05/01/2010 4:19PM

Churchill: Wet, but still not soaked

EmailJust overheard John Asher, Churchill's VP of communications, tell someone, "Get ready. It's coming." It being rain. But I don't know. It's like Louisville is surrounded by a force field, and every time all this weather off to the southwest starts drifting up this way, it loses all force, and comes here as no more than sprinkles. Don't know how long CD can dodge the heavier stuff that's out there, but the track is definitely still very sloppy, and I can't see any kind of upgrade before the Derby. Hope is that if there's going to be some downpours that we get them over with during that 14-and-a-half hour (okay, okay - it's 'only' 98 minutes) break between post time for the Woodford Reserve and post time for the Derby.