03/04/2011 5:06PM

Column Companion: 2010 Eclipse Vote Totals


Here is the complete tally of first, second and third-place votes cast for the 2010 Eclipse Awards, as discussed in the Sunday column. Points are awarded on a 10-5-1 basis for voters' top three choices in each category (i.e., in the Horse of the Year voting, Zenyatta received 128 first-place votes for 1,280 points, 93 second-place votes for 465 points and 12 third-place votes for 12 points, a total of 1,757 points):


ez1goer More than 1 year ago
What a bag job! Zenyatta beats suspect short fields of non grade one winners on her home turf all summer. Blame takes his game on the road and beats grade one winners, loses to a horse loose on the lead but then comes back and trounces him in the Breeder's cup, beats Zenyatta in the cup but comes in second? Again, What a bag job! I have no respect for the writers who voted for her. I would love to see their names listed.
Jim C. More than 1 year ago
Thanks as always for the info, Steve. That said, the turf media as a whole should be called out for continuously voting for people like Todd Pletcher as trainer of the year. He screwed up with his best older colt, Quality Road, who should have never been entered in the Breeders' Cup Classic. And with his best older filly, Life at Ten, he allowed her to enter the gate in the Breeders' Cup Distaff. And he also served time in 2010 for a drug-related infraction. It's just a disgrace, yet the turf media keeps rewarding him. And you wonder why this continues to be a fringe sport.
New Jersey D More than 1 year ago
Based on your numbers there was some voter who did not believe that Zenyatta was worthy to be a finalist for Horse Of The Year. Perhaps it was the same person who did not think that Ubcle Mo was wothy to be a finlaist for Champion Two Year Old Male. Or perhaps it was the same person who did not think that Lookin at Lucky was worthly of any consideration for Champion Three Year Old Male. Is it possible that the person could have entered the wrong name?
tHEO l. hOZER, ph.d. More than 1 year ago
Steve, too bad you can't get a demographic breakdown of the vote. I'd bet a dollar to a donut Zenyatta got 100 percent of the FEMALE vote! Any takers????????
Real1Quiet More than 1 year ago
SC, Ok, so I realize Californians are just as bad "homers" as anywhere on the planet... but... 15 votes 2nd-Place votes cast for Rachel Alexandra in Older Female? Come on Mid-West & East Coast! Zenyatta AND/OR Goldikova for the top2 spots, right? Even then, the leftover 2nd/3rd place votes go to your choice of a closer-to-home Unrivalled Belle or Life At Ten. Shenanigans.
El Angelo More than 1 year ago
To me, the real question is why the weighted system isn't used for voting, period. Your article notes that this is done to stop "mischievous voters", but that's how every other sport does voting for MVP, etc. Moreover, we're talking about members of the racing press and hierarchy here. They should be above such petty nonsense, and quite frankly, judging from the results above--where the weighted totals match the first place votes when it comes to picking winners--they are. Having one system for a winner versus another system for determining the mythical silver and bronze medals seems strange and silly. [They "should be above such nonsense" but they're not. One of the only two of the more than 100 voters from the National Turf Writers Association who left Blame off their Horse of the Year 1-2-3's entirely -- probably did so thinking this would hurt his chances -- was a vociferous Zenyatta advocate who was going to resign from the NTWA if Blame won. Fortunately, most people understood that this kind of attempt to game the system was pointless, intellectual dishnonesty aside. (I would love to hear a defense of how this voter's #3 choice, Awesome Feather, was more deserving of HOTY consideration than Blame.) I would hate to see the return of a system where such behavior might be rewarded in a close vote. And the points system clearly is preferable for silver and bronze. So while it may seem "silly," having the two systems really is the best solution. -SC]