY over Wise Dan.
rahman Williams More than 1 year ago
What I been saying along, holy bull only horse not yo win a triple crown race, trim the exception of tiznow who won Classic. Holy bull had a monster of a year
Jock More than 1 year ago
I like this chart and know that he did his homework.
Rosemarie Cola More than 1 year ago
The horse is a late bloomer, what can you do. Some horses take time to get there head straight. I was never a big DWL fan, but you have to give the man his due. Now we have to pray he stays healthy and comes back even better than before.
Starr D More than 1 year ago
On that list, besides Will Take Charge, I only see Holy Bull not placing in one of the races (not counting those 2 who did not run in any of them). That is pretty sad to me if we are reduced to giving a championship these days to a horse with a Triple Crown record like his. I don't care if his second half of the year was better or not, Orb's first half was better AND he won the KENTUCKY DERBY! When there is not a "whole year" standout, I really think winning the Derby should receive more weight than a second in the BC Classic!