10/07/2008 1:50PM

Classic Supers Reinstated


After announcing last week that superfectas would not be offered (Download column100408.doc) on the BC Classic and Ladies' Classic because of the addition of Super High Five wagering to those races, the Breeders' Cup reversed course today and restored supers (at a dime minimum) to the wagering menu(Download bcwagermenu.doc). There will be dime supers on all 14 BC races.

Three cheers for the sensible change of heart. Now if we can just get them to restore the name of the Distaff, clean up the Win and You're In system, and run the races at Belmont or Churchill next year....

So now the question is, which intrarace multihorse bet is the right one for you on those two races: A $1 tri, a 10-cent super, or a $1 Super High Five?

I'm writing a piece about this for DRF's Breeders' Cup Advance edition, and would appreciate your thoughts.

---Here are the latest Breeders' Cup prices being offered by the British bookmaker William Hill. The firm cut the price on Eagle Mountain in the Turf from 16-1 to 7-1 today after what it described as "a massive gamble on the Mike De Kock inmate" after he set a course record at Newmarket Saturday.

Breeders' Cup Classic:
3-1 Curlin
4-1 Big Brown
5-1 Henrythenavigator,
7-1 Duke Of Marmalade
8-1 Colonel John, Go Between
10-1 Commentator(declared out 10/7)
12-1 Well Armed
14-1 Casino Drive
16-1 Mambo In Seattle
40-1 Mast Track

Breeders' Cup Turf:
4-1 Soldier of Fortune
5-1 Duke of Marmalade, Youmzain
6-1 Red Rocks
7-1 Eagle Mountain (from 16-1)
8-1 Grand Courturier, Vision D'etat
10-1 Winchester
12-1 Frozen Fire
16-1 Doctor Dino, Red Giant
20-1 Ask, Better Talk Now, Ideal World
25-1 Champs Elysees, Dancing Forever, Drilling for Oil, Sun Classique, Quijano

Breeders' Cup Ladies Classic:
11-10 Zenyatta (from 5-4)
4-1 Music Note
5-1 Ginger Punch
6-1 Carriage Trail (new), Cocoa Beach (from 7)
8-1 Hystericallady
12-1 Country Star
33-1 Little Belle (from 16), Wake Up Maggie (from 16)
50-1 Unbridled Belle (from 25)

Breeders' Cup Mile:
4-1 Henrythenavigator , Tamayuz
5-1 Goldiva
11-2 Ravens Pass
8-1 Darjina (doubtful), Good Ba Ba
10-1 Archipenko, Kip Devillle, Mount Nelson
12-1 Jay Peg
14-1 Spirit One (doubtful), Vodka, Whatsthescript
16-1 Pressing (doubtful)
20-1 Einstein, Honour Devil, Linngari
25-1 Daytona, Hyperbaric, Famous Name

ernie More than 1 year ago
OH! I think these BC races show the data provided, the PPs and other data turn into mush in relationship to outcome. I predict we will see owners and trainers start steering away from synthetic to make their feelings known. TRYING TO HANDICAP dirt,poly and foreign grass horses is like trying to add up differnt fruits and coming up with fruit cocktail as the answer. I'm sticking to dirt and will avoid the synthetics. So be it. Racing is loosing a ton of ground to other interests like poker. It's not attracting the future players save some who will join us via web betting. Regards, e
theraceguy More than 1 year ago
Wow,why all the hostility towards the racing surface.I have watched all the races form Oaktree this meet trying to find a bias to use to my advantage.I can't find one.The new"Pro Ride"surface is as fair a racing surface as I have seen in 35 years of playing the ponies.I feel sorry for all you dinosaurs(Nick Zito included)who are going to be pouting and whining on the best day(days now)of racing each year.
Jude More than 1 year ago
What a coup for the small player - Dime Supers on all BC Races! A five-horse box for 12 bucks is a lot of action for not much dough. If somebody wanted to play the "Schweetzer" (2x3x4x5) they could play for $1.60 a race! That could hasten the birth of a new Crist book -"Betting the Breeders' Cup with $22.40"
Eric More than 1 year ago
oh, never mind. Right there with the COLONEL. Makes me wonder what else I miss when I'm reading.
Eric More than 1 year ago
The dime super is a great play on BC day. It allows for much greater depth than you can buy in the tri, which hopefully helps you find the bombers that always come up in fields which are this competitive. But, that being said, I'll be playing both bets. Why no mention of GO BETWEEN in Hill's odds? If ever there was a "horse for the course" . . .
C More than 1 year ago
yeah, I don't know... sure, they could build a BC host track, but do you honestly think they're going to let it sit there unused for 364, I mean, 363 days a year? No way. They'll create a race meet or 2 around it because otherwise, it's kind of a big waste of land and money. So why build it in the first place? We have enough racetracks already. And New Orleans?? The Breeders Cup is right after hurricane season. And while a warm weather environment is ideal for the Super Bowl, it's not necessarily the best way to attract more Europeans. Somehow, I don't see this happening.
Brad More than 1 year ago
BC officials continue to inflict self-injuring wounds. 1) Four races on ABC and others on ESPN? Stupid, but good news for Canadian viewers as last few years it has all been ESPN, WHICH TSN IN CANADA DIDN'T PICK UP. 2) Synthetic BC races will be meaningless for next two years. But good news is I won't waste/spend money to attend live, as I do for Monmouth, Belmont and Woodbine. -It is sad to be old enough to see horse racing's boom years (real champions and televised coverage) in '60s and '70s being reduced to a win in a BC poly race and one/two others and you too may be "champion"!
mark fogarty More than 1 year ago
Mr. Crist: My probability skills are limited and I'm trying to determine if there is any reasonable approach to determine what hit rate would result from the following parameters, assuming one could absorb the runouts. PICK-4 PROBABILITIES I'm certain there is a calcuable answer to estimating one's likely "Win % and Roi" under the following conditions. Any help or direction would be appreciated: Takeout 25% with 8% rebate Average field: 9 Average mutuel: 40% over parlay Average coverage: 200 $1 and 200 $2 Indiviual race grading: A-B-C (from your "Exotic Wagering") Ticket construction covering AAAA (all A's), AAAB (3 A's and any B), AABB (any 2 A's and any 2 B's) and AAAC (any 3 A's and any C). Again from your book. Ticket denominations: $2 for AAAA, AAAB...$1 for AABB, AAAC. Assumed proficiency of selections: ROI 1.10 in aggregate if bet singly to Win. Forgive me should the specifics be too loose or unmanageable. A friend and I are starting a Pick-4 bankroll and can't get our arms around the parameters to expect. Thanks for even reading this poorly formatted post. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Wayne80 More than 1 year ago
slew, GREAT IDEA!! Steve, this is perfect, build a Breeders Cup track in a warm weather environment in a popular destination. Actually, the perfect place is New Orleans, warm and centrally located. Fair Grounds, privately owned, could be renovated and made the permanent host.
chris lowe More than 1 year ago
$1 tri's over dime supers.M ore times than i like lately i have the first three in the super but not #4. Need 2 play triples more.